Darkest Night

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    Since I was one of the people asking for a fanfic board I guess I should post my Fic :D

    *Warning, I am typing this in Notepad until I get Word back. BE patiant and if any spelling is to annoying
    then I will fix it. Anyways.......

    Darkest Night

    Chapter 1
    Gorlond opened his eyes and found himself in a small white room.
    His first impression was of how empty the room was. In fact,
    with the exception of his friend Kaitlin, still unconscience in the
    corner, there was nothing in the room at all. "My Pokemon!" He
    exclaimed, grabbing his belt. His lone poke-ball was still there. But
    why would somebody kidnap them, lock them in a small room, and not
    take away their poke-balls. "Kat...Kat," Gorlond whispered, nudging her
    with his foot. "Hey Kat, wake up."

    "I don't think she'll wake that easy." a voice from behind the
    door said.

    "Who are you? What do you want from us?" Gorlond yelled at
    the door.

    "Relax." the voice reassured as a man stepped out from behind
    the door. "I'm Lance, leader of The Pokemon Resistence, and the two
    of you have been selected to join our ranks."

    "If all you wanted is for us to join your resistance movement
    then why did you kidnap us and what did you do to Kaitlin?"

    "We needed a safe enviroment to talk to you openly. We also
    needed to get you here without comprimising our position, so I
    authorized a recon team to use Hypnosis in order to get you here. Your
    friend is just more sensitive to it then you."

    "Why should we trust somebody who kidnapped us?"

    "You will be briefed fully in the morning, but untill then..."
    Lance snapped his fingers and two half-circle eyes began to glow bright
    red on the door. "...Sleep tight." On cue, Gengar materialized and
    cast Hypnosis on one very irratated Pokemon Trainer. Gorlond slumpt to
    the floor, asleep.


    This time when Gorlond woke up he found himself in a bed. He
    was still wearing his black T-shirt and jeans, but his sneakers, blue
    overshirt, belt, and poke-ball were stacked neatly on a chair beside
    the bed. Trying to get out of bed quickly, he hit his head on the bunk
    above him. In fact, standing up he noticed that the whole wall was
    tiled with bunk beds and there was another row of beds beside this
    one. In the far corner of the room there was a worn looking computer
    with a poke-ball interface, and the two walls on either side of it
    were lined with books and magazines. The center of the room was
    crowded with an odd assortment of couches, arm chairs, and coffee
    tables. Sitting on one of the couches was a boy, about Gorlonds age,
    wearing jeans, a black T-shirt, and a green vest, the kind his Grandpa
    wore when he went fishing. To top it all off, the boy was playing
    checkers with a Golduck.

    "Duck." the Golduck said, nodding at Gorlond before making his
    next move.

    Turning around, the boy cheerfully exclaimed, "Hi Gorlond,
    it's nice to see you awake."

    "Who are you and where am I?" a dazed Gorlond asked.

    "My name's Olorin," Olorin explained. "And this is the Warren,
    a boys dormitory of sorts here at The PR."

    "What's a PR?"

    "THE PR is the Pokemon Resistance, but I probably shouldn't be
    the one explaining all of this. I'm supposed to have you report to the
    Leaders Council as soon as you wake up."

    "OK," Gorlond agreed, even more confused then he was before.
    He looked around for a door and realized that, not only could he not
    find one, there was no place for one. Every wall was covered in beds
    and books and couches. "Urm, were's the door?"

    "There isn't a door in the Warren?" Olorin explained. "Like
    most rooms here at PR Headquarters, it is buried deep within the
    mountain and the only way in or out is to use Teleport. Which is were
    Golduck and I come in."

    "Duck." Golduck supported, taking Olorin's last peice.

    "Now come on," Olorin teased. "Everybody is waiting for you."
    Golduck walk up behind the boys an placed a webbed hand on each boys
    shoulder. Suddenly Gorlond felt a flash. It was almost like walking
    from a dark room out into the sun, but instead of light flashing it
    was darkness. As soon as he noticed what was happening it was over
    and they were standing in a diffrent room. This room was larger and
    had long tables running down it's length. At the end of the hall was
    another table sitting at a 90 degree angle from the rest. Three men
    were sitting at this table, and they were all wearing the same badge
    on their chests. A crimson red poke-ball.

