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    Destiny's Spirit - Episode FIVE Up

    Pokémon: Destiny’s Spirit

    Episode One – Chosen by Moonlight

    The sunset was closing on another day in New Bark Town. Mt. Silver’s snowcapped peak turned gold. The cool breezes of the night began to blow. Many residents were retiring for the night. The most pokémon across the land were returning to their nest while pokémon like hoothoot would start to sing their soothing songs to the evening sky. Overall things were going as they should be, peaceful and quiet.

    On the north-eastern end of town, a girl stood out on a rock watching the sun go down. She was alone, only a pouch containing a few berries that she picked today was laid next to her. As time passed by, she thought of what tomorrow would bring for her, because tomorrow would be her first day as a pokémon trainer. She indefinitely looked forward to it, and she was ready to pick her first Pokémon.

    “Kristy!” a distant voice called out. “Time for bed!”

    Kristy stood up on the rock and began to make her trip home. She wished she could stay out a few more minutes later. She often taken trips to the small mountain, she would see a variety of pokémon like rattata, pidgey, sentret, and even some rare poochyena. Some would even come to eat the berries she would find. It was her time to be away. It would probably her only regret to leave to start her pokémon training.

    Kristy safely made it home. Her home was a simple stained cider house, with a fine lawn and garden. Inside were a tidy kitchen, a cozy living room, and two bedrooms one being her own. In the living room her mother was reading a book in their living room with the company of a warm fire. She put down the book and got up to hug her daughter. Kristy hugged as tightly as she could.

    “So are you ready for tomorrow?” Her mother asked.

    “Yes mom, I am ready. I have looked forward to it for so long.”

    “Well get some good rest and then you can see Professor Elm in the morning.”

    “Okay. Good night.”

    “Good night honey, sweet dreams.”

    Kristy slipped into bed, staring at the high peak of Mt. Silver. Slowly the moon came into view of her window. It was a full moon tonight. As hours passed, Kristy was deep asleep. From Kristy’s window, the moon soon focused at the very peak of Mt. Silver. It was then something extraordinary happened.

    A silver beam shot down from the edge of the peak right the window and bright light filled the room as a quiet searing sound erupted. Kristy was undisturbed by this. When the light lifted, a faint red glowing distortion about five feet long hovered over her. It looked down at her. The red distortion soon opened two glowing blue eyes.

    Kristy began to rise from her bed. The light sheets and covers from her bed fell off as her slow ascent continued. The distortion seemed to turn in an upside down position and began to lower itself. When Kristy and the distortion met the distortion seemed to flow into Kristy and she drifted onto her bed.

    Kristy woke up. She discovered that her blankets fell off, but she also felt disorientated and confused. She got up and went into the bathroom to splash her face with cold water, when she looked in the mirror she discovered that her eyes were different. She always had green eyes, but now they looked blue, bright blue at that. She would continue to ponder this, but her fatigue wouldn’t allow it. She tucked her self in again and drifted back to sleep.

    It was around 5:45 am when the sky turned to a ruby red color. The new day was quickly approaching. Kristy, despite her unusual awakening last night, once again raised her self from her bed when the soft songs of taillow and the annoying crow of dodrio began. After she cleaned her self up and got dressed, she once again looked in the mirror. To her surprise, her eyes were still blue.

    Kristy packed the rest of her things into her backpack. Which included, 2 sets of clothes, a small first aid kit, and potions for whatever new pokémon she was about to get, along with some food, and pokéballs. Yet overall her pack still had room for future items she would pick up. She tidied up the rest of her room, for it would be the last time she would be in it for a long time.

    When she went into the kitchen, a small breakfast was ready. It consisted of cereal, fruit and toast. It was almost like any day really. Her mother was at the sink cleaning some other dishes. When Kristy’s mother turned around to look at her daughter, she discovered the color change in the eyes.

    “What happened?”

    “I…I don’t know. Last night I just woke up suddenly and discovered they were like this.” Kristy said.

    “Strange. I never heard of something like this.” Her mother said. “Maybe we should…”

    “Mom,” Kristy interrupted, “I have waited for this day for so long. I really don’t want to postpone it.”

    “Okay. Are you feeling alright?”

    “I do. I really do.”

    After breakfast was done, it was around 6:34 in the morning. Kristy slipped on her backpack. She gave one last hug to her mother. Then she left the house. She turned back one last time to wave her mother farewell. After that, she proceeded to her favorite spot once again.

    By the time she made it to her rock, she sat down and was looking to the east this time. A bright shine emerged from the southern side of Mt. Silver. The sun rose amongst the clouds hovering over Kanto. Amongst this extraordinary scene Kristy thought to her self. This will be my time. I will be a great trainer.

    She climbed back down and went to the opposite end of town. It was about seven o’ clock when she arrived at a two story building with large yards. Next to it was a Pokémon Center. When she approached the front door, she gave a knock.

    “Just a minute! Ouch!” a voice called out.

    “Professor Elm?” Kristy said.

    Kristy entered the building. Inside contained several large machines, along with some test tubes and Bunsen burners. Outside, she saw other trainer’s pokémon grazing in the fields. As she turned around a corner she saw the professor buried in books and paperwork from a fallen bookcase. She rushed to his aid.

    “Professor Elm, are you alright?” She asked.

    “Ouch! Oh, Hi Kristy. I was trying to find a book when the stood collapsed. However, yes I am alright. Well then, are you ready to being your pokémon training?”

    “Yes I am.” Kristy said.

    “Okay then. Come with me.” Elm said.

    Elm took Kristy to a cylinder like table. On top in a circle were three pokéballs. One ball contained a leaf mark on it, the other a fire symbol, and then a water drop on the third. Kristy knew these were the three starting pokémon found in the Johto region: cyndaquil, chikorita, and totodile.

    “You can pick any one of these pokémon. Since you are the only new trainer this year, you have total free choice to any that you choose.” Elm said.

    “Okay, I think I’ll pick…”

    Before Kristy could finish her sentence or even take a ball, a window smashed open with a small explosion that followed. Kristy and Elm both duck to ground. Kristy looked up and saw two black boots walking towards them. Kristy got up to confront the intruder.

    “Who are you?” Kristy demanded.

    The stranger raised its hand and punched Kristy in the face. Kristy fell hard to the ground. Moaning in small pain, she looked up and saw that the stranger was a young woman wearing black clothes with the jacket having a red “R” on its front. The stranger grabbed the pokéballs and started to dash for the broken window.

    “No you don’t!” Kristy yelled and she gave pursuit.

    The chase led out of town and into a forest which was a shortcut to Violet City. However the thief was starting to outrun Kristy. Kristy was so desperate though. The chase led deeper and deeper into the forest. Kristy was about to collapse from exhaustion when something miraculous started to happen.

    Her eyes began to shine a bright blue, and she lifted herself off of the ground and charged at lightning fast speed at the thief. Kristy raised her arm above the girl’s head and punched at the back of her. The force of the punch made the thief fly into a nearby tree. Kristy gracefully made her landing while the thief was knocked unconscious with a bleeding lip. Kristy took a deep breath, while taking the pokéballs from the mysterious girl.

    After picking up the totodile ball, Kristy noticed a small card hanging out of the inner pocket of the jacket. She picked it up and looked at it. It had the picture of the person along with some sort of code name called “Firestar.” It also said “Rocket Elite 12.” Kristy took the card, thinking that the police would want some evidence about who attacked the lab.

    Kristy started to walk off when Firestar came to. Quickly clamping her pack and discovering that it was emptied she got to her feet. She saw Kristy and charged her. Kristy noticed her coming and dodged her punch. She took some distance from Firestar but Firestar now blocked the way back to New Bark Town.

    “Back off. You are not getting these pokémon!”

    “Yes I am! Surrender them or I will take them by force. I am Firestar of Team Rocket. I have some use for those pokémon so now give them to me.” She shouted.

