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Discussion in 'Create-A-Card' started by treecko_332, Oct 10, 2003.

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  1. treecko_332

    treecko_332 New Member

    A lot of people probably remember my Create-a-Tropius contest, so here is another contest like it- Create-a-Pinco/Fortress!

    Also, before we gat to the rubric each person that enters must submit a Pinco and a Fortress. Both the Pinco and the Fortress will be graded sepreatly and they score will be averaged out.

    Name: 5 points you may use any prefix/suffix ever used in Pokemon for this contest.

    Type: 5 points

    Rarity:5 points

    Picture Discription: 5 points try to be as discriptive as you can

    Weakness: 5 Points Please be apropiate for Pinco/Fortress' type(the one you give it)

    Resistance: 5 Points Please be apropiate for Pinco/Fortress' type(thie one you give it)

    Reteat:5 Points

    HP: 5 Points

    Attacks, Poke Bodies and Poke Powers: 30 points
    This is how it works: you can have up to 3 attacks and/or Poke Bodies and Powers.
    If you have one attack/Poke Body or Power you will be graded out of 30 points
    If you have 2 attacks/Poke Body or Power each will be graded sepratly out of 15 points
    If you have 3 attacks/Poke body or Poke Power each will be sepratly graded out of 10 points

    Discription and Stratagy: 5 Points Discribe why you chose all the attacks and other stats and cards the card would be good with.

    Please make sure the Discription/Stratagy is at the end and the next is over all neat. If you forget to do one of the areas I will tell you(via post)
    and if you don't fix it in a day I will grade yours with out that area.

    Oh, I allmost forgot only one entry per person!

    Have Fun!

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  2. ShadowOfTyranitar

    ShadowOfTyranitar New Member


    Pineco-40 HP-Grass-Basic-
    Pokebody-Explosive Reaction-Every time damage from attacks is done to Pineco you may flip a coin. If heads, place 1 damage counter on Pineco and 1 on the defending pokemon.
    (G)Risk-30-Flip a coin. If tails, Pineco is now knocked out.
    Picture Description-A Pineco to the right of the picture is watching a Pineco to the left of the picture explode. The Pineco on the right has a sweat drop, and looks very worried. Both Pinecos are hanging from a large evergreen tree. The sun is causing a bright sheen on thier bodies.
    Description and Strategy-I decided to base this Pineco around explosions, because that is what Pineco is well known for. Fire is the Pineco's most obvious weakness, so thats why it was used. Pineco seems like a heavy pokemon to me so I gave it a high retreat cost for its stage. This Pineco has no real strategy except being used as a Kamikaze. Pineco is fairly small so I gave it low HP.

    Forretress-80 HP-Metal-Stage 1-
    Pokebody-Heavy Shell-Each time your opponent uses a card effect that would cause Forretress to switch with one of your benched pokemon, you may choose to have that card do nothing.
    (C)Chain Explosion-10x-Flip a coin for each pokemon on your side of the field with Pineco or Forretress in its name(including this one). This attack does 10 damage times the number of heads. This attack does 10 damage to each pokemon that you got a heads with using this attack.
    (M)(M)Spike Shot-Place 2 spike counters on the field. Whenever Forretress is active pokemon and your opponent brings up a benched pokemon and makes it thier active pokemon, place 1 damage counters on that pokemon for each spike counter in play. No more than 4 spike counters may be in play at a time.
    Picture Description-There are 3 Forretress in the picture. 1 to the left, 1 to the right, both are hanging by threads from trees, and 1 in inbetween the other 2, sitting on the ground. They are in a clearing in a forest, full of tall, thin trees. The are on a grassy patch of earth, and spikes surround them. All three are looking directly forward.
    Description and Strategy-I thought a chain explosion would be interesting on Forretress, so I decided to use it. I gave Forretress an optional pokebody that stops switching because Forretress is a heavy pokemon with a metal coat. Spike Shot was a simple deciscion, Forretress is best known for using skips, so I decided to give this Forretress a good spikes attack. Fire is Forretress's largest weakness, so it wasn't a hard decision. I gave it grass resistance because metal is resistant to poison, and grass was the closest thing to poison. This Forretress's HP is basically the average for Forretress, and so was its type. This Forretress would mainly be used for its Spike Shot attack, to gain control of the field, and Chain Explosion would be used as a last resort.
  3. Carrington388

    Carrington388 New Member

    Erika's Pineco
    50 HP {G}
    Basic Pokémon

    {C} Tackle 10
    {G}{G}{G} Explosion Erika's Pineco does 50 damage to itself. 50

    Weakness: {R}
    Resistance: none
    Retreat Cost: {C}
    Rarity: Uncommon
    Picture: A Pineco is in a pot sitting in between two flowers in a greenhouse. Pineco's got a sad face.
    Strategy: Simply put, you want to put Defenders on this guy. Defender will prevent Erika's Pineco from dropping dead from its attack. It also combos well with LC Alakazam, provided you used the Defender strategy, to move the damage off Erika's Pineco, attach another Defender, and Explosion again.
    Explainations: The HP is as it is because 50 HP is pretty traditional for an armored Basic. The costs are effective, however, Explosion appears underpowered for the cost and the effect; nevertheless, I didn't want it to be too strong. The Weakness and Resistance are typical for Bug Pokémon, and the low Retreat Cost is typical for a basic.