    "It's about time you got here." A friendly voice said. Gorlond
    turned around and found Kat sitting on a bench, she had a squirt
    bottle in her hand that she was using to squirt Belle, her Bellossom,
    who was dancing in the mist.

    "Kat, your alright!" He exclaimed.

    "Of course I'm alright." she snorted. "See those men sitting
    at the table. The one on the left, beneath the Crobat, is Koga. The man
    in the middle is Lance, and the old man on the right is Pryce. They
    were all members of the Elite Four before the Pokemon League was

    "Now we are Red Badges, leaders of the PR." Lance explained.
    "And you are dismissed Olorin."

    "Aww," Olorin groaned, standing up from behind a table. "Can't
    I stay." Golduck grabbbed him by the shoulder abd started to drag him
    away. Then they were gone.

    "As I was saying," Lance continued, "We are the leaders of The
    Pokemon Resistance. Six years ago, when Team Rocket took control of
    Johto and Kanto, we formed the PR to overthrow their goverment of evil.
    With the help of most Gym Leaders and many Pokemon League Champions,
    we have been fighting Team Rocket from every possible front. We have
    even temporaraly resended some of the offcial Pokemon League rules in
    order to be more efficient with our strikes. Trainers here are
    encouraged to train as many pokemon as they can handel and all pokemon
    are allowed to use as many diffrent attacks as they can remember. For
    some trainers, this means they can have a vast team with them at all
    times so they are ready for any obstacle. Others choose to abide by
    the original Pokemon League rules and only train six pokemon with four
    moves each. Either way we are all working together to rid the world of
    Team Rocket. The Hoenn region supports us and frequently sends us
    trainers and supplies. But it won't be long until they too will fall
    to the tranny that is Team Rocket. Kaitlin and Gorlond, the two of you
    have been choosen to join our ranks and help wake the world from this
    nightmare of a goverment."

    "We have been watching you for some time." Koga began. "Your
    raids on Team Rocket bases shows passion, and the fact that you are
    still alive shows skill. We think that you and your pokemon would be
    invaluable to our organization."

    "The choice is yours," Pryce concluded, "Join us or return to
    our old life."

    Gorlond looked over at Kat, they didn't even have to discuss
    it. "We want to join." Gorlond declared.

    "Good." Koga let out a relieved sigh. "Now, do both of you
    have porters, a pokemon who can use teleport?"

    "Kat's Smeargle knows teleport," Gorlond answered. "But I only
    have one pokemon and he can't use teleport."

    "Don't rush them." Pryce chasstised. "The first order of
    business is to register them in the database."

    "Your right," Lance agreed. "Would you see that they are
    registered. Koga, please find what we have in they way of porters. As
    for me, I'm late for class." On cue, a pair of red eyes appeared
    beside Lance and Gengar materialized just long enough to use teleport,
    then they were gone.

    "If you will follow me this shouldn't take long." Pryce cooly
    stated. He reached into his pocket, took out a poke-ball, and released
    a Jynx. "Jynx, please port us to the Poke-center." Kat barly had time
    to return Belle when all three of them were swept up into a hug.
    Darkness flashed and they were in a new room. If it weren't for the
    lack of a door and rough stone walls, this room would have looked like any
    other pokemon center. It even had a Nurse Joy. "Nurse Joy, I have two
    new trainers to be registered."

    "Well," said Nurse Joy excitedly, "It has been a while since
    we have had any new trainers." Joy lead them over to a computer
    with a poke-ball interface. "Please place your pokemon on the tray
    and state your name, age, and current team." Gorlond placed his
    poke-ball on the tray.

    "Gorlond Stampede. Age 17. Pokemon: Snorlax." Gorlond
    obediently recited. Nurse Joy entered the information into the

    "Kaitlin Black. Age 16. Pokemon: Bellossom, and Smeargle."
    Kat recited and Nurse Joy entered her data into the computer. Pryce
    walked over from behind the counter and gave them each a set of dog

    "These tags are your trainer ID numbers." He explained. "They
    let our other bases recognize you, but they won't mean anything to
    Team Rocket if they get a hold of them."

    "So," Nurse Joy chirped. "Welcome to the Pokemon Resistance."
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    Gr8 Story!!! Can't wait for more!!!
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    Really good! ;)

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