    “Forget it! Cyndaquil I choose you!” She commanded as she tossed out the appropriate pokéball.

    Cyndaquil looked ready for action as it cried “Cynda!”

    “Cyndaquil, I am sorry we have to meet like this so suddenly but that person is trying to kidnap you and your friends. Can you help me?”

    “Cynda.” The pokémon said as it nodded.

    “Well then if you want a fight, you have got one!” Firestar said as she pulled out a black colored pokéball and tossed it revealing a pidgeotto. “Pidgeotto gust attack!”

    “Cyndaquil, use ember.”

    Cyndaquil fired off a small fireball while pidgeotto gusted it away and also gusted Cyndaquil into a tree. The wounded pokémon cried out in pain. Kristy rushed to its aid. Carrying it in her arms she pulled out her next pokéball.

    “I am sorry Cyndaquil. But it was a good first shot. Totodile, I choose you now!”

    The chomping, dancing pokémon popped out of its pokéball. Pidgeotto made aim for its new target. It charged this time with tackle but totodile evaded the attack. Totodile bounced around ready for action.

    “Totodile, use your water gun attack!” Kristy commanded.

    “Toto-dile!” Totodile said as it sprayed water at Pidgeotto, but the bird was too quick to chase down. It struck totodile with full force. Kristy knew this wasn’t working either but had to keep trying and called out Chikorita.

    “Chikorita, I need your help now. Use your razor leaf.”


    Chikorita fired off several leaves right at pidgeotto, and hit it but the attack wasn’t effective. Pidgeotto made the worse blow with quick attack. Now all three pokémon seemed done for and Kristy was out of options. Until Cyndaquil jumped out of her arms and talked to the other pokémon.

    “Cynda, cyndaquil!”



    All three pokémon fired off their best shots right at pidgeotto. Pidgeotto took the blow hard and smashed into a tree branch. It fell to the ground unconscious. Kristy couldn’t believe her eyes.

    “Yes! Great job all of you!”

    “Hmph! Think it is over yet?” Firestar said. “As for you, stupid bird, get back in your ball!”

    “Wait! That’s not anyway to talk to your pokémon!” Kristy shouted in anger.

    “Like you think I care. Now take this!”

    The next pokémon to come out was a giant beast. It was a charizard. With an evil look in its eye it looked like it was ready to take on Kristy herself. Kristy position herself in front of her pokémon. Spreading her arms out ready to block any attack.

    “Now its time to pay for what you did to me! Charizard, fire blast her!”

    A flaming cross with two extensions came charging at her. Kristy cried out while her eyes once again turned bright blue and her body glowed. Upon impact of the fire blast, it simply deflected off of her. Kristy then raised her arms and used psychic to force Firestar and her Charizard onto trees. Firestar was knocked unconscious again and her Charizard was knocked out.

    About a quarter-mile away, Professor Elm, New Bark Town’s Officer Jenny and the rest of the police force was going through the forest looking for Kristy. Kristy limbed forward to Firestar, but felled to the soft forest floor. She too passed out. Cyndaquil, Chikorita, and Totodile approached her and tried to wake her, but couldn’t. They all cried out for help.

    “Wait, do you hear that?” Professor Elm asked.

    “What?” Jenny replied.


    “This way!” Professor Elm said as he dashed off with Jenny close by.

    The team raced through the forest following the voices of cyndaquil, chikorita, totodile. When they got to Kristy they were in for a shock. Kristy, Firestorm and her pokémon were all still out cold. The three starting pokémon stood by Kristy’s side.

    When Kristy woke up, she found herself in her bed. Feeling pain all over her body she only turned her head to see that her mother was by her side. Officer Jenny was in her room along with New Bark Town Pokémon Center’s Nurse Joy and Professor Elm, sleeping in a chair.

    “Wake up. Wake up!” Nurse Joy said while slapping Professor Elm’s knee.

    “What? What? Is dinner ready?”

    “No. She is waking up.” Jenny said.

    “Kristy, are you all right?” Her mother asked.

    “I think so.” Kristy replied. “Mom, I am sorry.”

    “No, no. There is nothing to be sorry about. Now get some rest for now.”

    Kristy laid back down, and drifted to sleep. Officer Jenny and Professor Elm both retired for the night, while Nurse Joy remained to watch over Kristy’s condition. Her mother continued to stay by her side. As sunset approached she turned to Nurse Joy.

    “Do you think she is going to be all right?”

    “I think so. It’s just that I have seen countless psychic type pokémon have an energy drain like this after a battle. Never though has there been a human, even one with telekinetic powers, who has suffered the same condition for any reason.”

    As the night came, Kristy slept peacefully with three pokémon at her side.
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    C00l st0ry. 3y3 h0p3 h4v3 y0u m0r3.(<-l33t: cool story. I hope you have more.)
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    Decent story, but I'd like to point out some parts that need to be changed.

    -When the TR member first broke into the lab, why did they do it in broad day light? And what was the point of punching a 10-year-old girl?

    -Why would a member of an evil orginazation freely tell someone thier code name? Thats just stupid.

    -Not all Totodiles dance. That was just Ash's. Please consider originality when writing your next time.

    -Why would an elite TR member have a Pidgeotto? And why would her Charizard be so weak that it could be KOed by 1 Psychic attack?

    Other than those needed changes the story was fine.
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    Thanks for your thoughts in my story, however I carefully thought of most of the points in this (except for the totodile, I have always known any one of them to be so dancy). Especially the last part, don't worry the story is going to come together a piece at a time. Episode Two is almost done, hang tight.
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    Destiny's Spirit: Episode Two (Journey's Beginning) up!

    Episode Two: Journey’s Beginning

    The sun once again emerged from the western hills of Kanto. As the light began to shine on Kristy’s face, she woke only to feel intense pain about herself especially in her head. She thought she woke to a bad dream, but what she saw at her feet changed her mind. Chikorita, cyndaquil, and totodile altogether were still sleeping on her bed. It was then her mother came in the room.

    “Good morning.” Her mother said.

    “Morning mom.”

    “How are you feeling?”

    “Miserable start to training, else where okay.” Kristy said.

    “Well at least you are alive, and a hero today.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Do you remember what you did yesterday?”

    “Well, when I was about to choose my pokémon, a girl broke into the lab and stole the three pokémon. I wasn’t about to let her shatter my dreams nor steal them. I chased her into the forest and some how caught up to her and I somehow pushed her into a tree which knocked her unconscious against a tree. I really didn’t mean to but I somehow really, really shoved her.”

    “It’s okay. So what happened next?” Kristy’s mother asked.

    “Well, I started to take back the three pokémon. I figured I should just leave the girl there for my own safety. However right when I started to take off, she woke and engaged a battle with me. I had to use all three pokémon to finish her one Pidgeotto off, but when she brought out a Charizard. I... I… just can’t remember.”

    “Nothing after that?”


    “Well Professor Elm and Officer Jenny found you there unconscious along with that Team Rocket gangster. She was arrested, and was relieved of the rest of her pokémon. Some how you stopped her from hurting you or these three pokémon.”

    “Really? Me?” Kristy said in disbelief.

    “Now see if you can’t get cleaned up, breakfast is about ready then.”

    Meanwhile in a building near Viridian City, in the Kanto region, a suited man was sitting down to his breakfast. Although he did have some windows opened to allow sunlight in, he sat in darkness. Next to him, a Persian slept on a rug near an unlit fireplace. A servant turned on a television so that he may watch the morning news.

    A TV news reporter began her report, “Yesterday, a member of Team Rocket was arrested by New Bark Town police after attempting to steal three pokémon in the local pokémon research lab operated by Professor Elm.”

    “What!?” the shadowed man screamed.

    “Reports by the local police have said that a young girl was about to pick one of those pokémon as her start for her pokémon journey. She gave chase to the thief and was able to defeat her in a pokémon battle.”

