Elements of Surprise

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Omniponent Scyther, Nov 3, 2003.

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  1. Omniponent Scyther

    Omniponent Scyther New Member

    This is my newest deck, and seems to kill anything that comes in contact with it.

    Elements of Suprise

    12 Psychic Energy
    15 Fighting Energy
    2 Potion Energy
    3 Rainbow Energy
    4 Brock's Rhyhorn (w/ Drill Tackle)
    3 Brock's Rhydon
    3 Brock's Onix (w/ Bellow & Rock Throw)
    2 Scyther
    3 Psyduck (Team Rocket)
    2 Dark Golduck
    3 Drowzee (Base set 1)
    2 Dark Hypno
    3 Ditto
    4 Bill
    4 Brock's Training Method
    2 Pewter City Gym
    1 Chaos Gym
  2. Baboon

    Baboon New Member

    If you mean for this to be a competitive deck, this'll need significant work. But if you want it for fun, anything will do.
    I'll make an attempt at making it more competitive.

    Pokemon: You have 25. Way too many. Here's my suggested new list:
    4 Brock's Rhyhorn
    3 Brock's Rhydon
    3 Ditto
    2 Scyther (Jungle, I assume?)
    2 Psyduck (Fossil. The Fossil version's Headache attack can be fun. ;))

    Energy: Since I dropped Psychic altogether, here's my revised list:
    9 Fighting
    4 Rainbow
    4 DCE

    This leaves 29 Trainer slots, a huge difference from your original, so I'll just basically build it myself.
    4 Bill
    4 Rocket's Sneak Attack
    4 Imposter Oak's Revenge
    3 Oak
    3 Gust of Wind
    3 Super Energy Removal
    3 Item Finder
    3 Switch
    2 Chaos Gym

    Still prolly not the most competitive thing out there, but it's got more of a chance now. :)
  3. Omniponent Scyther

    Omniponent Scyther New Member

    It's not supposed to win me any tourney's, just to have a wide aray of Pokemon to have fun with, and they all work with the deck. I dont like using alot of trainer cards, though maybe I should.

    I dont play against alot of people who use more than 2 types in a deck, and that limits me when defending or attacking, so the variety adds to that. Plus I like all the Pokemon in the deck.

    Really, I find Pokemon to be more of a game to play, just to play. If I were to play a game at which to thrash alot of people, I would definitely dump all of my spare money into Magic: The Gathering. But this is more enjoyable and relaxing, especially if you talk like a trainer when playiong the game. lol

    "I choose you, Scyther"


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