Fire + Dark: Help Me?

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by shtkn521, Jul 13, 2008.

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  1. shtkn521

    shtkn521 New Member

    Hi. I just Joined this thread about five minutes ago because I had been here a couple times before and seen that people were able to get good help on deck strategies and I have a problem of my own.

    I just started playing the game about 3 months ago and know next to nothing about strategies. I know that Organized Play has many banned cards, and some of them made up half my deck. So I got rid of the Typhlosion EX and put in some new cards,

    I have 2 questions that would help a great deal if answered.
    1. How do I make this deck better (obviously)?
    2. I have a Shrifty EX and would like to add it to this deck. What should I take out to make room for him?

    Heres My Deck List, Thanks To those Who Help.

    -3 Eevee (lv14x2/lv12x1)
    -2 Flareon (lv43)
    -3 Chimchar (lv6/lv7/lv8)
    -2 Monferno (lv18/lv20)
    -1 Infernape (lv40)
    -4 Darkrai (lv48x2/lv40x1/lvXx1)

    -1 Sidney's Stadium
    -1 Bebe's Research
    -1 Professor Birch
    -1 Professor Oak's Visit
    -2 Felicity's Drawing
    -2 Professor Cozmo's Discovery
    -2 Wally's Training
    -1 Super Scoop Up
    -1 Premier Ball
    -2 Energy Root

    -20 Fire Energy
    -5 Dark Energy
    -4 Darkness Energy
    -1 Multi Energy
    -1 Call Energy
  2. Politoed666

    Politoed666 New Member

    This deck has some problems. Big ones. I understand that you're new, and I'd be happy to help you, but Darkrai and Infernape just don't go together. Pick one! In addition, you're using the bad Infernape. However, if you like Infernape, it's a top-tier deck right now, so you're in luck! Tell me which you'd rather run, Infernape or Darkrai, and I'll give you a good list for it.:thumb:
  3. shtkn521

    shtkn521 New Member

    Thanks Man.

    I think Id Much Rather run darkrai yes. So if him and ape dont go together, would an elctric deck be good? i have a couple of good ones. Either way, darkrai is preffered. Thanks =]

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  4. sleeping darkness

    sleeping darkness New Member

    I think to begin why don't you start with a 1 type deck like my lvl x deck it runs smoothly ( sometimes ) I had a 2 type deck never worked I lost battle after battle and soon I changed to 1 type where I am now try that with darkrai to startand then add like a few cards "evolve" your deck a step at a time.
  5. Dendrobatida

    Dendrobatida New Member

    A few quick questions before folks bear down on your deck to really get you the help you need:

    1) Do you intend this deck for casual (for-fun, league-type) play, or for more competitive tournaments?

    2) There are two major formats that decks fit into. One is unlimited. The other is Modified. Do you know what each of those means?

    Once we've got that info down, we can help your deck.


    Forum Moderator
  6. shtkn521

    shtkn521 New Member

    Im intending mine to be modified. for sanctioned play, hopefully.

    and yeah, im planning on joining a league, so i guess more casual for now.

    so what can you make out from that?

    And thanks guys, I prolly will make it an only dark deck.
  7. charizard87

    charizard87 New Member

    Well what do you prefer we make, a tournament legal deck or a casual deck?
  8. shtkn521

    shtkn521 New Member

    tournament legal = modified, right?

    so that. seeing as i will be joining a league, and they only let you play with cards from the current season, no?

    besides, I stated on the Original post that i took out quilava EX because it was banned, so chyea =/

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