Dragon Salamance (Dragon Wind)

Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by YoungJohn06, Feb 26, 2004.

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  1. YoungJohn06

    YoungJohn06 New Member

    Hi, I'm pretty sure of the answer of this already, but I was recently told that with the Salamance power Dragon Wind, the OPPONENT got to choose the new active pokemon, however I'm fairly positive that the controlling player of the Salamance gets to pick which pokemon becomes active. Which is it? Thanks
  2. Chrisbo

    Chrisbo Administrator

    Here's another one for you from the Compendium-EX:
    == DRAGON WIND (Salamence - EX: Dragon)
    Q. For Salamence's "Dragon Wind", who chooses the Benched Pokemon, the attacker or the defender?
    A. The Active Player chooses which Benched Pokemon to switch; the opponent chooses which of their Defending Pokemon [in the case of 2-on-2 play]. (Nov 20, 2003 PUI Rules Team)

    Hope this helps,
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