Fire Emblem-A New RPG Masterpiece

Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by Magnechu, Jan 2, 2004.

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  1. Magnechu

    Magnechu Active Member

    Ok, I got Fire Emblem knowing it would be good. But not this good!!

    I love this game. I got it for Christmas and am absolutely hooked. I just beat it today. The ending was great, especially seeing Roy (From SSBM). The ending also hints very generously that there will be a Fire Emblem 2 in North America. The whole storyline just amazes me. This is one of the deepest plotlines that I've played through in awhile. FFTA and Golden Sun/TLA were deep, but not this deep.

    Enough raving with the storyline, the engine is incredible. It can be insanely hard at times because a lot of times, you are largely outnumbered. Also, the fact that if one party member falls, they're gone forever; that's what makes the game hard--but exciting. Healing becomes essential in this game so none of your characters get lost forever.

    Now, about a possible sequel....Roy would be the main character (pretty obvious there) and would be aided by Hector's daughter Lilian (If I am correct?) and possibly Lyn's son/daughter--if she has one. At the end, it looked like Prince Zephiel turned horribly evil, and I'm gonna tell you now, that's not good. As for the other antagonist at the end (The hooded man) I believe that could be Ephidel. I mean, correct me if I am wrong, but we never saw him die, or anything. In fact, I don't think we saw him since Lyn killed Lundregen.

    Comparisons: Fire Emblem stack up very well to FFTA and Golden Sun/TLA. I haven't tried Sword of Mana yet, but I heard it was great; my friend got it the other day. Anyway, IMO, Fire Emblem beats any of those game strategy wise because you have the risk of your units dieing and never coming back. That's what makes this game so tough. In FFTA, for example, if one of your units gets KO'ed they will be out for the battle and return to full health in between battles and be ready for the next battle. Fire Emblem is similar, but if one of your units dies, they are gone forever. Now, stacked up to Golden Sun, Golden Sun almost certainly requires less strategy because you don't have to move your characters around. Golden Sun, previously my fav game on GBA, has gone down now to Number 3 on my list. My top 5 RPG list and ratings for each (for GBA only):

    1. Fire Emblem--9.5/10
    2. FFTA--9/10
    3. Golden Sun: The Lost Age--8.5/10
    4. Golden Sun--8/10
    5. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire--7.5/10

    Note that I have not played Sword of Mana, Advance Wars/2, Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga (Heard that was good). I hope to play those games next.

    Ok, enough with me talking...let's hear your thoughts on this great game!! Maybe talk about the sequel? I'd love to hear others ideas about the game!!:)

    ~Magnechu :)
  2. Joshman

    Joshman New Member

    This game is awesome. It is one part of a huge story, so other Fire Emblem titles that fall before and after this one already exist. I love collecting the support conversations. When you reach A rank with some of them, you may get an alternate ending. At the end of my game, Oswin married Serra and Erk married Priscilla. If you get all of Lyns and Hector/Eliwoods support, she will be revealed as the mother of the child of whichever lord you had her talk to til A rank.
  3. Psycho_Lugia_X

    Psycho_Lugia_X New Member

    i dunno from the looks of it from Nintendo Power, it looks like a chess kind of game. Wouldnt that put it in like a differenct catergory than Golden Sun or something, more along the lines of Advance Wars?

    About, Mario/Luigi, it is hilarious, and really engrossing. Man the only mistake in buying it now is that you didnt buy it earlier! I got it for Christmas, and call me Mcdonalds because I'm Lovin' it! lol.

    The only downside to M/L is that they are so messed up to Luigi you actually feel bad for him. Also, the graphics are great, the voices--yes voices--are great, crisp, and moving. The jokes are good, and the plot is good. While the mood is kept generally light, it is still good.

    The battle system is great because rather than have a random number decide if you take that final point of damage to do you in to the boss, YOU get to decide if you are down for the count or not. The battle system has A and B assigned to a brother and you push either to move the corresponding brother to dodge the oncoming attack. If you time it right, you can dodge attacks and not cross your fingers for luck to decide if you get hit or not, as in most RPGs.

    Man, the puzzles int he game are astounding! You have many co-op themed puzzles that require you to think fast using TWO characters at once. There is this one puzzle in Hoohoo Hooniversity (Humor runs rampant in this game) where both brothers are assaulted with oncoming blocks, your challenge is to break a set amount of blocks with both brothers at the same time. Man your eyes go crazy trying to watch both sides of the screen and push the right button. Dont try pushing A+B to ensure a hit, it dont work!

    In battle, as a final note, you can use Bros. attacks. You have one Bro use his turn in battle to use Bros. Points, think Pokémon PP, and he will use a strong super attack using his brother to help him cast his attack. The attacks, all of them, require some serious timing skills. Reflexes rule the battles, as enemies change up their attacks to trick you.

    This game is must have for an RPG'r. Leave ASAP to get this game, it might get sold out if you give it a chance (that is, if it isnt sold out already locally).
  4. Magnechu

    Magnechu Active Member

    Ok, Psycho_Lugia_X....Not what I was looking for. This is about Fire Emblem...but thanks for the input!! Now...Fire Emblem is like Advance Wars, but much better. Also, thanks for the input, Joshman. I have to try the Support option a little more often the second time through. Right now, I'm doing Hector's story and am on Chapter 17.

    Any more Fire Emble lovers?! Let's hear ya!! :)
  5. Psycho_Lugia_X

    Psycho_Lugia_X New Member

    Sorry bout that, i tend to ramble when i get on an interesting topic.

    I do like the music in FE. I was looking forward to playing FE, but then i started reading about in in Nin. Pwr. it seemed a little too...heavy for me. I have been playin a bunch of heavy games lately so i decided to go lighter.

    I wanted to play the originals, cuz NP did an article on Super Smash Bros.: Melee that talked about the origins of Roy and Marth: FE! It looked cool, but i wasnt in a hurry to play the new one for ADV.
  6. SwampertEX

    SwampertEX New Member

    Are Roy and Marth in this game? If so, can you choose to play as one or the other, or does one join ur party, and u have no choice about which one u wanna play as?
    Thanks in Advance!
  7. Magnechu

    Magnechu Active Member

    Neither are really in the game, because you can't play as either. You see Roy at the end of the game, because he is the main character's, Eliwood's, son. Marth, I believe, is in a another universe. Marth started the Fire Emblem, I believe also. Any more comments!? :)

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