Congrats! One Format Now Broken!

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Tyranitar666, Oct 6, 2003.

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  1. Tyranitar666

    Tyranitar666 New Member

    Yes, I just thought up this deck which is simply just madness. Shall we begin?

    4 Buried Fossil
    2 Kabuto
    3 Kabutops EX
    3 Sentret
    2 Furret
    3 Skitty
    2 Delcatty

    4 Boost NRG
    8 Fighting

    4 Oracle
    3 Fan Club
    2 Mysterious Fossil
    3 Rare Candy
    2 Copycat
    4 Power Charge
    4 Energy Charge
    4 Pokemon Nurse
    1 Town Volunteer
    2 Desert Shaman

    Yes, the basic principle behind this deck is to get out a Kabutops ASAP. Get out a Furret as well. Simply use Energy and Power Charge over and over again to retrieve Boost NRG. Fetch them with Furret. Attack with Kabutops for 3 flips...when his damage gets high, use Pokemon Nurse. This leaves a 150 HP TANK with full healing that can deal up to 120 damage turn 2. I bother running Mysterious Fossil simply because it can be used as a stall card as well when rebuilding is needed. Delcatty is still effective in the low energy count because you can always fetch NRG. Shaman is simply broken as Delcatty and Furret give you tons of draw power from the board and not your hand. Your opponent will be stressed for options when facing a hoard of Kabutops power with 4 cards in their hand.
  2. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    Energy Charge was Neo Genesis so you can only use the 4 Power Charge unless I'm mistaken. Sounds good but having no backup means you will be weak to 2 types. (Though Electric is small) Good looking deck though, I like the Boost/Nurse endless combo.
  3. MonkeyMan

    MonkeyMan New Member

    I like it a lot also the only problem I see dude is after your outta boost your pretty screwd =( Id like to find some sorta engine that can infinetly get them back or something but still nice deck I gotta test this one ;\
  4. Tyranitar666

    Tyranitar666 New Member

    E charge I believe was in Expedition or one of the newer sets.
  5. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    That was Power Charge with the same text. In Neon you could've used essentially 8 of the same card but the only card called Energy Charge was in Neo Genesis. Power Charge is the exact same but this all means only 4.
  6. mysterioustrainer

    mysterioustrainer New Member

    Lack of energy and not Modified legal. Besides you are reling on too many supporters, take a risk with coin flippy cards to get the cards you need. Otherwise use Pokemon. Delcatty is almost like a primary offensive so it doesn't do good as a secondary (of which you are doing here). Use Pokemon like Linoone that have heavy damage potienial and the ability to operate the other Pokemon.
  7. mozartrules

    mozartrules New Member

    Calling a deck that you haven't even played broken is just plain silly. There are a lot of potential in Kabutops EX, but a deck that has double weakness on what really looks like the only attacker will see trouble.

    Even if you get enough flips every time to get one price for each Boost energy (and this is highly unlikely, remember that you have 50% chance of doing 0 or 40)you need two more prices. How are you going to get them? I think this deck will run out of steam before taking 6 prizes even if you get the prefect setup socan go off in the second round. Remember that Dunsparce, Wynaut and Lanette's Net Search are some of the best search cards now, so people will usually have enough Pokemon to sacrifice even without the fossils that many will play.

    I continue to believe that the second attack is the best feature of Kabutops EX, he is hard to stop once that gets going. See my comments on the Wailord EX deck, I think the issues facing this deck are quite similar except that playing Fighting energy is a give.
  8. Pokeplayer

    Pokeplayer New Member

    Add in Underground Lake or Ruins.... It is a stadium card that lets you take a kabuto from your discard pile and place it on your bench...Then rare candy it to Kabutops instantly.......
  9. Tyranitar666

    Tyranitar666 New Member

    I haven't played the deck yet, no. I haven't played half the decks I post. Guess what. Every last one of them works in theory. Ask around for my success rate of decks I post. Pretty close to 100%. I took a 100% untested deck, made only in theory and won the SBZ at Delaware Ohio. I do not need to test a deck to tell if it will run smoothly or not.

    The lack of Energy Charge ( Which I could have sworn was legal ) is a set back but not a crippling blow. You still get alot of Boosts off. Plus even if u dont go simply Boost NRG, u can still power it manually and be effective. You could very well attach 3 energy at the start of the game, and as ur dying, Nurse, than go into Boost mode, and midgame, start powering manually again once uve ran out of boosts. Just because a deck focuses on a broken combo does not mean it is frail and only runs off of that.
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