Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by i like nachos, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. i like nachos

    i like nachos New Member

    Pokemon x18

    3x Darkrai set#4 GE
    1x Darkrai Lv X GE
    2x Jigglypuff GE
    2x Wigglytuff GE
    2x Sneasel DP
    2x Weavile SW
    3x Porygon GE
    3x Porygon 2 GE

    Trainers 28

    4x Prof. Oaks Visit
    3x Celios Network
    2x Night Maintenance
    2x Moonlight Stadium
    2x Switch
    3x Windstorm
    3x Roseannes Research
    3x Sidneys Stadium
    2x Premier Ball
    2x Mr. Stones
    2x Scott

    Energies x14

    4x Special Dark
    10x Basic Dark


    Magmortar 3-1

    Gator/Delcatty/Magneton 2-2

    G&G 1-3

    I have to say the list with Porygon 2 is much faster and more stable so I'll be playing that one
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2008
  2. elekid_957

    elekid_957 New Member

    no igglybuff? if you put that in wigglytuff's attack will do more damage
  3. Darkwalker

    Darkwalker New Member

    You forgot Sydney's Stadium and Igglybuff.
  4. i like nachos

    i like nachos New Member

    I didn't forget them I'm just not playing them.The Igglybuff is just a waste and it really doesn't need Sydneys
  5. stalkerex

    stalkerex New Member

    Nice list, tho iggly would allow more damage he doesnt intend on attacking with it, Just abuse its power.

    Tho if u ran sidney, you could use wigglytuffs power and not worry about darkrai being put to sleep.. LvX will cause them problems to.
  6. i like nachos

    i like nachos New Member

    I totally forgot that Sidneys prevents sleep thanks
  7. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    OMG that list is nice
  8. fragnito

    fragnito New Member

    wiggly doesnt get any extra damage from darkrai lv x unless it is dark
    without weavile, this wont work
  9. i like nachos

    i like nachos New Member

    Wigglytuff is just there for its Power and nothing else. Please read the strategy next time
  10. XYZ_Sniper

    XYZ_Sniper New Member

    recomend cg iggly xD
  11. Crono Sabre

    Crono Sabre New Member

    You play 5 stadiums... maybe a Scott or 2
  12. i like nachos

    i like nachos New Member

    I try it thanks
  13. greenzangoose

    greenzangoose New Member

    Hmmm... Nice deck. :biggrin: I plan on trying a deck like this sometime. Here's a few seggestions.

    1. Add in 2-2 Weavile SW not only for energy acceleration but also so if you needed too you could make Wiggly dark and abuse Sidnys and dark/basic dark energies. :smile:

    2. I know you've been told this before but... Take you 1-1 Wiggly and add in 3 Iggly. Not only are they great to start with (They let you draw.) But also so you can do up to 80 damage (Adding in 20 with earlier stated Weavile,) for 2 (C) and put the opponent to sleep if you have Sidnys out! :eek:

    3. Win! :thumb:

    Hope you do with your deck. :biggrin:
  14. i like nachos

    i like nachos New Member

    This deck doesn't need the Weavile for the energy acceleration or the Iggly because Wigglytuff will not be used as an attacker the only reason its in the deck is for the Power and if it had to attack it could without the Iggly and Weavile. I do see the point of the them its just faster without. I had already tried the deck with them and it really slowed it down.
  15. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    I know Absol isn't used quite so extensively as it once was, but I figure if you do happebn to come up against one, you'd have a very tough time - especially with all those trainers. Try adding Birch.
  16. i like nachos

    i like nachos New Member

    Thats not a bad idea thanks
  17. i like nachos

    i like nachos New Member

    Updated the list. Tell me what ya think!!
  18. Darkwalker

    Darkwalker New Member

    1 Igglybuff CG can give your whole Wiggly line free retreat and allow a fully powered Wigglytuff as a secondary attacker. I also teched in a 1-1 Cacturne (PK) to be combined with Sydney's Stadium, but I'm not sure it's worth the bother just yet.
  19. BlackBrock

    BlackBrock New Member

    wiggly really isnt ment to attack with darkrai, best for it to sit on the bench and sleep the opponet while sidney is out keeping darkrai awake and attacking, beacuse with Darkrai LvX ether way with its attack the opponet stays asleep, or is KO'd so ether way your opponet is screwed

    gonan need 4 Sydneys and atleast 2 or 3 Scotts. i run Hypno jusbeacuse it has a sleeping attack also.
  20. Zezeta

    Zezeta New Member

    I really like this deck. I don't think there's really anything that I would change. Can you please let us know how well the deck does? I am curious to see how it holds up because I would also like to run a Darkrai deck at some point because it just seems like a fun deck to run.

    I don't know how much disruption you want to do outside of Darkrai Lv. X but some Wagers might be nice to throw in to mess with opponents. I just don't know what you would take out to put them in, but then again it might just slow the deck down more if you lose the rock, paper, scissors.

    Also on a side note you're playing one of my favorite cards from the new set, Jigglypuff. I love the new Jigglypuff card because of its artwork. It has those cute evil eyes of death and destruction. It looks like its sitting there peacefully, waiting for its next victim.
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