    “This is an outrage! That is impossible for Firestar to be bested by some kid!” the shadowed man said as he stomped off in a rage.

    When Kristy came into the kitchen, she was surprised to see Nurse Joy from the local pokémon center already eating breakfast. Breakfast was more of a feast this time, with pancakes, fruit and more. Kristy sat down and her mother filled her plate. Nurse Joy then turned to Kristy.

    “So how are you feeling today?” Nurse Joy inquired.

    “Feeling pretty good. I am still a bit in pain.”

    “Really? Well if you don’t mind. I’d like to examine you at the pokémon center.”

    “Me?” Kristy said with surprise. “Why would I want to be examined at a pokémon center?”

    “Well your collapse from your battle with that Rocket was due to an extensive ESP energy drain.”

    “ESP? What is that?” Kristy asked.

    “ESP stands for extrasensory perception.” said Nurse Joy. “Overall your battle seemed to involve you yourself using psychic powers. Some humans have psychic abilities but they are insignificant to specific pokémon’s psychic abilities. However when psychic pokémon battle very hard they can experience a dramatic ESP energy drain, just like you had. A pokémon ESP energy eventually recovers after rest just like a body recovers from sleep. You experience all of these symptoms, just like a psychic pokémon.”

    “But how can this be?”

    “I just don’t know, Kristy. We haven’t experienced enough to understand this.”

    “Okay. I’ll come with you to the center.”

    Kristy simply laid back as a scanner passed over her. Nurse Joy carefully studied the details of her body, looking for something different. Next to her was books on the anatomy of the human body. After several different scans, Nurse Joy gasped as she did a general analysis pokémon scan.

    “How can this be? Elm! Professor Elm! Come here quickly!”

    “Yes, what is it, Nurse Joy?” Professor Elm asked, and then he looked at the screen. “Oh my goodness. What is she?”

    Kristy was allowed off of the scanner. She went to Professor Elm and Nurse Joy for a hopeful reason of what is wrong with her. Her chikorita, cyndaquil, and totodile followed behind. Her mother also joined her with the others.

    “Kristy,” Nurse Joy said. “I don’t know how to explain this but you now have the characteristics of a psychic and dragon type Pokémon. You weren’t always like this because your past medical records say differently. However you are distinguishable because of a lower body temperature, increased ESP, and your eye moisture has a similar chemical that most pokémon have but never with humans.”

    Kristy was devastated, how could this happen to her? It then came to her, the night before when her eyes. She explained it to everyone, and they still can’t figure out what happened. They decided to contact Officer Jenny; however that was to no avail.

    “So should I have to worry about this?” Kristy asked Professor Elm.

    “At this time, no. Why this has happened, I don’t know. So what are you going to do Kristy?”

    “I still want to be a Pokémon Trainer.” Kristy said.

    “Are you okay with this?” Professor Elm asked Kristy’s mother.

    “I couldn’t be more scared for her, but I love her. I also know her dreams.” Kristy’s mom said. “Kristy. I want you to pursue who you want to be.”

    Kristy was warmed once again by her mother’s compassion, but never like this before. Her mother wasn’t always ideal with her becoming a Pokémon Trainer, but eventually got into the idea. Kristy was given a boost of confidence and a boost of hope that her dreams can come true.

    “Thank you Mom.” Kristy said.


    “Yes, Professor Elm?”

    “I want you to take all three pokémon with you.” Professor Elm said.

    “Really?” Kristy said with excitement.

    “Yes, they will be in better hands with you. There is no other trainer this year so therefore, it would not be wise for two of them to stay in the lab after the incident. Besides, since you are kind of a town hero, you deserve to have all of them at your side.”

    Kristy, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile all jumped with excitement. Kristy was able to get her things packed once again. However, her mother also packed a pokégear, while Professor Elm gave Kristy her Pokédex and some additional pokéballs. One last hug was given to her mother and tears were shed.

    “Please come home safely.” Kristy’s mother said.

    “I will, and I will come home as a master.”

    Kristy cleared the town limits with no hassle. All three pokémon were in their pokéballs and at her belt. Kristy’s first destination was to Cherrygrove City. Her journey had taken enough delay and Violet city was beyond her reach by the time sunset would come. It didn’t matter to her; she would enjoy the trail that awaited her. The path to Cherrygrove passed through a beautiful valley that she didn’t get to visit often.

    It was about four o’ clock when she made it about two-thirds when she heard a noise coming from a bush, next to the path. Kristy stopped to look at it. It was then, when a sentret popped out from the bushes. It spotted Kristy and then began to take a fighting pose at her.

    “I think you want to battle me.” Kristy said. “Well if it is a fight you want, then that is what you can get. Go Chikorita!”

    Kristy pulled off her pokéball and released Chikorita. Chikorita immediately poised for action. The Sentret was ready.

    “Okay Chikorita, it is time to catch our first new member to our team. Chikorita tackle attack!”

    “Chee-koh!” the Chikorita cried out as it pursued the Sentret. Sentret began its pursuit with tackle as well. The two collided and both knocked each other aside.

    “Chikorita, use your razor leaf!”

    “Chikoh!” Chikorita swung its head and started shooting several leaves at the Sentret. Sentret tried to dodge the leaves but eventually was getting struck. It started to pursue Chikorita with another tackle.

    “Chikorita use your vine whip!”

    “Chee-koh!” The pokémon emitted two vines from its dark green spotted neck and flung them at the Sentret. The Sentret took a direct impact and was knocked down.

    “Now it’s my turn. Pokéball go!”

    The pokéball struck the sentret and opened, a red light glowed around the Sentret and then the Pokémon shot into the ball. For a while it wiggled around but its red light at the center of the ball, turned off. That was the indication that Kristy caught the Sentret.

    “Yeah, all right!” Kristy said. “We did it Chikorita! We caught Sentret. We caught our first pokémon!”

    “Chikorita! Chee-koh!”

    “That was a very good catch.” a strange voice said. Kristy quickly turned around to see a boy, who looked like a pokémon trainer.

    “Oh, I am sorry for scaring you.” the boy said.

    “I wasn’t scared.” Kristy replied.

    “Oh, okay. I was passing by and I saw you just catch that pokémon. You were handing your Chikorita so well I wanted to ask you if you would like to battle me?”

    “Against you?”

    “Yeah, how about a three pokémon battle, cause I am willing to guess you just now got your fourth.”

    “Wait, how did you know?” Kristy asked with curiosity?

    “Well if I am not mistaken you are Kristy from New Bark Town?”

    “How do you know who I am?”

    “The news has been all over you recently.”

    “Oh, I see. So what is your name?” Kristy asked.

    “My name is Myst.”


    “Yes, in abbreviation for Mysterious Trainer. This is because my real name is a mystery, even to myself.” Myst said.


    “Yeah, but enough of that let’s battle!”

    “All right then Myst. Chikorita, are you up for another battle?” Kristy asked.

    “Chikorita!” the pokémon replied with excitement.

    “Then lets get started. Chikorita, you are up.” Kristy commanded.

    Myst pulled off a pokéball from his jacket and tossed it onto the trail. “Makuhita, I choose you!” A brown fat pokémon appeared with a smirk on its face. “Maki!”

    “Hmm I never seen this pokémon before.” Kristy said as she pulled out her pokédex.

    “Makuhita, the Guts Pokémon. Makuhita is tenacious- it will keep getting up and attacking its foe however many times it is knocked down. Every time it gets back up, this pokémon stores more energy in its body for evolving.”

    “I see, a fighting Pokémon. Chikorita use your razor leaf.”

    “Makuhita, tackle attack.” Myst ordered.

    Chikorita’s razor leaves were striking Makuhita and causing damage, however Makuhita still managed to tackle Chikorita. Chikorita fell back and Makuhita backed off.

    “Chikorita, strike with vine whip.” Kristy called out.

    “Makuhita, block the vines.”

    Makuhita did try to block, but Chikorita’s vines clashed with a powerful force and knocked out Makuhita.

