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  1. Since this forums name has collecting questions in its tital I think this is the right place to talk about Crystal Golem's rarity.Is Crystal Golem worth an EX?
  2. bullados

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    Crystal, Shining, ex, they all seem the same to me....
  3. So Crystal Golem is worth an EX not a holo?
  4. Prime

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    Crystals are worth more than any EX that was released before TM/TA, worth equal with any EX released in TM/TA. The only reason I say this is because EX's were not as rare in the earlier sets, being more common than holos.
  5. PokePop

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    I think it was only in the first printing of R/S that ex's were so common.
  6. So Crystal Golem is worth more then any EX exept Blaziken Suicune ect.

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