FINALLY, Chicago has a City Championship!!!!

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by BANGINBOX, Nov 26, 2007.

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    BANGINBOX New Member

    Come one, come all......come defend your home turf! An exciting City Championship is coming to CHICAGO! Hope to see you all there.

    Now....for the details!

    Location: Collect a Card N Comics
    6810 W. Archer Ave.
    Chicago, IL. 60638

    Contact person: Jimmy Ballard (me) 773-229-0824

    Sun, Jan. 6, 2008

    Registration Time

    Note: Decklists will be required and available onsite.

    Start Time
    12:00pm FIRM!!!

    Entry Fee

    HP-SW, along with Promos number DP01 on, Black Star Promos 037-040 and POP series 4, 5, & 6. If card has been reprinted in one of the sets mentioned above the older version can be used, except Mysterious Fossil with 10 HP. (i.e. Warp Point, TV Reporter, etc).

    Based on attendance. After swiss rounds are completed, cut to single elimination per age group with 1 hour match, best 2 of 3 (top ?? will be based on attendance per age group, MAX top cut of four).

    Prizes (Junior, Senior, & Master Divisions)
    1st - 18 booster packs, City Championship Medal, Bag of Goodies
    2nd - 10 booster packs
    3rd - 4 booster packs
    4th - 4 booster packs

    Every player will receive Promo Card and Pin while supplies last!!!

    Door Prizes: TBD

    Hope to see a few folks travel in from other areas. I think we may get a crew from Wisconsin, Indiana and possibly Michigan/Minnesota. Hope all of them can make the trip. can make the trip up!

    Please realize I can only sit up to 88, after that people will stand at my counters.(up to 12 more)

    PM or post w/ any questions or requests for directions!

  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    you better get ur Lafonte crew sitting up on counter area when its full xD
  3. PokeDaddy

    PokeDaddy New Member

    Wish I could make it! GL Bro
  4. Sorry No Bags at this time unless you are going to throw in all your old ones that you have won.
  5. PokeMama

    PokeMama New Member

    Jimmy, I'll be sure to let the TIY players know!
  6. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    With Pastimes on Saturday (I know), I wouldn't be surprised if you max that place out. Yep, I'm about 99% gonna be there...

    BANGINBOX New Member


    Replies welcome!!!

  8. chriscobi634

    chriscobi634 New Member

    i'm planning on being there, and it's two days before my birthday. so it's a nice early birthday present.

    SLOW DECK New Member


    Here We Go!!
  10. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    With Niles on the previous day, and very little else in the area on that weekend (thus far), I get the feeling that you won't have too much trouble filling the place up. It'll be fun!!! :D
  11. I probably will be able to make it to your CC....its a sunday, so I don't have to work!!! Can't wait!


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