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  1. aLeX-underwood

    aLeX-underwood New Member

    Alex's :lightning Electivire:lightning Deck

    this is one of my first posts so here it goes:

    had some help from dimension to get it started

    the deck was designed for fast draw, fast set-up, and even faster knockouts.

    Pokemon - 18

    [4] Elekid (Dragon Frontiers)
    [4] Electabuzz (Dragon Frontiers)
    [3] Electivire (Secret Wonders)
    [1] Electivire (Diamond and Pearl)
    [2] Absol (Secret Wonders)
    [3] Stantler (Secret Wonders)
    [1] Minum (Secret Wonders)

    Trainers / Supporters / Tools - 24

    [1] Celio's Newtwork
    [1] Dual Ball
    [3] Professor Elm's Training Method
    [3] Master Ball
    [2] Buffer Piece
    [1] Holon Mentor
    [1] Bill's Maintenance
    [2] TV Reporter
    [1] Bebe's Search
    [3] Professor Oak's Visit
    [3] Night Maintenance
    [1] Roseanne's Research
    [1] Warp Point
    [1] Holon Adventurer

    Energies - 18

    [3] Scramble
    [14] Electric Energies
    [1] Double Rainbow


    1. Is Electivire LvX worth it?
    2. Should I take out the Holon Adventurer for another draw card such as TV reporter?
    3. Is it important to have more than one warp point?
    4. Bebe's Search? Good / Bad?
    5. Should I replace a Motor Drive Electivire for an Intense Voltage one to have another main attacker?

    I understand how unfortunate it is that the whole deck is weak to lucario and gallade, but it seems that there could be some promise for the deck still.


    Minum for drawing 2 cards when stantler, absol gets knocked out.
    Absol for baleful wind
    Stantler for lead
    Electivire (Secret Wonders) for Motor Drive (Attach an electric energy from discard pile)
    Electivire (D&P) for Intense Voltage (Move as many electric energy to Electivire as you like)
    Elekid -> Electabuzz for Power of Evolution (Lets me draw a card off of the bottom of my deck, therefore allowing me to draw 3 if all goes well)

    Motor Drive to get a lot of energies onto my bench, intense voltage them to Electivire from D&P, then discard all for 120. If everything is going great then i should have 3 motor drives + an energy for turn = 120 each turn. OHKO Empoleon, Feraligatr, and Lucario.

    Please leave any comments, questions, and please critique this honestly and be as brutal as possible.

    Thanks in advanced, Alex :thumb:
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  2. Vegeta ss4

    Vegeta ss4 Iron Chef Leader

    2 Electivire SW and 2 ELectivire DP......there you go!!!!!
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