    “All right great job, Chikorita.” Kristy cried out with joy.

    “Hmm, great job Kristy. Good effort Makuhita, return.” Myst called back his pokémon. “Now for my next pokémon, go!”
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    Why'd you change the name? Which one is correct?
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    Nice Story, mysterioustrainer. It is really good.

    *Disides not to write own but read yours*

    I just hope that Kristy uses other pokemon, not just Chikorita

  8. mysterioustrainer

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    Hmm it looks like I made an error, it is suppose to be Firestar. I'll fix it. Don't worry I plan to take advantage of all 386 Pokemon in some special unique way.
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    Nice work Mysterious Trainer. :) I look forward to the next chapter.

    Take Care,

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    Episode Three: Ambush at Cherrygrove
    A pokéball was thrown by Myst. After a flash of bright light, Kristy saw a blue pokémon with mouse like ears and a zigzagged tail with a wiggling ball at its end. Kristy had no need to pull out her pokédex for she knew it was a Marill. With her Chikorita still out, she knew there was no need to call it back.

    “A Marill huh?” Kristy said. “Chikorita, are you up for this pokémon as well?”

    “Chee-cko!” the pokémon said. Kristy knew it was starting to tire out after two battles but it wanted to take this one on too.

    “Then in that case, use your razor leaf!” Kristy commanded.

    “Marill, use your defense curl!”

    Chikorita again shot off several leaves; however Marill curled up into a ball. When the leaves struck Marill, they bounced off of the pokémon. Kristy was left in surprise from his move.

    “Now Marill, use your rollout attack!”

    Marill started to roll while staying curled up in a ball. It hit Chikorita at a high speed. Chikorita took to the sky but came down in a crash. It was knocked out. Kristy again was surprised from the water pokémon’s power.

    “Wow, just one attack.” Kristy said.

    “Well, your Chikorita was already tuckered out. Also notice that rollout is more powerful if you use defense curl before it.” Myst replied.

    “I see, well then I might have a chance with you then with Totodile. Go!”

    Kristy called out Totodile and it was hyper and ready to go.

    “Totodile, use your scratch attack!” Kristy commanded.

    Totodile charged at Marill and took a clean swipe at it. It fell back a bit, but it got back up. Marill took aim at Totodile while the big jaw pokémon kept its distance.

    “Totodile use your Water Gun.” Kristy said.

    “Counter with yours Marill.” Myst commanded.

    Both pokémon emitted streams of water at each other, and both hit at each other with full force. Both pokémon were knocked into trees. After lying on the ground for a couple of seconds it was clear that both were knocked out.

    “Wow that has never happened to me.” Myst said.

    “Me neither, but I just started to train.”

    “Well then, perhaps we should finish this before it gets late.”

    “Agreed. So I will send out Cyndaquil.”

    Kristy threw her third pokéball and Cyndaquil pop out ready for battle. Myst threw his next pokéball and it revealed a Pichu. Kristy was surprised that she would see such a very young Pokémon but after the battle with the Marill, she wasn’t going to compromise this match up.

    “Cyndaquil, use your ember.”

    Cyndaquil gave a battle cry and then fired off a fireball right at Pichu. However it evaded the attack by using quick attack. It started to charge Cyndaquil, but the fire mouse evaded that attack as well.

    “Pichu use a thunder wave.” Myst commanded.

    “Quick cyndaquil, get behind something.” Kristy said.

    Cyndaquil dove into a nearby hole leaving it self grounded from the electrical attack. Pichu started to take off after the Cyndaquil. When it approached the hole is when Kristy took action.

    “Cyndaquil, use ember again.”

    Fire emitted from the hole and Pichu received full blast from it, it crashed to the earth and was knocked out. Cyndaquil peek out to check to see if it was clear to come out. Kristy started to jump with joy.

    “Yes, we won our first battle!”

    Kristy and Cyndaquil jumped with joy while Myst picked up the tired Pichu. He then approached Kristy.

    “Very good. You were very smart to not underestimate my Pichu.” Myst said.

    “Pi-chu!” The tired electric mouse said.

    “Well that was sure a fun battle.”

    Myst gave a small chuckle. “Come, Cherrygrove is just over the hill; our Pokémon can rest and recover at the Pokémon Center.”

    Sunset was once again beautiful but to the north dark clouds was approaching quickly. Kristy enjoyed the songs of pokémon as the sun disappeared in the Johto hills. She also enjoyed Myst’s company while she carried her sleeping Cyndaquil. Pichu was sleeping on the top of Myst’s backpack. After an hour the storm was about to catch up and the duo made it to Cherrygrove.

    Myst and Kristy was about to turn a corner where the pokémon center would be in sight. It started to rain. Both trainers put their pokémon into their pokéballs before turning the corner. What should have been a happy sight of a building that could shelter them from the rain and lightning was not to be. When they turned the corner, fire and smoke was coming from the pokémon center.

    Kristy looked to the disastrous sight and saw a nurse (that had a similar look to Nurse Joy at New Bark Town) was being held hostage by a young woman dressed in black. After careful observation, it was Firestar from Team Rocket. Kristy started to take off after her but Myst pulled her back around the corner.

    “Wait, we are in no condition to fight.” Myst said.

    Myst was right, the battles had tuckered out all of her pokémon and no doubt Myst was in no condition to fight against a trainer with powerful pokémon. She was frustrated that Firestar had escaped from New Bark Town’s police. It didn’t make sense.

    “That looks like a Rocket over there.” Myst said peeking around the corner.

    “It is. She was the one who attacked me yesterday.”

    “Are you sure? She was arrested, wasn’t she?”

    “I am sure.” Kristy said.

    “Then she must have escaped and no doubt has her pokémon back as well.”

    “What should we do?” Kristy asked.

    Myst was studying the surroundings and saw something potentially useful.

    “There, a fire hydrant.”

    “What could we do with that?”

    “Well maybe your Chikorita could use vine whip to break open one of the valves. One of them looks like it is pointed right at the window of the room with the fire and the rocket. If that breaks the window, it could put out the fire and hopefully give us the time to get the nurse out of there.”

    “But Chikorita was knocked out.”

    “True, but that was about an hour ago. Chikorita has been resting and hopefully can pull off the shot. It is not like it is battling.” Myst replied.

    “Okay. It sounds crazy, but I don’t have any ideas. Let’s do it.” Kristy said.

    Chikorita came out of its pokéball half asleep.

    “Chikorita, we need your help. We just need you to use vine whip to break open that hydrant okay?”

    Chikorita saw the fire and knew pokémon or people could be getting hurt. It jumped to action. While Kristy and Myst waited around the corner. Kristy had Chikorita’s pokéball in hand ready to recall Chikorita when it completed its mission. Chikorita was about to take the shot when all of a sudden a dark figure jumped at Chikorita. Chikorita dodged the blow. After carefully study Myst knew a Seviper was ready to take on Chikorita.

    “Chikorita!” Kristy screamed as she ran for her Pokémon.

    She recalled Chikorita and made a run for it however the Seviper pursued. Myst headed around the center. Kristy was running as fast as she could however, the Seviper made great speed. Kristy made it to the front doors of the center, but the Seviper took a leap and bit Kristy.

    Kristy’s leg was bleeding when the giant snake released from its victim. She was screaming in pain. At that time one of her pokéballs opened up on its own. It was Totodile, and this time it wasn’t dancing. It took a charge at Seviper and struck it back with take down. Totodile couldn’t take its own hit and was once again knocked out.

    Kristy recalled Totodile. “Thanks Totodile, you did great.”

    She struggled to open the door while the Seviper started to make another charge. Kristy got the door opened and fell inside. As the Seviper was about to strike again, Kristy kicked the door closed with her good leg. Seviper hit the door hard falling to the ground in pain.

