Crazy Raichu Ex Deck

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by SHPanda, Nov 18, 2003.

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  1. SHPanda

    SHPanda New Member

    2 Raichu Ex
    1 Raichu(skyridge)
    3 Pikachu(PIKABOLT)
    3 Pichu(ss)
    1 Eletabuzz Ex
    2 Eletabuzz(ss)
    2 Elekid(ss)

    4 professor oak's research
    3 apricorn maker
    2 oracle
    2 lanete's net search
    1 town voulnteers
    1 pokemon nurse
    3 oran berry
    3 energy search
    3 master balls
    2 fast balls
    2 switch

    20 electric energy
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  2. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    consider the new Magneton frtom Dragons. Its power will let you discard 1 card from your hand, and remove 2 basic energy from your discard.... also maybe some anti fighting tech, like maye Zapdos, or a Colorless Flyer
  3. Darkmasterchris

    Darkmasterchris New Member

    Personaly i would play the new promo pickachus they are much better
  4. SHPanda

    SHPanda New Member

    well i might consider the changing the pikachus but im sort of one of the unluckest player in the world in terms of flips and rolls and such things. But im like god at top decking so yeah. changing pikachu is probably a no.
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