EX Ruby and Sapphire Preconstructed Decks

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by FlygonChampion, Aug 9, 2003.

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  1. FlygonChampion

    FlygonChampion New Member

    Does any one have any ideas on fixing the Ruby and Sapphire preconstructed decks using only EX cards? Why only EX cards? Because I said so, thats why. For those who dont know what are in the decks:

    Torchic 73/109 x4
    Combusken 27/109 x2
    Blaziken 15/109 x2
    Makuhita 56/109 x4
    Hariyama 33/109x2
    Taillow 72/109 x3
    Swellow 46/109 x1
    Skitty 70/109 x4
    Delcatty 29/109 x2
    Poochyena 63/109 x2

    Energy Seach x2
    Professor Birch x1
    Lum Berry x1
    Poké Ball x2
    Potion x3

    Fighting Energy x12
    Fire Energy x12
    Rainbow Energy x1

    Mudkip 60/109 x4
    Marshtomp 40/109 x2
    Swampert 23/109 x1
    Wailmer 48/109 x2
    Wingull 77/109 x3
    Pelipper 19/109 x1
    Koffing 54/109 x3
    Weezing 24/109 x1
    Treecko 75/109 x4
    Grovyle 31/109 x2
    Shroomish 69/109 x2

    Potion x3
    Energy Search x3
    PokéNav x2
    Energy Removal x2
    Professor Birch x1

    Grass Energy x12
    Water Energy x12
  2. Android17a

    Android17a New Member

    I got myself the Ruby Deck.

    I removed the Pokéballs, Potions and Taillow/Swellows. Then, I added a couple of Poochyenas and Mightyenas, 2 Zigzagoon, 2 Linoone... and switched an uncommon Hariyama for one of the Holofoil Rare Hariyamas.

    Plus I switched the Skittys and Delcattys for the ones where you get to search your deck for energy cards...

    this gave me a deck where I could fill my hand with everything I needed within a short time. With my Linoone up front to absorb the first couple of turns worth of hits, I soon built a bench with my Mightyena ready to fight (note: the Rare Mightyena takes 10 less damage from all attacks, and on a coin flip lets you discard one of the cards in your opponents hand).

    This worked, as long as I got a decent opening hand. I'm no deck building expert, though.

    Ooh yeah, lose the rainbow energy and a few fighting for 4x Darkness, for the Poochy/Mighty kids.
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