    Seviper struggled to smash open the door but then lights from police cars shined on it. It was cornered by the city’s s.w.a.t. team. While a policewoman, (that looked like Officer Jenny from New Bark Town) was calling the fire department to take care of the fire.

    Kristy struggled to the room where the Nurse was being held hostage. She got the door opened, only to see an all too familiar Charizard ready to fight her.

    “So we met again.” Firestar said. “Now I’ll take this center’s pokémon and yours. Not to mention you really pay for what you did to me.”

    Kristy had no strength to speak, it was clear she was poisoned from the Seviper’s attacks. “Well if you are not going to talk this time, I’ll just get started. Charizard, Fire…”

    Before Firestar could finish calling off her attack, the large window shattered to the pressure of water shooting from the hydrant. Firestar and the Charizard received full blast from the hit. While the Nurse raced to Kristy to get her out of the way. Once the water subsided, Myst stood at the hydrant, with a sledge hammer in his hands and rope around his upper body.

    He started to approach the scene when the Seviper again jumped from the roof to tackle him. Kristy, alert to the situation, shouted out to Myst.

    “Myst, look out!” She cried.

    It was then she began to glow a bright blue. It was like her subconscious took over. She raised her arms and quickly shot off a bright beam of energy at Seviper, shattering even more of the building. The snake took full blast of Kristy’s offensive and crashed to the ground knocked out. Kristy fell to the floor unconscious, sweating from the poison.

    Myst ignoring the Seviper, rushed to Kristy aid. “Kristy, are you okay?”

    Kristy didn’t answer as she lay limp in Myst’s arms. Then a bright red light surrounded the Seviper. Firestar recalled her pokémon, and then rushed off into the stormy night, leaving the pokémon center in shambles.
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    Very Nicely Written, I especially liked your descriptive battles and how you use science instead of just all out offense attacks. Very Impressive, I can't wait for more.
  12. mysterioustrainer

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    Thanks for all of your replies and positive responce to this story. Its going to get even better. This episode is inspired by people who have made a difference in my life. You see, everyone can make a difference in another person's life, and that is how friendship truly sparks. So without further delay here is...

    Episode Four: Saving Kristy

    “Kristy… Kristy!” Myst cried out.

    However his plea fell to the unconscious ears of Kristy. Kristy’s leg was swollen badly from Seviper’s poison. Myst lifted Kristy and the nurse guided him into the Center’s emergency room. The police and the city’s fire department started to put out the few burning flames that still existed in the lobby of the center.

    Myst laid Kristy onto a small hospital bed, while the nurse took off her back pack, her pokéball belt, and sweater. Kristy was starting to breathe rashly. Myst took out her first aid kit and started to rummage for an antidote kit. Little did he relized, Kristy’s belt fell from the table and into his backpack. The nurse took out Kristy’s pokédex and pushed a button on it.

    “This Pokédex belongs to Kristy Peacecraft. My function is to provide Kristy with facts about Pokémon and their habitat. If lost or stolen, I cannot be replaced.”

    “So this is the girl my sister was talking about.” said the nurse. “I better call her and ask for her help.”

    “What do you mean?” asked Myst.

    “Well, this girl has been displaying unusual symptoms that have never been seen before. According to my sister, her anatomy is almost like a pokémon, and with the unusual blast of energy she emitted at the Seviper, the readings aren’t lying. I need to call my sister, so she can help me with treating Kristy, because I don’t know how else to help her since the nearest hospital is in Violet City.”

    “Are you guys okay?” The policewoman asked as she entered the room.

    “All of the pokémon in the center are okay, however this girl is dying.” the nurse said.

    “I’ll call for paramedics.” The policewoman said.

    “This storm is bad.” said Myst. “I think a rescue helicopter can’t take off in this. Violet City is at least two hours away on road so getting Kristy to their hospital doesn’t seem to be an option.”

    The nurse called the New Bark Town center. A tired Nurse Joy answered the phone. But upon the saddened face of her sister, her energy pepped up.

    “Hi sis! Is there something wrong?” Nurse Joy asked.

    “Yes there is. Kristy finally made it to Cherrygrove, but she is in a grave situation.”

    “What is it Joy?” The New Bark Town Joy asked.

    “She is dying.” Nurse Joy of Cherrygrove replied. “My center here was under attack from a vicious Team Rocket member attempting to steal the pokémon here. Kristy and this boy was able to rescue me from the Rocket but Kristy was bit badly by the Rocket’s Seviper and the poison is killing her I fear.”

    “Oh no. Try to heal her with the technology at your center. You know about her condition already so I recommend that you treat her as a pokémon and a human.”

    “I see. We also have paramedics on their way however they may not make it in time.”

    “I’ll come, I also bring Professor Elm and...”

    The New Bark Town Nurse Joy wasn’t able to finish her sentence as the connection disappeared. The most of the lights were dark and only a few capsules with severely ill pokémon remained operational.

    “This isn’t good, the power is out.” said Nurse Joy. “Without power, the machinery to heal Kristy is no good.”

    “What about your emergency medical supplies for pokémon?” the policewoman asked.

    “The closet contain those materials were destroyed.” Nurse Joy said as she pointed towards a burnt out room.

    “Then there is no other choice but to get Kristy back to New Bark Town.” Myst said.

    “I think you are right.” Nurse Joy said. “Jenny can you help us out?”

    “Sure can. My comrades can transport Kristy in a car while I head out ahead to make sure the roads are clear in this storm.”

    “Can I come with you? I have done everything we can here. You might need my pokémon’s help in case of a road blockage.”

    “Good idea.” said Jenny the policewoman. “You can ride in the side cab of my motorcycle.”

    “Then let’s get going.” Myst said.

    Myst and Jenny took off quickly while Joy and one of her Chansey’s moved Kristy to one of the police cars on a stretcher. While the rest of the police force and the fire department remained to clean up the mess at the center. Soon Jenny and Myst left what remained of the lights of Cherrygrove.

    While Jenny fought the rains, Myst, one-by-one, called out his Pokémon to heal them with what potions he had remaining. It seemed that the rains wouldn’t stop. Myst was starting to think the storm was only getting worse as they headed on. It was about twenty minutes of driving in the darkness is when Jenny was forced to slam her brakes.

    “Oh no, look out!” Myst yelled.

    They were heading for a fallen tree on the road. The brakes failed to grip the road and the bike was hydroplaning out of control. The bike hit the tree hard and threw Myst from his seat in to the branches of the tree. Jenny was tossed into the mud on the side of the road. Myst was the first to get up from the crash.

    “Officer Jenny are you alright?”

    “Hmm…yes I think so.” Jenny said but as she tried to get up she cried out in pain and was forced to sit back down. She was grabling her leg.

    “Oh no. I think it’s broken.” Jenny said.

    “Great and this tree is in the way.”

    Myst quickly surveyed his surroundings. They were on a slope of a mountain, which was overlooking the valley which he and Kristy battled. At this place they were about 15 minutes from New Bark Town when the car arrived. The tree itself blocks the road so neither party would be able to get through. It was a big tree and Myst knew he couldn’t push it alone. However he thought of an idea.

    “Pichu, Makuhita, Marill go!” He commanded as he threw his three pokémon.

    Pichu appeared with excitement and sparks flying from its cheeks. Makuhita was ready for action by flexing its muscles. Marill was bouncy and was enjoying the rain.

    “Pichu I know you don’t like using electric attacks, but I really need your help this time. Use your thundershock to chop down the branches of the fallen tree.”

    “Pichu!” the pokémon said as it got poised for action. It did began to start its attacks at the tree.

    “Marill, can you soften the ground on the slope below with your water gun?”

    “Marill! Marill!” The water mouse said at began its job.

    “Makuhita can you help me push the tree aside?”

    “Maki! Makuhita!” The pokémon began to shove the trunk of the tree very hard.

    Just when Myst was about to jump in and help his backpack shot out four white streams of energy. Kristy’s Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, and her new Sentret appeared. Myst and Jenny was both shocked from their appearance. Myst then relized that Kristy’s belt must have fallen into his backpack back in the emergency room.

