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  1. finalstain

    finalstain New Member


    Shining Gyarados (Neo Revelation)
    Gardevoir lv X
    Castaway RH
    Riolu x4 POP6
    Time-Space Distortion

    Roseanne's Research RH x2
    Foil Basic Energies (League or Emerald)
    Scramble Energy foil x2
    Professor Oaks Visit x4 RH
    Cessation Crystal RH x3
    Steven's Advice RH x2
    Rare Candy RH HP x4
    Double Rainbow Energy RH CG x4

    =more coming soon=

    Also want YGO, link or list what you have and Ill let you know what I like.


    Cool Stuff
    Lucario lv X x2
    Dragonite ex d DF x2
    Electivire lv X
    Flygon ex d DF x3
    Kingdra ex d DF x4
    Victory Medal
    Skarmory ex PK
    Salamence ex PK x2
    Salamence ex d DF
    Absol ex PK
    Mew d POP5
    Latios ex d DF
    Altaria ex d DF x2

    Sealed Weavile sleeve pack x1

    Secret Wonders
    Gallade RH x2
    Roserade x3 (2 RH)
    Venusaur x2 (1 RH, 1 Starter)
    Ho-Oh x3 (2 RH)
    Ampharos x3 (1 RH, 1 Normal, 1 Starter)
    Suicune RH
    Gastrodon East Sea RH
    Arcanine x2
    Furret x3 (1 RH)
    Wormadam Plant
    Golemn x2 (1 RH)
    Unown S
    Sunforla x4 (1 RH)
    Jynx x2
    Dugtrio x3
    Pidgeot x3 (1 RH)

    Mysterious Treasures
    Alakazam x3 (2 RH)
    Mesprit RH
    Uxie RH
    Raichu x4 (3 RH)
    Celebi x4
    Ramparados x4 (1 Starter, 1 RH)
    Walrein x4 (1 RH)
    Mantine x4 (1 RH)
    Nidoqueen x6 (4 RH)
    Crobat x2 ( 1 RH)
    Exeggutor x4
    Bastiodon x2
    Kricketune x4

    Diamond Pearl
    Electivire x2
    Mismagius x2
    Dusknoir x4
    Gengar x3

    Power Keepers
    Pichu x4 (2 RH)
    Sableye x3 (1 RH)

    Crystal Guardians
    Dugtrio x3 (1 RH)
    Cacturne d x3

    Dragon Frontiers
    Feraligatr d x4
    Meganium d x3
    Pinsir x3 (1 RH)
    Lickitung d x4 RH
    Ninetails d x4
    Ledian d x3 (1 RH)
    Seadra d x3
    Ampharos d RH
    Milotic RH
    Jynx x5 (3 RH)
    Heracross x3 (2 RH)

    Holon Phantoms
    Flygon d x3 (Hard to get)
    Raichu d
    Latias d
    Latios d

    Playable Various Common/Uncommon RHs

    Croconaw MT
    Totitle MT
    Smeargle SW
    Growlithe SW
    Pichu x3 MT
    Pikachu MT
    Electabuzz d DF x3
    Elekid d DF x3
    Smoochum d DF x4
    Chingling MT x4
    Chimecho MT
    Dodrio MT x3
    Doduo MT x2

    Speed Stadium x2
    Fossile Excavator x2
    Master Ball
    Dusk Ball
    Root Fossil x2
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  2. yuyuman345

    yuyuman345 New Member

    i have
    castaway rh
    4 foil em energies
    foil hp rare candy
    i liked
    eletrivire lv x
    Gallade RH x2
    Charizard sw
    Furret x3 (1 RH)
    make an offer please
  3. kjm112385

    kjm112385 New Member

    I need your charizard
    ampharos normal
    and venasaur RH

    i dont have anything off your wants but cml with anything else you want or need cause i also have SW
  4. KamikazE

    KamikazE New Member

    CML for:

    Gallade RH x2

    LMK if we can work a deal

  5. iKyleZ

    iKyleZ New Member

    I have a Shining Gyrados (Cant get it anywhere anymore)

    I would like your Flygon d ex (DF)
  6. finalstain

    finalstain New Member

    yuyuman - all my Furrets (3x, 1 is RH) for either your RH Castaway or RH Rare Candy?

    kjm - link to your haves.

    kamik - didnt see much.

    iKyleZ - is it 100% Mint? List even very minor flaws. Also, does it have that curve that some foils get over time? Were you interested in anything other than the Flygon ex d?
  7. iKyleZ

    iKyleZ New Member

    Umm, sry. I didn't realize my card was in bad condition. when i went to check it. Its bad.
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