Erika's Ivysaur

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Cardkeeper, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    Does anyone have a Erika's Ivysaur? I have Bulbasaur and Venusaur but not Ivysaur!
    If anyone does what are you willing to trade?


    1. I trade by REF rules

    2. I only trade to North America
    3. No Ripoffs

    Here is my list of Haves:


    BASE SET Trainer Card- Pokemon Trader


    BASE SET Poliwhirl

    BASE SET Ivysaur (Very small smudges throughout the card and a very small bend)

    BASE SET Dratini (Good Condition. Smudges and very small bends through out the card)

    JUNGLE 1st ED. Lickitung

    GYM CHALLENGE Koga's Koffing

    BASE SET Magmar


    BASE SET Sandshrew

    JUNGLE 1st Ed Exeggcute

    BASE SET Poliwag (VERY small smudge on the bottom right corner)

    JUNGLE 1st ED Jigglypuff

    BASE SET Machop

    BASE SET Tangala

    GYM CHALLENGE Giovanni's Nidoran Female

    GYM CHALLENGE Koga's Zubat

    BASE SET Weedle

    GYM CHALLENGE Sabrina's Gastly

    GYM CHALLENGE Blaine's Vulpix


    BASE SET 2 Plant Energy (Very Slight smudges and scratches)

    BASE SET Fire Energy (smudges throughout the Card)

    BASE SET Fighter Energy (Rough edges and small smudges and scratches)

    GYM CHALLENGE Psycic Energy

    If your interested just post the Erika's Ivysaur and it's condition, Pack, Edition etc. and what you want for it and we can go from there. All cards are NM-Mint condition unless otherwise stated.


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  2. Kyogou

    Kyogou New Member

    Yeah I've got Erika's Ivysaur. Is the cards listed here all you have? o_o
  3. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    oh absoutly not I just got azy and never finished it
  4. Kyogou

    Kyogou New Member

    Ok, I was pretty sure this wasn't all of it. ;x

    If you could let me know which ones from the Gym Series you're looking for, I could tell you what I have and then we can see if we can match it up with some of my collection needs.
  5. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    Ok here are the GC cards im looking for:

    Blaine's Arcanine
    Blaine's Charizard
    Brock's Ninetails
    Giovanni's Gyrados
    Giovanni's Machamp
    Giovanni's Nidoking
    Giovanni's Persian
    Koga's Beedrill
    Koga's Ditto
    Misty's Golduck
    Rocket's Mewtwo
    Rocket's Zapdos
    Sabrina's Alakazam
    Blaine (holo)
    Koga (holo)
    Sabarina (holo)
    Blaine's Ninetales
    Brock's Dugtrio
    Giovanni's Nidoqueen
    Giovanni's Pinsir
    Koga's Arbok
    Lt. Surge's Jolteon
    Sabrina's Golduck
    Brock's Graveler
    Brock's Primeape
    Erika's Bellsprout
    Erika's Clefiary
    Erika's Ivysaur
    Giovanni's Machoke
    Koga's Golbat
    Koga's Weezing
    Koga's Kakuna
    Lt. Surge's Electrode
    Lt. Surge's Raticate
    Misty's Dewgong
    Sabrina's Kadabra
    Sabrina's Jynx
    Sabrina's Mr. Mime
    Blaine's Doduo
    Blaine's Rhyhorn
    Giovanni's Meowth (Common version)
    Koga's Weedle
    Lt. Surge's Rattata
    Misty's Psyduck
    Misty's Seel
    Blaine (Non-holo)
    Brock's Protection
    Chaos Gym
    Giovanni (non-holo)
    Giovnni's Last Resort
    Koga (non-holo)
    Lt. Surge's Secret Plan
    Misty's Wish
    Sabrina (non-holo)
    Blaine's Quizzes 2 and 3
    Fushia City Gym
    Koga's Nija Trick
    Master Ball
    Max Revive
    Rocket's Secret Experiment
    saffron City Gym
    Viridian City Gym
    Transparent Walls
    All Energy's Except Psycic

    Those are my wants!

  6. Kyogou

    Kyogou New Member

    Alright, this is what I'm finding for Gym Challenge;

    1st Ed Holo Koga
    1st Ed Holo Sabrina
    Giovanni Rare
    Giovanni's Nidoqueen
    Blaine's Quiz #2
    Koga's Muk
    Giovanni's Last Resort
    Sabrina's Golduck
    1st Ed Misty's Psyduck
    1st Ed Misty's Seel
    1st Ed Lt. Surge's Rattata
    Erika's Bellsprout
    Sabrina's Jynx
    Giovanni's Machoke
    1st Ed Saffron City Gym
    Transparent Walls
    Fire Energy
    1st Ed Fighting Energy
    Viridian City Gym
    Rocket's Secret Expiriment
    Grass Energy
    Giovanni's Meowth (common)
    1st Ed Brock's Primape
    1st Ed Erika's Ivysaur
    Max Revive
    Fuchsia City Gym
    Koga's Weedle
    1st Ed Koga's Weezing
    Koga's Kakuna

    Are you needing any cards from the Gym Heroes set too? I have a ton of those as well :3
  7. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    Hi, the two cards that are of highest interest are Sabrina's Golduck and Giovanni's nidoqueen, and those 1st Edition holo Trainer Trainers (haha) just post all the DPI, Wizards (old) and MD cards you need!


    PS: As for the gym heros I'm slightly interested. Im realy thying complete Gym Chalenge first.

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    I'm also interested in 1st ed. Brock's primeape and Erika's Ivysaur
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2008
  8. Kyogou

    Kyogou New Member

    Alright, these are copied and pasted straight from my wants list; they're all older cards and such;

    Jungle Cards Needed:

    Nidoqueen Holo
    Snorlax Holo
    Venomoth Holo
    Victreebell Holo

    Fossil Needed:
    Dragonite Holo

    Team Rocket Wants:
    Holo Dark Charizard

    Neo Genesis Wants:
    Ampharos Holo
    Feraligatr Holo [5/111]
    Heracross Holo
    Lugia Holo
    Meganium Holo [10/111]

    As for newer cards, what I need most is actually four basic dark energies! xD
  9. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    Sorry I don't have any of those! Is there anything else you want?
  10. Kyogou

    Kyogou New Member

    Gah! Uh... Any Pidgeots of any sort, Rare Candies, Call Energies, Team Galactic's Wagers, or Master Balls?
  11. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    sorry! i dont have those! what abut any rh? do you need them?
  12. Kyogou

    Kyogou New Member

    No, I don't care for RHs at all. Thanks anyways.
  13. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    Is there any other olds you want? I have TONS! Do you know anybody has lots of old cards?
  14. Kyogou

    Kyogou New Member

    Try TriAttackHax.
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