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  1. kristi

    kristi New Member

    IMO this will be the deck to play for BRs. That doesn't mean that I think that it is the BEST deck 1 on 1 with some other deck, but what with abusing weakness, having no weakness and free retreat, having energy acceleration, being able to shut off your opponents powers, have 100+ HP, AND being so versatile, I think that the Eevees will be the play. That might just be me, but they ARE good.
  2. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    It will probally be the best deck with Eevees in it, and we all know that Eevees are amazing. Leafeon Lv.X is easily doing 100+ damage, and 130 HP, no Weakness, and free Retreat. Sounds great. Glaceon Lv.X stops Powers, spreads, and can be very fast. Plus, Infernape and Magmortar has Weakness to it, and once again, it has 130 HP, free Retreat and no Weakness. Espeon and Umbreon make everything so good, without them, Glaceon and Leafeon would only have 110 HP, 2 Retreat, and Leafeon would have Weakness to Fire, and Glaceon Weakness to Metal. Claydol makes everything more consistent, and many people will be using Phione as well as Eevee, to Evolve your Eevees wicked fast. Ceilio's, of course, will make it possible to have 2-3 Eeveelutions set up by T2 (depending on Phione, if you go first or second, etc.). Eevee, of course, make everything possible (and not just because Eeveelutions Evolve from him!), as he can search out up to 3 Eevees, which makes it possible to get out Claydol, Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon Lv.X, and Leafeon Lv.X. If one Eevee is Prized, then, well, you'll have to choose one Eeveelution not to have until you get that Prized Eevee. So, IMO, Eeveelutions will be a great deck, I will play it of course, seeing as how I like Eevee so much.

  3. Rashad

    Rashad New Member

    thats why alot of good players are going to tech against them cause they know they will be played
  4. Rocky500

    Rocky500 New Member

    Honestly it all depends on the exact list of MD. I know the deck will be played, though its success rate is questionable. Honestly it's more than one deck, Glaceon+Leafeon just doesn't seem all that great.
  5. Rai

    Rai <a href="

    What DO Glaceon + Leafeon do for each other?
    Leafeon's a BAM massive power house, who enables other pokemon while at it.
    Glaceon locks the opponent.

    The problem is, the two need to be active in order to level up. Leafeon being active stops Glaceon's lock. Glaceon being active eats turns away from your "accelerated" set up.

    They don't even cover each other's real weaknesses... :/ Leafeon won't snipe away Latios/Latias. Glaceon won't stop things from locking powers, nor will it stop tricks to remove energies from the field.

    Plus, you only get 4 eevees per deck. That evolution line is REDICULOUSLY crowded. I'd much rather play multiples of important cards then play a billion different cards, but only one of each, and even have a difficult time getting them on the field at the correct time.

    So yeah, the Eevee-lution list that works will be a tad tricky to see. So many different colors. So many different stage 1s off one basic. None of the Eevee-lutions have any sort of draw support, meaning you'll very much want to play at least one other line, which can throw off starts.

    We'll see how far the surface appeal goes. It works for Gardevoir, maybe same for Eevees :/
  6. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    My input in bold.
  7. Rocky500

    Rocky500 New Member

    Yes but unlike GG, Glaceon and Leafeon share no true strategy with each other. They're just two cards that work BEST in totally different decks. You COULD tech Leafeon into a Glaceon Speed Spread deck I suppose. Though Leafeon is best for Sceppy, Blissey, etc. Cards that actually work with it.
  8. Rai

    Rai <a href="

    Slowed Arrival: Eevee-lutions have to be on field a turn before leveling up, meaning only Phione or going Second + Rare Candy will let you Turn 2 LV.X (...Ew. Who'd use Rare Candy in a Glaceon deck? <_<) You can only retreat once per turn, which can screw you up if you have the wrong card active. Though it's highly tempting to compare Glaceon and Leafeon to Gardevoir and Gallade, also take into account that those two share a stage 1 card. Glaceon and Leafeon don't. The Gs are Rare Candy-able as well, while the most useful forms of Glaceon and Leafeon aren't. It would appear that Eevee-lutions don't quite have the ability to outspeed the most popular deck in the format. Keep up, sure when luck's on your side. It's not far behind, but enough to cause stress on the deck.

    Latilock: Fossils in format at the same time as Eevee-lutions? Sceptile? We're going to see Bodies become more important. I won't say every deck will run Lati-lock. Magmortar for instance most certainly will NOT run Lati-lock. But will Gardevoir? Quite possibly. Will decks that are dependent on trainer engines run Lati-lock? Most likely. And how great is a start with the non free retreating and quite frankly not useful Corphish? Or even a Duskull start? The great consistency of Eevee-lutions is thrown off with other starters. Gardevoir doesn't have any particularly vital tricks with Ralts (maybe a sleep or confuse to stop opponent's set up, but that's about it), while Eevee DOES have an amazing trick.

    Energy stoppers: What I meant in particular was Crystal Beach to stop the Boost Swarms. Crystal beach IS seeing play right now, and there's really no reason for use to decline. Power (Leafeon) and/or body (Sceptile) locks will screw up Leafeon, as suddenly their energy count and damage is halved. Glaceon doesn't remove those sort of locks in any way; No ability to slow Gardevoir's Psychic Lock, no ability to remove stadiums, no ability to punish Cessation Crystal holders, etc.

    Claydol: See the starter issues earlier. Sure, you CAN start with a Pachirisu, but do you really want to? That's taking a turn of energy attachments away from Eevees, and you can't free retreat Pachi to save energy. Call Energy isn't searchable, and gives you less benefit then Eevee's call for Family (Search for 3 > Search for 2, when you need each of those Eevees to handle a specific task ASAP). Phione's a plausible starter though (Leafeon loves the turn earlier double energy attachment, yes), but only if it's the first card you have out.

    It's not that Eevee-lutions are bad. It undeniably defeats Magmortar in almost every way, for starters (Almost, it's not too pleased by Fireball Bazooka Spread -> Flame Bluster, and Glaceon's 10 damage short of ideal with it's most powerful attack, but the power lock makes up for it. Not to mention you don't have as many powers that have to be set up). It's just that they do have flaws which won't take long to find, and the tactic of throwing the many colors together seems as though it is asking for trouble. Calling them the best deck in the format and the must play for Battle Roads seems like a hasty conclusion.
  9. ~`Flygon`~

    ~`Flygon`~ New Member

    Who knows whats the play for Battle Roads,its just shows when we play,but if majority play Eeveelutions,then its gonna be like G&G,a solid deck that isnt TOO great,but can win. Also,its not like Gallade and Gardy have the perfect synergy,they have the same line,one can OHKO anything and the other one has a power that setups itself. A Lvx that can ohko anything.but they will probably still work well together
  10. Time for Pain

    Time for Pain <a href="

    I think the one thing people are missing about glaceon lv. x is that there are too many ways to stop his body from working so you can use your powers again. One way has been mentioned (lati-lock), Another is to use warp point/cyclone which gets glaceon out of the active position which *gasp* shuts off his body. Also everything may be for nothing as we might not get the lv. x's

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