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    ok I have 2 questions the first one came up in my second match at league today I was playing an Expedition Ninetales vs a RS Dustox I tried to do the attack Etheral Flame I discarded the fire energy which was 3 and was then told by the Gl that the attack wouldn't work and I would not have to discard energy because the attack did nothing I said fine and played on to a lose no big deal just want to make sure it's the proper way to play

    Question 2 I played a match vs a Expedition Alakazam and this time my Blaziken was active my opponent tried to psymimic my fire steam attack I told him he couldn't because he didn't have the fire energy to discard the GL was brought over and I was told I was wrong that Blaziken's attack does not require you to discard the fire energy so he could do the attack once again I conceeded to his ruling which in turn cost me the match I'm not trying to be picky I just need to know the ruling so I don't play into that mistake again
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