    “Do you guys want to help to?”




    “Well then I see that you’ll do anything for your trainer.” Myst said.

    “Hmm…that is so sweet.” Jenny replied.

    Myst pulled out the rope from his pack and grabbed one of the jagged ends of a root from the tree and began pulling. Chikorita joined Pichu to help lighten the weight of the tree. Cyndaquil and Sentret began pushing the tree with Makuhita, while Totodile had fun with its water gun and helping Marill.

    Right when the tree began to fall, all of the pokémon got out of the way. Everyone began to celebrate, but the storm took a turn for the worse. A bolt of lightning came down and struck Pichu head on.

    “Pichu, no!” Myst cried out.

    However, Pichu wasn’t crying out in pain. In fact it began to shine brightly and its shape was transforming.

    “Pichu…” Jenny said.

    “Is evolving.” Myst replied with a smile.

    “Pi…ka…chu!” The newly evolved pokémon cried out.

    “Yeah, way to go!” Myst yelled with excitement. All of the other pokémon cheered on Pikachu.

    “Look over there!” Yelled Jenny.

    The car that carried Kristy arrived. Joy and the other officer loaded the injured Jenny into the back with Kristy. When Myst hopped in the car and turned around to look at Kristy. He nearly throw up to see Kristy in her condition. Her skin was pail, and her breathing was even worse. Myst was only amazed that she was still alive.

    The rest of the trip provided no more incidents, but the rain and lightning continued through the night. By the time they made it to the center, New Bark’s Nurse Joy, Elm and Kristy’s mother was just about to get into a car of their own to head for Cherrygrove.

    “Oh Kristy!” Kristy’s mother cried.

    Kristy’s condition was even worse, but she was still alive. Both nurses and several Chansey got everyone inside. Kristy was brought into the emergency room. Myst entrusted the seven Pokémon to one of the Chansey so they could they could get their long deserved rest. Jenny leg was being treated by another Chansey. Everyone felt they made a victory finally, except for Kristy’s mother. Who was crying by the ER door.
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    Okay Episode Five is up. Also note that this story is best read if you have the "Annon" font in your computer. I think you can find a download for this font at Listen if you are liking the story please make some noise so that I have good reason to keep writing more...

    Episode Five: Discovery of the Unknown

    Minutes passed like hours for Myst and Kristy’s mom. Although it was deep into midnight, it was only two hours since they arrived. It wasn’t long before Myst explain how he met Kristy and saved the CherrygrovePokémonCenter, and how Kristy got poisoned, and furthermore how they got back to New Bark. Kristy’s mother was amazed not only at her daughter’s Pokémon dedication but the dedication of Kristy’s new friend.

    Myst soon feel asleep in the trainer’s lodge, while Kristy’s mother continued to wait at the emergency room door. While in the ER, both Nurse Joys and Professor Elm worked to extract the poison from Kristy’s body. They were all amazed that Kristy hadn’t died from the poison. If she was a normal human she could have a long time ago, however Kristy wasn’t normal of course.

    A golden sunrise emerged from the eastern hills of Kanto. While Kristy, woke up finally in a familiar bed. She was back at home while her four Pokémon slept in all places of the room. Her cyndaquil was on her bed at her legs, while chikorita, was discovered under the bed. Her totodile was snoring in a hamper. Sentret was curled up by Kristy’s heater vent.

    Kristy’s leg was still stiff, and she discovered that the faint imprints of a snake bit reminded her of what happened yesterday. She fell back in bed wondering if she would be allowed to continue as a Pokémon Trainer. She was afraid that her mom would be furious, and her mother would have good right to. It wasn’t long before her mother came into her room.

    “You have to stop coming home like this.” Kristy’s mother said with a smile.

    “Very funny.” Kristy replied.

    “Well how are you feeling?”

    “I feel okay. I am not hurting.”

    “That is good. Everyone has been worried about you?”

    “Everyone?” Kristy said with curiosity.

    “Yes, but I explain after you get yourself cleaned up.” Kristy’s mother said.

    She was about to leave the room when Kristy got up and said, “Hey Mom. I am sorry for…”

    “For what? You saved a life of another person and dozens of pokémon. What is to be sorry about?”

    “Well we promised that I would come home safely next time.”

    “You did, thanks to your friend. Now get yourself ready and everything will be explained downstairs.”

    Kristy once again got herself cleaned up, dressed and packed everything again. When she walked downstairs, she saw two Nurse Joy’s, two Officer Jenny’s, Professor Elm, her mother, and Myst all gathered at the table ready to eat breakfast. Breakfast was once again another feast. As they ate, they all explained to Kristy how she saved the center and how Myst, the Joy’s, and the Jenny’s had saved her.

    Kristy told them that she could remember the part about her shooting a energy beam of sorts at Firestar, nor anything after that event. She thanked everyone for helping her, especially Myst. Kristy also explained that she still wanted is to continue her journey. Thankfully her mother agreed without any complaint.

    Officer Jenny of Cherrygrove gave Kristy and Myst both a certificate of achievement for saving the center. Myst carefully packed his away while, Kristy’s mother took hers to display in her room. Then Jenny and Joy both headed back to Cherrygrove by car.

    After another long examination, Joy from New Bark allowed Kristy to head out again. After another long good-bye to her mother, both Kristy and Myst made it to the town border. It was then Kristy turned to Myst and asked something of him.

    “Thank you for everything you have done. It really means a lot to me.” Kristy said.

    “Your welcome Kristy. You too are extraordinary for what you do. So where are you heading for?”

    “Well, to VioletCity. Since that is where the first badge is found at.”

    “Then perhaps we should go together.”

    “Really?” Kristy said with excitement.

    “I think so. Lately there has been a new approved way to battle where two trainers can go against two trainers simultaneously and therefore have two pokémon sent out at a time. I need a partner and a friend, so could you be that friend?”

    “I’d love to.”

    Once again it was about half-way to Cherrygrove when Kristy and Myst heard a rumbling in the bushes, it was then a Torchic appeared in front of them. It was a wild one and spotted both of the trainers. It was wanting to battle.

    “What could a wild Torchic be doing here in the Johto region; they are known to be indigenous to the Hoenn region I thought?” Myst said.

    “Then perhaps you should capture it.” Kristy said.

    “Yeah, perhaps you are right, well then lets go Marill!”

    Myst called out his Marill. It was feeling very refreshed and ready to battle. Torchic decided to make the first move with a tackle, however Marill dodged the blow.

    “Marill, use your Water Gun.”

    “Marill!” Marill said as it shot off a stream of high pressured water at Torchic. It took the hit straight on and then shot off an ember attack at Marill. Marill used water gun again and prevented the ember from reaching Marill.

    “Okay Marill, great job. Now use your tackle.”

    Both Marill and Torchic used tackle at each other, both hit each other head on and both fell back, however Marill was able to recover, while Torchic was struggling to get to its unsteady feet.

    “Okay Marill I can take over now. Pokéball go!”

    Myst tossed an empty ball at Torchic, it struck Torchic and captured it. After the ball wiggled on the ground for a minute, the red capture light turned off and Myst knew he had caught Torchic.

    “Hey way to go Myst!” Kristy said with excitement.

    “Yes, I caught Torchic!”

    Myst let Torchic out so he could introduce himself and Kristy. It seemed that Torchic was happy to have Myst as a new Trainer. As Kristy and Myst continued on the road they saw some familiar markings on the road, it what looked like the markings after a pokémon battle. It was their battle they fought yesterday.

    “I never thought I would pass by here so quickly.

    “Me neither Kristy.” Myst replied.

    Kristy started to take another step however the road from underneath her collapsed and she fell in. Myst tried to catch her however it was too late. After sliding on a steep dirt path, Kristy hit the ground pretty hard. She wasn’t hurt however she knew that climbing up on her own was not an option. It was then she heard a voice from above.

