Endless night revamped need HELP!!

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by tyranitarpownzor, Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. tyranitarpownzor

    tyranitarpownzor New Member

    Endless Night: dark psychic

    3 drowzee
    2 hypno
    3 seedot
    2 nuzleaf
    3 shiftry
    4 darkrai
    3 sneasel
    2 weavile sw
    1 weavile dp

    i was thinking about posibly using the wigglytuff as a sleep sniper...or take out shiftry for a hochkrow line maybe???i know i need darkrai lvlX...

    4 bebe search
    2 felicitys drawing
    2 sidneys stadium
    2 stevens advice
    2 prof oaks vist
    2 roseanne's reasearch
    1 amulet coins
    1 leftovers
    3 team galatics mars
    2 moonlight stadium

    ENERGYS::dark::psychic: 19

    11 dark
    6 psychic
    1 multi energy

    i know i need darkrai lvl x...maybe absols...
    my idea is to use the full power of darkrai,and combo with hypno to use his ablity 2 do 60 and put to sleep and help darkrai then heal hypno by using dream catcher to bring all damage to the defending...il use shiftry to try to wipe my opponent defences down and just be annoying while powering darkrai lvlx on the bench(when i get one)and use the poke power to help the dark types...i use weavile sw for energy build up...and use poke body...use the weavile dp for some damage w/ alot of energy out... ill use moonlight stadium to give myself basically a free retreat cost....if i put in wiggy ill use it as a sleep sniper and use sidneys so i dont go to sleep....
    so hopefully u guys can help me...Thanks:thumb:

    Last edited: Feb 23, 2008
  2. unused47rocker

    unused47rocker New Member

    Um try running Wigglytuff and sidney stadium... pure ownage sidney makes your dark not fall asleep
    you use wigglytuff's ability to put both actives asleep which only makes your opponents asleep if you got darkrai out. other wise you really just need a Darkrai Lv X/ Weavile and your set.
  3. tyranitarpownzor

    tyranitarpownzor New Member

    thanx i see if that'll work
  4. phoenixback4fire

    phoenixback4fire New Member

    Well I cant do much for this one
    I ve been working on somthing , PM me and ill send it too you somtime around monday (1.to play test it this weekend and 2. because ill be gone all weekend)
    I <3 shiftry (DP)
  5. tyranitarpownzor

    tyranitarpownzor New Member

    alright cool!!
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