Crazy Dark wing duck and Blissey y they create you

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Rashad, Nov 26, 2007.

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  1. Rashad

    Rashad New Member

    All right so here goes i wake up at 9:00 and get a ride from MPB to crowley hoping to get redemption. Soon the car ride Travis and Dawson say some of the most hilarious stuff I've ever heard in my life gotta love tha little ones. But anywho we arrive just on time for me to check out whose all there. Play a few few pick-up games with Palmo Marco and Watch Cameron play his secret deck against Billy Kettler; what a good match. I decided to play Lucario/Rampardos. A few minutes later pairings are called here goes.

    Round 1 JK warrior(darkwing duck.dec)

    What a good guy he demolished my hand and pokemon enough said.

    Not again I said not again but Mr.Lynch told me don't give up you still got 4 more matches left i played to my best. So now on tha rest of the report

    Round 2 Forgot the name (Garchomp/meganium)

    I got a decent chingling start and skull fossil and lucario. My oppoonent didn't get a energy for like 5 five turns which I took the advantage and just sweeped through all his pokemon giggity giggity alright.

    Round 3 Robgobb (Tyranitar/Weavile)

    Friday at Forth Worth Rob just demolished me so this time it was my turn to even tha score with a win this go around. Here goes I get a Lucario start to his larvitar start. Rob goes first and hit me for 2 oh no not again so I top deck a lucario place it down and bill's maintenance for three cards and wild kick for 30 yes. Nxt turn he celios oh no not Tyranitar phew he got out a pupitar and K.O's my lucario and places ten damage on his pupitar. So next turn I send up my lucario top deck a DRE and bebe's searh for a lucario attach the DRE and bench him gg pal.

    Yes I still got a shot I kept saying to myself.

    Round 4 Mr.Boyer (Blissey/Weavile)

    Mr. Boyer is a really nice person and enjoy every match I play against him
    So here goes I hate Blissey really man whats up with that. So I get a lucario and skull fossil start yes against his sneasel. I attach the fighting energy and wildkick for forty yes. next turn he gets a weavile out and shadow charge to dark to his Chansey and lays another Sneasel down O.K. no sweat. I lay down cranidos and evolve to lucario and retreat to bring up my cranidos and attach a DRE to cranidos and steam roll for the knock out and 10 to Chansey. Ok then he knockouts the cranidos and then we start exchanging blows til i brought back up the lucario and evolved it to Lucario Lv.X and knoockout the Blissey and that set him back a turn yes. So he sends up weavie and did not get anything so i aura sphere the weavile for 40 and twenty to blissey. Next turn he retreats and hit me with 70 o snap. So i attach a plus power and fighting ENRG for knock out good game pal.
    (3-1) Just one more game and you make it so here goes

    Round 5 *** Straight Blissey the mama of all mamas (Billy Kettler

    So i start with lucario and Skull Fossil please go first. O well you can't get everything you want.
    Billy attaches a energy to Chansey and passes. I wild kickfor 50 and pass. So not the boost and strength charm for 60 knockout. So nextturn rare candy Rampardos scramble for knockout. I next he does some fancy manuevering and attaches holon FF which takes away his weakness and hits me for forty oh no. I pass with nothing and he boost and strength charm and seals the deal gg man gg.

    So I think its over and the judges say one 3-2 will make it oh yeah. But the 3-2 that made it was Jorel Ker(todays winner).

    So I walk around and watch Dawson win in JUniors how old is he six years old good job little dude good job. Then I watch the finals and play a few pick up games. But in all it was a good day A good day in deed.

    3-2 is decent
    Making new friends
    JK warrior winning this is your year dude
    Dawson winning you better repeat lil guy
    Travis for 2nd in Juniors
    Cameron for winning good job to you to.
    Getting the pidgeyots i need oh yeah
    The comfortable seats those were seriously
    Man it was cold
    Big Mean Blissey
    Evil Honchkrow
  2. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    I think I forgot to get the Excavators back from you..... Good Job overall!!

  3. ~Blazi-King~

    ~Blazi-King~ Active Member

    Great job!

  4. jkwarrior

    jkwarrior Active Member

    Good job, DJ!

    Are you going to stick with a deck, now?
  5. hitmonchan93

    hitmonchan93 New Member

    Good Job DJ. You will claim redemption soon, lol. And thanks for putting me under props!
  6. Rashad

    Rashad New Member

    JK warrior not yet i have one more deck idea before i commit and your welcome cameron hope to see everybody at garland

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