    “Kristy are you alright?” Myst asked.

    “I fine, but I can’t climb back up without some help.” Kristy replied.

    “My rope can’t reach you, so I have sent my Pikachu to get help from Cherrygrove.”

    “Okay.” Kristy said.

    “She looked around the small cavern she was in; it seemed like any other cave however it had marking and pictures on its walls. First she noticed a picture of three birds as each guarded a colored ball. Each bird seemed to look like a pokémon however she didn’t recognize any of them. Below it had an inscription in strange characters. When Kristy approached the characters, they took different form and appeared as letters from the alphabet spelling out an English message.

    Disturbing the harmony of fire ice and lightning will unleash havoc on this world however by collecting the titans treasure will grant the power of balance in your hand

    Kristy pulled her camera and took a picture of the inscription. She then heard an unusual cry from deep within the cavern. “Kristy…”

    “Kristy was surprised by the call of her name in the cavern, and by a voice she never heard of she continued into the cavern. She pulled out her flashlight so she may navigate through the caverns. She soon came upon another picture. This time the picture shown a bright light on top of a tower guarded by three dog like pokémon. Again another readable inscription was below the picture.

    Challenge and overcome the guardians of bronze and tin towers and the power of virtue will be yours

    Kristy continued on and then saw two more pictures the first was of Mt.Silver and inside was an unguarded treasure. Below held the following message:

    Conquer your greastest rival and this mountains power of trust will be yours

    The next picture displayed a forest with a shrine holding a gem that was guarded by a small fairy like pokémon. The message below it was no less cryptic from the others.

    By showing love to others will grant the power of love to you

    Kristy continued on and another picture was discovered, this time on a familiar natural landmark. It was purity canyon and within it was a lake with an incredible looking island. Below was the following message:

    By only conquering the impossible will the power of live be in your hands

    Kristy saw another picture as she continued on, this time she saw an unrecognizable guardian, with another shrine and two large pokémon guarding a gem. However the message was not there, nevertheless Kristy took a picture and explored even deeper into the cavern.

    She then discovered a shrine decorated with a message on its back wall. In front was a green gym, while the rest of the room was filled with pictures from the past. Kristy took a few more pictures, but then took a picture of the inscription.

    This is the power of legend with it you can open your own power and reveal your destiny to collect all seven powers with them you can save the world from its approaching threat however only the child of destiny who has been embedded with the power of another soul can collect these gems for the purpose of good in other hands will the world face its destruction

    Kristy thought about it, and wondered if she should pick up the gem. Before she could make up her mind she was discovered by a pokémon she never seen before. It was blue and white with small red markings. It had dragon like wings and was levitating in the air.

    “So you are the child of destiny.” The creature spoke, but not with its mouth it was talking to Kristy telepathically.

    “What… What are you talking about?”

    “You were the one chosen by moonlight’s shine. You have a pure heart, which is why your eyes shine blue and you have been granted powers beyond a human’s capability. I am Latios the first guardian of Soul Dew, the power of strength. You are Kristy when in your current form, but another when your power emerges.”

    “My Power?”

    “Behold, your form behind the power!”

    Kristy felt a strange sensation as she felt like her body was being transformed. Soon everything went black, but after a few seconds her eyes opened to see she was now levitating. She turned her neck to see she wasn’t even human at all, she was now a pokémon. She looked a lot like Latios but she was red instead of blue. Kristy was about ready to freak but Latios cut in.

    “Do not fear this transformation for you are in control of it, you can be Kristy or Latias whenever you need.”

    “But what can I do being like this?” Kristy was now communicating like Latios.

    “We are legendary pokémon however only a human quality is needed to obtain peace in this world. That is why you were chosen.” Latios said.

    “What do you mean?”

    “The world is in danger and everything that breathes could be enslaved or destroyed if no action is taken. A human force is trying to unlock the secrets of these gems and if that happens all will be lost forever. However legend says that the child of destiny, you, will give your all and save everyone that lives on this planet. We cannot force that you take up to this long journey but you can give your effort freely. Please, the time draws near.”

    It was then Kristy’s mind was filled with images and memories of what Latios and Latias work for, and the potential for peace if she helped. However she also then saw what could come if she took no action. She knew she could make a difference. She then closed her eyes and thought of her human form and instantly she transformed back into it.

    “I see what I must do, and I will help you.”

    “Thank you your power will be greater than mine and Latias will be apart of you whenever you need. May your journey be a peaceful one.”

    Latios disappeared, but not before telling Kristy to take the gem. She did and rushed back for the hole.

    In Cherrygrove, pedestrians were jumping to the side as a scampering Pikachu raced towards the pokémon center. By the time Pikachu got there, Joy and Jenny were still talking about the damages to the center. Pikachu rused in the door and got Jenny’s attention.

    “Pika! Pi Pikachu! Pika Pikachu!”

    “Uh? Oh I know you. You are Myst’s Pikachu!” Jenny said.

    “Pika!” the Pikachu said with a smile.

    Pikachu pulled down its ears so that it looked like Kristy, then it jumped on a bookshelf, walking on its rear legs and simply walked off the end of the bookshelf and toppled to the floor, it then pretend to think it is stuck at the bottom and can’t get back up. It then tried to show that a rope can’t reach the bottom. It then ran around in circle and pointed to Jenny.

    “Wait! You mean Kristy has fallen in a hole of sorts and can’t get out?”


    “I better go find them and help them.” Jenny said.
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    great story! :)
  15. Joe Monkey

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    Keep going!
  16. and one more thing,did Prof.Elm breed that Chikorita because Vine Whip is one of Chikorita's egg moves
  17. mysterioustrainer

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    Copy cat what? Trust me any revelance to the posted stories anywhere is by pure coenidence. While applying my knowledge to the Pokemon Universe, every thought of this story comes from my head. Note that I focus more on the attention of the TV series than the game boy games. Hang on Chapter six is coming right around the corner. I also hope to build on very quickly with my Christmas Vacation coming.
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    Sorry that this chapter took a while to post. I promise it wont take as long anymore.

    Episode Six – Beyond Cherrygrove
    Myst waited patiently by the hole. It had been about thirty minutes since last contact with Kristy. He was beginning to worry that something happened to her and was about to go down when he heard a faint cry in the valley.


    “Pikachu?” Myst said as he looked down the road.

    Officer Jenny was on her motorcycle with Pikachu hopping around in the passenger cab. Myst waved to Officer Jenny. She slowed down and pulled out a rope from her bike’s compartment. While Pikachu jumped out and headed for Myst.

    “Good Job Pikachu! I am really proud of you.”

    “Pikachu!” the electric mouse said.

    “Hello Myst. Is Kristy in trouble?” Jenny asked.

    “Yes. She is down there, however I haven’t heard from her recently.”

    “I see.”

    The were about to lower the rope when they heard a voice from the bottom of the hole.

    “Hey Myst are you there?”

    “Kristy! Are you alright? Where have you been?” Myst asked.

    “I am fine. Can you get me up?”

    “Yes. Officer Jenny is here and is lowering a rope.”

    Officer Jenny lowered the rope. Kristy grabbed a hold of it. Myst tied the rope around a tree for support. Kristy started to climb up slowly. However, the dirt around the hole started to collapse. Kristy worked harder to climb up while Myst and Jenny pulled up the rope. Just when Kristy was in sight the entire cave collapsed in.

    “Oh no! Kristy!” Jenny cried out.

    “Sandshrew! I choose you!” Myst called out as he threw a pokéball.

    A sandshrew appeared ready for action. But when it saw no opponent he looked to Myst for the first command.

    “Sandshrew I need you to dig right here because my new friend is buried alive here. Hurry!”


    The pokémon began to dig rampantly but minutes ticked away was. Right when Sandshrew digged about five feet out, a bright blue light shined from the earth. An explosion followed and knocked Sandshrew out of the hole. While another figure shot out of the ground and into the air. The figure landed next to the hole, covered in dirt.

