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  1. ltofficer

    ltofficer New Member

    2-Cresselia MD
    1-Cresselia lv. x
    2-Bronzor MD
    2-Bronzong MD&MT
    2-2 Scizor MD
    2-2 Weezing GE
    2-2 Arbok GE

    2-Double Rainbow

    3-Quick ball
    3-moonlight stadium
    2-night maintenance
    super scoop up
    team galactic mars
    premeir ball
    roeannes reaserch

    the main stategy is for arbok to poison while weezing is in play, and you use cresselia to finsih them
    off or use scizor to take down bigger guys. bronzong helps spread more damage wich works with cresselia lv. x's power. i have only tested it against a few decks. any changes or suggestions before i try it in a tournament?
  2. sKizor

    sKizor Member

    try this

    4-4 Scizor
    4-4 Bronzong
    2-2 Claydol

    4 quick
    4 dusk
    4 plus power
    4 TGW
    3 Night maintenance
    3 Cess Crystal
    2 warp point

    4 call
    4 DRE
    4 Metal sp
    4 metal
    4 psychic

    with this build you cripple G&G with your speed and the fact that you dont use many supporters. but speaking from experience you need claydol out by turn 3 or else you are going to be in trouble. ive been thinking about this deck for a while and it looks like a lot of fun. the only problem i see with this deck is when you play against empoleon
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