    Erika's Forretress ex
    120 HP {G}
    Stage 1 Pokémon (Evolves from Erika's Pineco)

    {G}{G}{G} Mega Blast Flip a coin for each {G} Energy attached to Erika's Forretress ex. For each heads, either discard a {G} Energy card attached to Erika's Forretress ex or Erika's Forretress ex does 40 damage to itself. This attack does 40 damage times the number of heads. 40x
    {M}{G}{G}{G}{C} Spike Pins Flip a coin until you get tails. This attack does 40 damage times the number of heads. 40x

    Weakness: {R}
    Resistance: {G}
    Retreat Cost: {C}{C}{C}
    Rarity: Rare-Super Holo (as per other EX Pokémon)
    Picture: It's an aerial view of a greenhouse volleyball court, where four Sunflora are playing volleyball. Forretress is the ball in this game.
    Strategy: It combos well with Energy retrieval strategies, as well as those that worked with Erika's Pineco.
    Explainations: EX Pokémon have higher amounts of HP. 120 seemed like the trick, even though it is an evolved Pokémon. Mega Blast is costed right, considering the effects, and Spike Pins can appear underpowered or overpowered depending on how it is flipped. The Weakness is typical Bug, however, the Resistance carried over from its other type. Seeing as how it's powerful, it needed a drawback of a higher Retreat cost.
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  4. surfingpika

    surfingpika New Member

    (g) pokemon

    Retreat cost(c)(c)
    (g) explosive flash 10 You may place 2 damage counters on Pineco. If you do, Pineco is not affected by any effects of attacks, trainers, pokemon powers, or pokebodies(including damage)(other than pineco's) until the end of your next turn.
    (g)(g)(c) Toxic The defending pokemon is now posioned. At the end of each turn, place 2 damage counters on the defending pokemon instead of 1.

    Pic: A pineco has just fallen on top of a Jolteon. The Jolteon is stunned, and the pineco is in obivious pain. The pineco is glowing just as if it was going to selfdestruct.

    Stradegy: This pokemon can be ultulized as a stall pokemon to start the game. Explosive flash is self-inflicted damage to prevent other damage and switch effects. The weakness is normal for grass type pokemon that are bug in the GB game. 50HP is high, but it allows for 2 explosive flashes before he has to run for it. It is carefully worded to where Pineco cannot be hurt or healed(can't be eaisly used in damage swap deck).

    (m) pokemon

    Retreat Cost(c)(c)(c)(c)

    Pokebody:Solid metal As long as fortress is a (m) type, double any effect any (m) energy has on Fortress. Every (m) energy counts as (m) energy, however.
    (g)(g) Bullet seed 40 Flip a coin, if tails, if your opponent attacks next turn, their attack does 10 more damage for every (m) energy card attached to Fortress.
    (g)(g)(m)(m) Multi-explosion 100 Fortress does 100 damage to itself plus 10 more damage for every (m) energy card attached to it. Then it does 10 damage to every benched pokemon for every (m) energy attached to it(don't apply weakness and resistance for benched pokemon)
    Pic:A machop attempts to Karate chop Fortress. However, the machop breaks his arm trying to hurt fortress.

    Stradegy: Another impressive stall pokemon. Fortress literally has the ability to last forever. It's pokebody, solid metal, allows each true metal energy to block 20 damage. This effect can be cut in half by each of it's attacks, making it not invinicible. The Multi-explosion is only countered by the fact that you can only have 4 (m) energies in your deck(If you really wanted to be risky, though, you could have 12 by crystal, rainbow, and real (m) energy). 100 HP and a 4 retreat cost is because this pokemon is a monster to take out. Fire weakness is because it is its real weakness in the GB game. Leaf resistance is because in the game, it's a x4 resistance to leaf.
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  5. treecko_332

    treecko_332 New Member

    Surfingpika, you have to put in rarity if you don't you won't get any points there. As for the others I'll try to grade them soon.

  6. treecko_332

    treecko_332 New Member

    Now I have a chance to grade the entreis (or some of them) so here it goes:

    Wait, before I start this contest will end on October 13 at 9:00 AM Pacific, or noon Eastern. So now the grading.