    “Kristy! You are okay.” Myst said.

    “Shrew.” said the sandshrew as it lay back dizzy from the blast.

    Kristy was covered in dirt, as she kneeled to the ground coughing and gasping for air. Jenny and Myst asked if she was alright and she said she would live. Jenny gave the duo a ride to Cherrygrove. It was about a half hour later when they arrived at the PokémonCenter.

    “Well Kristy you got yourself into another mess I see.” Nurse Joy said.

    Kristy coughed before she spoke, “Yes, I fell in a hole and when I tried to get out it collapsed on me.”

    “It seemed that Kristy’s powers once again saved her, because we couldn’t make it to her.” Officer Jenny said

    “Kristy you are experiencing the symptoms again?” Nurse Joy asked.

    “Yes. But this time I had control over it, I made myself get out.”

    “Really?” Myst said.

    “Yeah. Well is there a place that I can get cleaned up?”

    “Of course. The trainer lodge has a shower that you can use.” Nurse Joy replied.

    “Thank You.”

    Meanwhile back in the western Kanto region in the dark building. The shadowed man sat down at a meeting table, with other people. They all were wearing Team Rocket uniforms. Amongst the group was Firestar who was grumpy about her latest failure.

    “Well now, I have called you all back here for an important mission that we must undertake.”

    “What sort of mission?” said one Rocket executive.

    “A mission that could potentially end all missions. A mission that could give us the long waited control of this planet. Observe.”

    An overhead monitor appeared over the shadowed man, and it displayed the pictures of an ancient document. There were other pictures of some artifacts and other old papers. One of which had a drawing of a tall tower. Another had a picture of seven gems.

    “This was a find near the Ruins of Alph. One of my expedition teams recently discovered these relics that contain messages written in the Alph language. After about two years study, they discovered the messages described that seven gems grants abilities to the owner of those gyms. However if they were combined at a scared point they would grant a Pokémon that omnipotent.”

    “Out of all do respect, don’t you think it is a little foolish to being chasing after myths?” said another Rocket.

    “Myths? Well then see if you think this is a myth!” the Leader yelled.

    He pulled out a red ruby. Everyone gasped and stared at the beauty of the gem.”

    “This is called the Ruby of Trust. Its power remained a mystery until we tested it with a Pokémon. Come with me.”

    The shadowed man led them to the Viridian Gym floor. He threw out a Pokéball. It revealed a Caterpie. Then Firestar unleashed her Charizard.

    “Charizard use your Fire Blast.” Firestar commanded.

    “Now Caterpie entrustment!” The shadowed man commanded as he held out the ruby.

    The ruby shined bright and emitted a beam of light to Caterpie. Caterpie shined bright. Meanwhile Firestar’s Charizard shot off a Fire Blast at Caterpie. It hit straight on however, Caterpie didn’t feel anything. It looked up at the Charizard making it’s usual quirky noises.

    “Good Firestar.” said the leader. “That will be enough.”

    Firestar recalled her pokémon while the Caterpie scooted off to a dark corner.

    “I now see.” the one Rocket said. “We will be with you all the way.”

    “Thank you. Now let’s get to work. I want this.”

    The group took their leave from the gym. However the shadowed man held back Firestar from leaving.

    “Firestar. You are one of my best agents. I am worried about your recent performances.”

    “I know sir. There is this girl who got in my way both time. She is amazingly strong and determined to stop me. However for as we could be concerned she is dead by now.”

    “You mean this girl?” the shadowed man said as he handed the headlines of a newspaper to Firestar.

    “What!?” Firestar shouted as she gazed at the headlines.

    The headlines showed how Kristy saved the PokémonCenter but barely survived thanks to the local police and the PokémonCenter staff.

    “No! This can’t be.”

    “I suggest you do not worry about her. However I don’t want to see more failures from you.”

    “Yes sir. I understand.”

    “If the time arises, Giovanni, I will be sure to get her out of our hair for good.”

    “Very good I would like to see that.”

    Kristy got out of the shower and dressed to take on the remaining of the day. She discovered that Myst was using his pokémon to continue to clean up the mess that the attack left on the center. Kristy was amazed that Pokémon could do so many things besides battle. After a quick lunch, and another farewell, Kristy and Myst headed north to VioletCity.

    It was about two hours walking when they heard a faint noise over the hill. They rushed up the hill to see four trainers and four Pokémon battling each other. Kristy couldn’t understand because she thought the rules were only one-on-one. However Myst reminded her of the new two-on-two format that was legal to use now.

    “So this is a two-on-two battle?”

    “Yes. I don’t think it is so hard because each trainer helps each other. Each trainer gives commands to their own Pokémon but the Pokémon and trainers work as a team to win the battle.”

    Kristy and Myst continued to watch the battle and were amazed how one team triumphed over the other. After each team member shook hands with their opponent the losing team took off for VioletCity while the winning team noticed Myst and Kristy. The duo approached them and introduced themselves.

    “Hello my name is Sojak and this is my friend Korte.” Said the taller boy.

    “Hello my name is Kristy.”

    “My name is Myst.”

    “Tell me, you two are pokémon trainers right?” said Korte.

    “Yes we are.” replied Myst.

    “Then how would you like to battle us in a two-on-two match?” asked Sojak.

    “It would be our pleasure.” said Kristy.

    Kristy and Myst took to one end of the road while the other team readied themselves at the other.

    “Ready Kristy?” asked Myst.

    “After surviving our last fight against Firestar, I am now ready for anything.”

    “If you are ready,” said Sojak, “then get ready for one heck of a fight! Pokéball Go!”

    Both Sojak and Korte threw their balls into the sky. Both opened and two pokémon appeared before Kristy and Myst. One was an Aipom while the other was a Mankey. Kristy called out her Sentret while Myst sent out a new Pokémon.

    “Towl!” the pokémon cried out.

    “A Noctowl.” Said Kristy.

    “Yes this is one of my first Pokémon. Well, lets get to it.”

    “Mankey, scratch attack that Sentret!” said Sojak.

    “Sentret use your defense curl.” Kristy commanded.

    “Noctowl, use Gust attack!” Myst said.

    “Aipom, tackle!”

    Noctowl successfully blew Aipom into a tree with its powerful gust. Kristy’s Sentret took little damage from scratch that Mankey used. The volley of moves targeted the other pokémon however Noctowl knocked out the Mankey because it used a peck attack. Sentret however was slapped pretty hard from the blow of Aipom’s hand like tail.

    “Dang, I’m out of the match.” said Korte.

    “Well then, I just take care of the rest.”

    “Aipom, Thunderpunch!”

    “What!?” Myst said in shock!”

    “Aipom’s tail sparked in electricity and struck Noctowl head on. Noctowl crashed to the ground knocked out.”

    “Man, I can’t believe it.”

    “With careful training you can teach your Pokémon some amazing moves.” said Sojak.

    “Sentret, Rollout!”


    “Sojak, look out!” cried out Korte.

    Sentret rolled straight for the Aipom striking it head on. The attack caught the Aipom and Sojak off guard. Aipom went flying in the air and crashed to the ground knocked out. Sentret was bouncing around in victory.

    “All right Kristy you did it!” said Myst.

    “Yeah, we won!”


    After shaking hands and saying their farewells, the two parties headed in their separate directions. Night came quickly and Kristy and Myst hadn’t made it to VioletCity yet. They did come along a small lake so they made camp and slept for the night. During the night Kristy woke to hear some noises in the distance near a cliff side.

    Kristy headed for the noises, when she came the hillside, she saw the one person she hoped to finally forget, Firestar. Kristy didn’t know what trouble they were starting but it couldn’t be good. Kristy awakened Myst and explained that the Rocket was here. They quickly packed and started to follow Firestar, into a dark and mystifying cave.
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