Dusknoir - Best Tech Ever (not too shabby Nats report)

Discussion in 'National Championships' started by TSDMage, Jun 29, 2009.

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  1. TSDMage

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    Well, I'll start off by saying I'm not that good a player, but I guess I have my moments. This was the best event I've played thusfar, I think. I was pretty much going to stick to GG for this event, but I made an audible at the last minute and decided to play Gengar, only because I really loved the deck, and this game is all about just having fun for me right now. Keep in mind I'm not familiar with too many people I played; I don't remember many names at all, oh well.

    Round 1 - Mirror
    Don't remember much how the game went because it was pretty uneventful. He was a LaFonte guy who said he hadn't played in a while. I G-ed up early and took an advantage because he couldn't get a setup going while I did. He did make a misplay when he candied a Machop and I took Champ down with me with Fainting spell; the Gengar was poisoned (Poison Structure) and had 20 remaining, Machop would have gotten the job done. Don't know if it mattered, though. I think I still had the game.


    Round 2 - Flygon
    Best game I've EVER played. Ask me how: I drew dead the first two turns resulting in a Sableye knocking out 2 Gastly, his Flygon almost went the distance after being scooped up upon near death, all 4 of his pokehealers were used, and he used THREE Unown G... and I WON. Was a great match all around. I managed to get Gengar going and saw he purposely put it with in 10 HP. I realized his Sableye still sitting on the bench would take care of it while Flygon would still live. I announce to my opponent the following move will either be REALLY stupid or potentially win me the game, and it was the latter. I dropped 2 Crobats, Turned one of them and dropped again, putting 30 on Sableye and Shadow Room to know it out. What a play, Flygon was forced to take on the beast. While I noticed what he was doing I loaded up my Dusknoir which I dropped to shuffle in the other Flygon he was setting up. I couldn't touch his Claydol all game because of Unown G. So he keeps using Healers on his Flygon while he tries to deck me out. I used Maintenance twice to keep my deck going. Gengar becomes useless at some point so Noir comes out to get a KO with 2 of his prizes remaining. He puts out the Flygon and leaves me 10 short of the KO with Noir. But I have the last Poketurn in my hand, re-drop the Bat and KO. Then he G's up his Nidoqueen with one energy and passes. I have 1 prize left, so I think about how I can win. His G's have seriously emssed me up but I keep pulling through. The next turn he uses BTS to get a Weavile out which does nothing. Misplay? I drop Gengar and Shadow Room that guy, and his next turn he can't make a move to prevent me from knocking out his Weavile. EPIC WIN. And a great game, too.


    Round 3: Travis - Mirror
    I'd met the guy before, he was a pretty stand up guy. He also didn't get a setup going and once again I did, so it was just a rough game for him and I showed sympathy. Stupid way to win a game.


    Round 4: Jay - Luxray/Infernape

    Good player. I'd met him at Regs last year when he beat one of my friends in Top 4. Serious guy, but very courteous. We shared a few laughs over the card sharking the judges were doing (the stuff about a Level X covering up the previous stage's HP but revealing the attacks was really frustrating all day). I think I played okay, but not my best game and I really hadn't had time to test against this deck. I took a few easy prizes but he never had to confront Gengar because he kept Turning and dropping Luxray X. Oh, well.


    Round 5: Beedrill
    Apparently the guy didn't play Unown G's, so I felt like there was no way I could lose. Just drop 60 on Claydol and Beedrill all day, and took down an attacking Bee with a Gengar, so it just went in my favor. A few swings that made it a bit of a challenge, but in my mind I couldn't lose, and I didn't.


    Round 6: Big Chuck - Kingdra

    I was happy to see a familiar face, a good player and a great personality in Alex. To be honest, he's about my favorite guy to play against; excellent sense of humor and just a stand up guy. I was confident, too because he was playing Kingdra and I knew how to win that match. The guy next to me says that Alex looks familiar, and I dig up the old joke; I whip around and say, "Yeah, he's the 14-time Pokemon World Champion!" The guy thought I was serious. Alex pipes in and says, "Yeah, I beat Johnny Chan heads-up to win Worlds the first two years I played." A lot of laughs. So, as far as the matchup, I knew how I could win but it was all dead draws. No Gengar until turn 6 or something. It was brutal. I made a huge misplay and instantly asked Alex if I could correct the move and he allowed it. Again, stand up guy. It wasn't enough, though. I eventually set up but was too far behind. Oh, well. I'd rather lose to him than most others. At least my resistance is solid at this point.


    Round 7: Mirror
    So it's a mirror for the third time, and guess what? The guy draws bad and I win... AGAIN. I was scared though because he used Looker's (A card I forgot that I wanted to use in my deck and didn't, BTW) when I had a GOD hand and I groaned. To my surprise, he shuffled his own hand in after long consideration; I suppose his hand was that bad, he DID show some frustration with his hand prior to that. Unfortunately for him, the Looker's didn't help much and he couldn't get much going, and I win another unfair mirror matchup. I'm such a sore winner, lol.


    Round 8: Beedrill
    Another Beedrill deck, except this time I don't draw well and he sets up EVERYTHING in 2 turns. I swear the guy never ran out of draw power. He played some unusual stuff like Blowers and Dusknoir which ironically were 2 cards that helped prevent me fro setting anything up. Oh, well.


    So with my resistance my 5-3 was good enough to make that weird 64-cut they had.

    Top 64 cut - Palkia G

    I am totally overmatched, tired out of my mind, hungry and groggy. Not to mention drawing dead. I admit I was no challenge here. Even if I had drawn well I would have had a hard time beating this deck.

    So overall, I played very well considering, only losing to good players/terrible drawing games so for the first time since last year's City's, I can be proud of how I did. Not only that, almost all my friends I came up with also made the top cut. So overall, I'm happy!

    PROPS (there's so many!):
    Big Chuck for being such a cool guy!
    Beedrill for being a common deck that I can beat!
    Staying with my friend in a nice hotel room and not having to pay for it!
    Culver's. It's what's up.
    My friends for almost ALL making the first cut.
    Jimmy Ballard for more funny stories and jokes, as usual.

    Drawing bad against the best players (CURSE YOU, ALEX!).
    The 1 night stay at that awful motel.
    Getting ZERO sleep the night before the event.
    Being hungry all weekend.
    The bladder. It just makes things difficult during such a long event!
  2. chriscobi634

    chriscobi634 New Member

    nice job reagan, I remember the game we had in a Cities where you were using Gengar back then, a very good battle in itself.
  3. TSDMage

    TSDMage New Member

    Maybe a LaFonte or BR? I never played Gengar at a Cities.
  4. chriscobi634

    chriscobi634 New Member

    I think it was Jimmy's Cash Tournament.
  5. TSDMage

    TSDMage New Member

    Yeah, that was it. I had to face Jimmy and prized a Gastly and 2 Candies >_<

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