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Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by Cresprit, May 27, 2008.

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  1. Cresprit

    Cresprit New Member

    My cousin, who lives on the other side of the country, expressed a passing interest in a Rocket shirt (my League is called Rocket League). So I dumped a bunch of information on him about Leagues. Then he said he's not good at strategy, and I directed him to the POP site, and here, to get started. I will slowly corrupt all of my family members to be Pokemon players like us! Just with my-generation cousins, not including me, that's 8 people. Their spouses make it 12, and if significant others count, 13 that I know of. Not to mention one of my cousins has a very young child (15 months old?) and is going to have another by C-section on the 2nd of June. I solemnly swear that these two young ones shall be raised with at least a little Pokemon influence. Maybe I can get them to play when they're old enough to understand. So, five? Six?
    What're your experiences with teaching the really young kids how to play Pokemon? Do you show off the cute, adorable, but ultimately, generally weaker ones? Or go for strategy at an early age so they pick it up more slowly, but more completely, but may have less fun playing?
  2. DarkStar20

    DarkStar20 Front Page Editor

    Heehee, I love teaching new players. I love playing the game, but my True Passion in life is Teaching! (That's why I am in college to become a teacher.) Whenever I get a new player in my league, I insist on helping them make sure their deck is constructed correctly, and aiding them through their first battle. (I don't use my mean dark deck on the kids though, I use a genteler fire deck.) :)

    I think my favorite story about a first time player was a young kid, about 8. He idolized Ash, and he wanted to challange me for the coal badge. I told him that that's not usually how it works in league play, but everyone wanted to see it, so I agreed to it. He battled my fire deck, and it was a long match, went down to a prize each. He got a really unlucky break when I drew my infernape LVX on the last turn, and was able to deal the 150 damage for the win. @[email protected] He was a little dissappointed, but I reminded him that there was a certain other trainer in sinnoh who lost in their first challange for the coal badge. Now he is one of my best playing juniors.

    Whenever I do a 'first battle' with someone new, I play with what is called 'open hands'. Litererally, both of us lay our hands down behind our benches, so we can see all the stradgy going on during the match. On their turn, I ask them what they think they should do, and then I tell them what was good about that move, and what could be improved. And I DO NOT handle them with kiddy gloves. I want them to see that a good trainer is one who uses a lot of stradagy, and always respects their opponenet by giving them the best game they can.

    The best part is that I have my league meeting in an hour and a half, I hope I get a few more new players tonight! :)
  3. Cresprit

    Cresprit New Member

    Nice! Seems like you would make a good teacher. :)
    I think I'll try that when they're old enough. As far as my cousin-who-wants-to-learn, he unfortunately lives in South Carolina and I live in Oregon. Hopefully there's a League near him where there are good teachers.
    And you call a deck with an Infernape Lv X a "nice" deck? You teach kids with that? xD
    Did the kid get his badge eventually?
  4. CyberManectric

    CyberManectric Active Member

    Wow, where do I begin? :rolleyes:

    Once I came over to my GF's house and her six year old brother heard that I was a League Leader. He builds up with excitement and starts shouting "Teach me to play pokemon!" It's hard to say no to a little kid, especially when his older sister is your gf, so I said, "sure, but first you need to learn how to read." So I spent the next several months teaching a first grader how to read, play the card game, and stratigize, which was not easy. Now that same kid is one of the best Junior players at my league, but he doens't come often. Oh well.
  5. DarkStar20

    DarkStar20 Front Page Editor

    Yes, he did eventually get his badge, and then two more since! :thumb: One of my best juniors! The
    honest truth is that it is very easy for kids (expecially boys) to become cocky. They have to learn that
    losing is a part of the game, and losing is a good opportunity to learn something new. And to always play
    your best. The important part of sportsmanship is to get back in there and battle your best, try something
    new, and play by the spirit of the game!

    And btw, yes I play infernape LVX in that deck, at the time though it was the only strong card in that
    learner deck though. At least it isn't my Main deck! @[email protected] The kids hate battling that one! (Take a wild
    guess what that deck might be based off of. lol.)
  6. homeofmew

    homeofmew Active Member

    i thin 6 is a good age to start.
    they are starting to learn how to read a little.
    "good at pokemon" is also a vague statement :/
  7. The Fish King

    The Fish King New Member

    My brother's son had a POP ID within an hour of being born... Is that too young?
  8. I have been playing the Pokemon Trading Card Game since I was four years old and have worked my way up the ranks in England. I have learnt a few tricks of the trade along the way and the continuous variety of cards that are produced have kept me interested in the game. I am looking forward to Legends Awakened just as much as I eagerly ancipated all of the previous expansions.
    Thank you and goodnight,

    Fire pokemon are awesome! Grass and dragon types are my other favourites.

    :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: :lol: :biggrin: :smile: :wink:
  9. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    The fish king: I can see the future....
    1st place BR age 1
    1st place CC age 2
    1st place SPT age 3
    1st place Regional age 4
    1st place Nats age 5
    1st place Worlds age 6
    I teach the neighbourhood kids how to play but, it isn't so hard
  10. pat460

    pat460 New Member

    Hand the toddler a good deck, teach him(or her?) to play it well, and watch him(or her again?) smash the other little kids faces in. Thats what I'de do anyway. Actually, I do do that with my freind's son lolololo
  11. Cresprit

    Cresprit New Member

    I love you. Will you marry me?

    And, Pat: Lawl. You just made me giggle. Image of a bunch of professors standing behind two little toddlers, and when they attack, they announce the attack and then act it out. "Mach Punch! Bam!" (Other kid starts crying.) xD

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