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Discussion in 'Judges' Chambers' started by joelsoh, Feb 15, 2016.

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  1. joelsoh

    joelsoh New Member

    For most deck list errors, players are now given a Game Loss under the new penalty guidelines. I'm looking to see at what point you game loss a player, and at what point do you say, ok, you get a warning this time.

    I find most of the time, you get the following issues:

    • Spelling errors
    • Missing "EX" in a Pokémon's name
    • Missing a set name/number
    • Less than or more than 60 cards

    This is what I'd probably do

    • Spelling errors: Not all that much, perhaps a caution
    • Missing "EX" in a Pokémon's name: Game Loss
    • Missing a set name/number: Game Loss
    • Less than or more than 60 cards: Game Loss

    Is this too lenient/harsh?
    Opinions and what you'd do as a judge would be much appreciated.

    And another thing - I've found "Head Ringer - Team Flare Hyper Gear" to be a huge pain. If I find a player has got someone elses Head Ringer, should both players be getting a Game Loss for having an illegal deck?
  2. Speedy

    Speedy Member

    I agree with these. But's that just the opinion of one judge. In general, the harsher penalty lets players fix their decklists instead of replacing the cards with basic energies.
  3. LOLZ

    LOLZ Member

    If the set and collection numbers are there, and you can determine the only thing missing is "EX", you can treat this as you would a spelling error and not crucify the player. Just add "EX" and move on with your day.

    If the player listed Pikachu EX but had the set number for Hoopa EX, this would be more of a concern.

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