Dark Wing Duck Ftw!!

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by FriedBlaziken, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. FriedBlaziken

    FriedBlaziken New Member


    Ok so me and my family are on holiday in Malaysia so me and my bro decided to participate in the only Malaysian Cities.

    Ok so me Edmund, Yee Wei, The Moderator, Sebastien, Jit How and Shaun meet @ a cafe and have breakfast, then we get in the car and go to the place where cities is being held.

    After some help from ryanvergel I was going to use DWD because on the form it said SW is legal. I'm one of the few with SW, so I thought I'd take advantage of it, but last minute, the worst TO in history says its not legal :S
    So I'm like, Kingdra or Miss Lucario, After a few eenee-meenee-mynee-moes, I choose Miss Lucario for these reasons:
    1) It's consistant
    2) Too many Blisseys around and it autowins Blisscario, Blissvire, Solo Bliss and all the other funny Blisses.
    3) It only loses to Empoleon
    4) I was afraid I'd start with Spearow if I used Kingdra. For those who didn't know, Spearow is an evil pokemon that cost me an invite :)

    Anyway on to round one.

    ROUND 1: Boy w/ Mario
    Ok, Mario, Autowin.
    TURN 1: Attach Riolu, kick, tails. :(
    TURN 2: Celio Lucario, evolve, attach Aurasphere, 40 to Machop 20 to Riolu.
    TURN 3: Aurasphere KO Machop, 40 on Lucario.
    TURN 4: Level Up, Pass
    TURN 5: He doesn't get anything, Close Combat gg.


    ROUND 2: Boy w/ Magmortar
    Hmmmm. Never tested and wasn't expecting this.
    TURN 1: I attach to Riolu, kick heads for 30 on Magby.
    TURN 2: I evolve, Cess Lock him, KO Magby, 20 on Torchic.
    TURN 3: I realize he has no Windstorms at all. I kiill the Skitty and Torchic.
    I sweep all his unevolvable magbys. gg.


    After lunch we go back, play a few practice games and then round 3 starts.

    ROUND 3: Boy w/ Blissvire
    OK longest match I had.
    My opening hand, 2 Riolus, 1 NM, Other stuff.
    No energy :( ughhh. So turn 1 I Celio for Sableeye and start excavating. Discarded useless things for a few turns. By then he was 2 prizes ahead. Then yessss COPYCAT FOR 14!
    Still hard. I play Lake Boundary and kill his Raichu. 20 on Buzz.
    The fat thing comes out boost and bb Lucario, So I send out Sableye. Cess and Disable 10.
    I draw and setup 2 Mismagius and Lucario while disabling 6 turns. Then he SSU's :(. I'm leading the losers table 5 prizes to 4. Lucario Active, 2 fully charged Mismagius, another Lucario and a Sableeye on the bench. I retreat and I manage to kill the new Blissey with Mismagius. 4-4 I kill another innocent Chansey with Aurasphere 20 on other Chansey + Charm. Then he sends out Electivire. Move 1 from the bench.
    He Scrambles my Lucario. 3-3
    Send out Lucario with 1 Energy and like 60 on it, then yesss topdecks the LVX. Level Up, PP KO.
    Out comes Chansey. He attaches to benched Chansey no.1 I KO the active. 1-3
    He sends out Bliss kills Lucario and Mismagius no.2
    I need to warp the fat Blissey. So I just use Steven draw 2 yesss warppp. gg. Aurasphere.
    1 minute left, 2 cards left in my deck.


    ROUND 4: Boy that tried to draw 2 cards per turn w/ Shiftry DP + Hounckrow.
    I draw and have the best hand ever.
    Riolu, Misdreavus, Fighting, Multi, Celio, Castaway, Celio.
    Turn 1 I attach Wild Kick 10 to his Murkrow.
    His turn he wagers me :S I lose the wager because I'm bad at RPS. He has the game from there as I drew 2 PP and an energy :(
    Eventhough he had the game he still tried to draw extra cards. wth?
    But oh well. bg.


