Dragons Pre-release Tournament: 22, November 2003, Henerson NV (RollCall)...

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    Hello Everyone,

    Just to let everyone know that on Saturday, 22, November 2003 there will be a "Dragons
    Pre-release "extraveganza" at the Galleria Mall. Details on this event are below:

    Las Vegas
    22 November 2003

    Cost to Enter
    Tournament Entry is $20 USD which includes the 6 booster packs for you play in the tournament and keep.

    Registration and Start Time
    Registration begins at 10am; the Tournament starts at 11am

    Tournament Location
    Galleria at Sunset, Mervyn’s Court

    How to sign-up and play
    Arrive at the event between 10am to 10:45am and go to Registration

    Tournament Format
    This tournament will feature a "sealed deck" format. Each player will receive 6 boosters of EX Dragon and have 30 minutes to construct a 40-card deck. Basic Energy cards for the event will be provided to the tournament organizers from the Pokémon Organized Play program. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the tournament, based on points gained during the rounds of swiss pairings. We'll be using and age-modified version of the standard swiss format to make sure that each match is fun and fair.

    Cool Prizes
    Each player competing in this prerelease event will receive a special promotional card available only by participating in this tournament. Top finishers in each age group will receive additional EX Dragon booster packs as prizes.

    And remember, everyone gets to keep the cards from the packs they received for the tournament, as well!

    More Than a Single Tournament!
    As often as we have players who wish to play we will run Side Events. Enjoy the game your favorite way:

    - Booster Draft !
    - Game Boy Advanced Battle!
    - EXDragon Sealed !
    - Constructed Deck!

    More Questions?
    If you have questions that were not answered email us at [email protected]

    (Information provided by PT&E Games)

    Hope to SEE YOU there!

    Take Care,


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