Finally, a decent Darkari Deck

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by manaphy trainer, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. manaphy trainer

    manaphy trainer New Member

    For a while, people wanted to see Darkari as a main attacker, with good support, and flexibility to
    many other decks such as Gardy decks and magmortar decks. So here it is, Please, make the deck,
    use it, and PLZ COMMENT...

    2x Darkari Lv.X
    2x Darkari (MD)
    1x Honchkrow Lv.X
    3x Honchkrow
    4x Murkrow
    2x :water:Weavile
    3x Sneasel
    2x Absol

    4x Bebe's Search
    4x Team Galactic's Mars
    3x Roseanne's Research
    2x Professor Oak's Visit
    2x Potion
    2x PlusPower
    2x Switch
    3x Night Maintenance ( I run 2 Time Space Distortion and 1 night maintenance, not everyone can
    afford it)

    4x Special :dark: Energy
    16x Basic :dark: Energy
  2. soxrcol

    soxrcol Active Member

    lol @ potion and switch
  3. mario1

    mario1 New Member

    I ran a similar deck to this, Same pokemon line but different trainer line and it took me Top 16 at regionals so yeah this is the setup for a good deck.:thumb:
  4. revdjweb

    revdjweb New Member

    the whole point of honchkrow level x is to allow the murkrow's to attack without energy. darkrai level x increases the usefulness of basic dark energies. aside from both being dark types i see no synergy in this deck.

    snowpoint temple is what honchkrow needs.

    hmm, if i had a tm attached to honchkrow level x, could a murkrow use that attack as well?
  5. ashinto

    ashinto New Member

    repost this in the deck help and stradegy forum, or bad things will happen.
  6. manaphy trainer

    manaphy trainer New Member

    How do I repost??? and to the Darkari Honchkrow Synergy, Darkari can power honchkrow Lv.x up,
    6 energy, faint attack can do 100 damage to any pokemon u like.
  7. afstandopleren

    afstandopleren New Member

    NO. Damage increase does not count for Benched Pokemon.
    Read Special Basic and Darkrai LV. X's Poke-Body.
    It say "Damage done to the Defending Pokemon."
  8. ToughComp

    ToughComp New Member

    why are you taking up slots with SWITCH when you can simply use MOONLIGHT STADIUM for a FREE RETREAT every turn ???

    Plus Power ? 2 Potions ?
  9. manaphy trainer

    manaphy trainer New Member

    Oh, okay, but u still could use special dark energy for a maximum of 80, using weavile's shadow
    charge to get them.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2008
  10. Kamui988

    Kamui988 New Member

    Take out those switches, potins and 2 night maintenance, 3 is Way too many. Put in some warp points, they help to turn darkrai into x and get him out of there ASAP. Also 20 energies is overdoing it, take some out. Also add the usual helpful 2-2 claydol lines.
  11. manaphy trainer

    manaphy trainer New Member

    hahaha, weird of u to say that, caus i did that 2 days ago... lol

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