    ROUND 5: Jit How w/ Kingdra
    If he gets a fast Kingdra, I'm dead. He starts with Spearow( Most evil card ever made), I start with Riolu. I attach pass. he bebe's for Horsea, attach to Horsea, pass. I celio for Lucario, evolve, attach aurasphere, 20 on Horsea. 10 on Spearow. He attaches to Spearow, Evolve Horsea into Seadra and Spearheads. My turn I levelup, feint KO the Spearow because Seadra was buffered. He sends out Seadra evolve Kingdra and cyclones me. Energy link. 40 on Lucario. I attach retreat Lucario for the LVX. Cessation and do 40 to Kingdra. Next turn he 80s and storms my Cess. I have the 2nd Cess in my hand, I win. gg


    ROUND 6: Dominic w/ Blisscario
    Autowin if played correctly :)
    But I have a bad hand :(
    TURN 1: Attach Misdreavus, Astonish.
    HIS TURN 1: Attach Chansey, Pass
    TURN 2: Attach Misdreavus Confuse Ray for 20.
    HIS TURN 2: Evolve, Attach Boost, PP and Charm, 80-20 Resistance, KO. gg.


    Lalalalala so I play a few practice games and everyone goes :O @ DWD.

    -we all got POP 2 PACKS =O
    -and we had to go to a place to collect our card and badge the next week...
    -the age groups were mixed, and there were 6rounds with no topcut.
    -i came 6th
    -we went home.


    Sean won Juniors
    Sebastian won Masters
    Yee Wei, Daniel, Adwin, Edmund
    Edmund for actually winning 2 games while using Duskqueen without a starter and with 2 Pokedex.
    ryanvergel for helping me with DWD, too bad I couldnt use it.
    team E5
    iliketouse.dec aka miss lucario
    The Moderator


    hongxiang the national champion that has 61 marked cards in his deck.
    william the TO
    SW not being legal eventhough it said so on the form
    Mixed age groups
    no prizes except for the boosters
    me losing twice.
    me sucking at rps.
    strength charm.
    lots more will edit.
  2. Krucifier

    Krucifier New Member


    Then you *MUST* come back in time for Aussie cities. Win a couple down here and make up for your losses in Malaysia :p

    Best of all. That Dark Wing Duck thing will be legal. (Honchkrow and Golduck, emirite?)
  3. FriedBlaziken

    FriedBlaziken New Member

    Yesssss. DWD!!
    Whens aussie cities, cuz if its in January ill be there.
    DWD is Absol Hounckrow >.>
    And I think I gain 20-30 Points cuz I went 3-0 at the start
  4. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Sigh..... That WillYap should be banned :/
    Just a Q... is WillYap is also an OP Manager?

    Anyways, tough luck.... just come to brisbane one day to beat the Pikachus... come on, tourneys in Australia are not flawed like in MY xD

    Buuuutttt....yeah, I would like to raid Melb, Syd etc...to get rankings with a GOOOD deck but I dont know what I will run for sure which would be gamebreaking :p
  5. FriedBlaziken

    FriedBlaziken New Member

    To add to the slops: there were 6 rounds of swiss. wth?
    after round four there were two 4-0s, and after round 5 one 5-0, so he should have won, but instead they added another round and that 5-0 ended up playing a master, thus getting 2nd.
  6. master of puppets

    master of puppets New Member

    i wish i could go to australia for cities, its such an awesome place!
  7. FriedBlaziken

    FriedBlaziken New Member

    master of puppets: it was held in malaysia, not australia, australias is next month :)
  8. master of puppets

    master of puppets New Member

    i know, im just saying because other people were talking about australia's cities.
  9. Krucifier

    Krucifier New Member

    Yeah...Cities starts here in about a month...


    I have barely played since Nats...

    I better start getting some practice in...Orrrr I could just play Blissey which is an auto win *yawn*.
  10. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Not versus Absolkrow.... Mwahahahah... I got all of the needed archtype cards so does Sam and Matt....lolz
  11. FriedBlaziken

    FriedBlaziken New Member

    uhhh. absolkrow doesnt beat blissey unless u get a t1 absol discarding celios and blisseys, preventing them from evolving. discarding an energy can be fatal though if blissey is out. and with gardy/gallade out i wouldnt say blissey is an autowin :S
  12. Krucifier

    Krucifier New Member

    Nah Blissey sucks. Never would I play it. :S
  13. lol nice work
    no Sam H in your slops?
  14. Krucifier

    Krucifier New Member

    Lol he should be. That netdecking son of a...Oh hi Sam...XD

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