    Name: 5 points Good

    Type: 5 points Good, and what else is there, dark :lol:

    Rarity: 5 points What is there, again holo-rare

    Pic Desription: 3 points Not everything is clear, but I can begin to imagine it.

    Weakness: 5 points

    Resistance: 5 points

    Retreat: 4 points (C) (C) is a little high, but helps balance the card.

    HP: 5 points

    Explosive Reaction: 13 points Some wording problems, but also 40 HP makes it a litle hard to use, but the HP was good

    Risk: 10 points Good, but should do 40 or, even better, poisin if pinco is K.O.ed. But does pinco deal damage if it is K.O.ed by its self?

    D & S: 3 points Good, but acording to the discovery card Pinco is only 16 pounds (light for a pokemon) as polywag is 27 pounds also it combos with erm Kark's Thumb that lets you re-flip coins (opps thats magic, sorry)

    Pinco Total Score: 63 points not bad, as I do grade though. Also there is stil Fortress.


    Name: 5 points better spelling than me!

    Type: 5 points

    Rarity: 5 points good, but for all forretress, rarity is debatable, so the attacks mater a lot

    Pic Desription: 4 points good, but not quite the bulls eye

    Weakness: 5 points

    Resistance: 5 points

    Retreat: 5 points

    HP: 5 points see forretress rarity

    Heavy Shell: 8 points creative, but a little too powerful for a stage 1

    Chain Explosion: 9 points good and creative (like most of your stuff Shadow) but should cost (G) insteed of (C)

    Spike Shot: 7 points shouln't be one sided and should be like this:

    (M) (G) Spike Shot Put 2 spike counters on the feild.Whenever a player retreats there active pokemon put a damage counter on the new defending pokemon for each spike counter on the feild. A pokemon can't take more than 40 damage in this way. 20

    D & S: 3 points First of all, metal has resistance to grass in the GB game but still you got the reselt nedded. Also you didn't include a large stratigy.

    Total Score:66 points

    Now your average score is: 64.5 points good, only 10.5 points of and will be had to beat.

    Also I will(if I can grade all the entries)try to hold one of these contest every week or so! so get your made-up-cards ready!

    Good Luck and happy card making

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  7. treecko_332

    treecko_332 New Member

    Carington's sorces are:


    Name: 5 points Good

    Type: 5 points

    Rarity: 3.5 points should be common

    Pic Discription: 3.5 points what do the flowers look like, what is pinco's position

    Weakness, Resistance, Retreat & HP: 18 points HP should be 40, but its still good

    Tackle: 12 points safe, but not creative

    Explosion: 9 points who would waste (G) (G) (G) on a pineco that would just die, funny though

    D & S: 5 points where is the startigy, good discription though

    Pineco score: 55 points good


    Name: 5 points didn't think any one would do an ex

    Type: 5 points

    Rarity: 5 points like all ex's

    Pic discription: 5 points and this is the area where I grade thoughest!

    Weakness, Resistance, Retreat & HP: 20 points great!

    Mega Blast: 15 points great attack, very creative

    Spike Pins: 11 points too expensive, and not as creative

    D & S: 5 points great!

    Total Forretress Score: 71 points purfect exept for spike pins!!!

    Total score: 63 points mainly things on pinco and thats a great score!

    So Shadow holds the lead, but with close compotion.

  8. treecko_332

    treecko_332 New Member



    Name: 5 points

    Type: 5 points

    Rarity: 3 points common common common

    Pic Discription: 3 points good but where are they

    Weakness, resistance, retreat & HP: 16 points good but Should be (C) retreat and 40 HP

    Explosive Flash: 13 points should place 1 damage counter

    Toxic: 12 points who would power up a basic like Pineco! not very creative

    D & S: 4 points where is the S part

    Total Pineco score: 59 points


    Name: 0 points not the correct spelling and I have now gotten one person fooled by my miss-speling purposely

    Type: 5 points

    Rarity: 5 points

    Pic Discription: 1 point almost no detail

    Weakness, resistance, retreat and HP: 18 points good but 100 Hp is too high

    Solid Metal: 8 points a little wee bit to powerful

    Bullet Seed: 10 points

    Multi-Explosion: 8 points okay, just not creative enough

    D & S: 3.5 points its not called leaf resistance

    Total Forretress Score: 48.5 points

    Total Score: 53.75 points

  9. treecko_332

    treecko_332 New Member

    sorry I'm so late on the uptake but this contest is now over, but please jion me in next weaks contest, create a legendary pokemon!
  10. ShadowOfTyranitar

    ShadowOfTyranitar New Member


    Too bad more people didn't reply. I won with over 10 points off.

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