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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by jesschow12, Nov 22, 2003.

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  1. jesschow12

    jesschow12 New Member

    i have these dragon cards for trade

    flygon reverse foil
    horsea reverse foil
    slugma reverse foil
    flygon rare non holo
    ninjask non holo

    here are my needs

    1/97 Absol
    2/97 Altaria
    3/97 Crawdaunt
    4/97 Flygon
    5/97 Golem
    6/97 Grumpig
    7/97 Minun
    8/97 Plusle
    9/97 Roselia
    10/97 Salamence
    11/97 Shedinja
    12/97 Torkoal

    89/97 Ampharos ex
    90/97 Dragonite ex
    91/97 Golem ex
    92/97 Kingdra ex
    93/97 Latias ex
    94/97 Latios ex
    95/97 Magcargo ex
    96/97 Muk ex
    97/97 Rayquaza ex
    98/97 Charmander
    99/97 Charmeleon
    100/97 Charizard

    rocket hitmonchan winner!
    torchic promo
    combusken promo winner
    groudon EX holo
    treeko promo
    grovyl promo winner
    mudkip promo
    marshtomp promo
    latias promo
    latios promo
    prereleased armaldo
    prereleased gyrados(pokemon ex dragon tournament??)
    pikachu (pokemon tin)
    meowth (pokemon tin)

    my other haves are in my sig
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  2. firebomb

    firebomb New Member

    Is your flygon the one with the rainbow attack? I have practically every need you have posted
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  3. jesschow12

    jesschow12 New Member

    sorry my flygon has air slash atack and 100 hp
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