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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by charizard87, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. charizard87

    charizard87 New Member

    Please look at and modify.

    4 Torchic (3 PK, 1 CG)
    3 Combusken (2 Pop4, 1 HP)
    2 Blaziken (1 R&S, 1 HP)
    4 Chimchar (DP1)
    4 Monferno (DP1)
    2 Infernape (DP1)
    1 Infernape Lv. X (DP1)
    1 Latias (HP)
    2 Holon’s Castform (HP)
    1 Dusk Ball (MT)
    2 Professor Elm’s Training Method (DF)
    2 Team Galactic's Mars (SW)
    2 Master Ball (DS)
    2 Rare Candy (HP)
    2 Celio's Network (CG)
    1 Professor Birch ((EM)
    1 Island Hermit (DF)
    2Bebe's Search (SW)
    2 TV Reporter (Pop2)
    18 Fire Energies
    2 Double Rainbow Energy

    Due to risk of being locked: Basic strategy get energies in discard pile, set Lv X, Latias is for the Gardylade matchups
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  2. speeder

    speeder New Member

    why 1 Latias hp.and which one is it.put 1 more infernape in.
  3. garchompx12

    garchompx12 New Member

    wheres the strategy in this????
  4. greenzangoose

    greenzangoose New Member

    Long list, lots of fire pokemon, lots of random fire stuff, 20 energies, 27 pokemon, lots of miss-managed pokemon lines, 12 trainers!!! OMG it burns my eyes... Just kidding. =P This deck need quite a tune up. =D

    First off, 27 pokemon will not work, expecialy in a fire deck like this. Try to stick with 1 - 2 pokemon (And there evolutions) that work really good together and add to it. YOu should aim for more basic pokemon than evolutions, and more stage 2's than stage 1's. Overall you should have about 18 - 20 pokemon (More or less depending on the deck.) Also add in a few pokemon that you would want to start with (Some good ones are chingling, budew, plusle w/ Call For Family, and mawile (From crystal guardians).

    Second, 12 trainers isn't close to enough. You need 20 to 22 in most decks, some you may even need more! Also, same with the pokemon, try to get more of one type of card instead of just 1 of every card you want. Try going with 4 rare candy, 6 - 8 draw cards, 8 - 10 search cards (Some good ones are celio's network, scott, castaway, and holon mentor.) and the rest are for whatever else you want (extra draw cards, more seach cards, pokeballs, and night mantinance is a good one too (I know I spelled night mantinance wrong...)

    Last (But not least,) you needabout 16 - 18 energies, 20 is just a bit too much. Split the energies even with how many of the pokemon types you have (Example, 12 water pokemon and 8 fire means that you need more water energies than fire.)

    Sorry if that was too long =P If you just skipped down to the bottom, shame on you. If you fell asleep, hope you had a good nap. =D I hope I helped. =D
  5. Blassari

    Blassari New Member

    What if Empoleon comes VS you? You are auto loss...
  6. Rai

    Rai <a href="

    Empoleon VS Fire Decks isn't autoloss... New Magmortar and Typholosion have 110 HP, which is 10 too much for an Empoleon to one shot (unless they weren't bad like my sister, and remembered to Aqua Shower as Prinplup)

    ...Wait a minute, this is old Blaze + Infernape + FireDeltaStuff. Oh. Whoops...

    Okay, judging from the Infernape and Blaziken lines, it looks like you're trying to focus on them. First, cut the Primape and Latias and the other unrelated pokemon. As a general rule of thumb, if the pokemon is not helping your main line in some way (IE: Absol EX moving energy helps a spreader like Empoleon. Stantler helps search out for main hitters. Delcatty from Power Keepers provides energy in the discard for Blaziken's power), then it should not be in the deck!

    If you've removed the non-Infernape/Blaziken stuff, then that's 8 cards removed. It's highly worth it to add in another Blaziken (PK/RS, whichever you happen to have a copy of). Additionally, since the PK Blaziken offers far more advantages then the HP Blaziken, it's recommended that you switch the HP Blaziken to the Firestarter. Doing this addition leaves you with 7 empty slots...

    Okay, Energy time.

    Remove 3 Fire energy and replace with 3 Double Rainbow Energy. This will allow you to use Flare Blitz almost constantly WITHOUT having to switch all of the time, and make it all around easier to play.


    The following trainers have effects that are more efficiently carried out by other trainers, and thus should be replaced: Professor Elm’s Training Method, Mr. Stone’s Project, Professor Cosmo’s Discovery, Master Ball, Bill's Maintenance, Island Hermit

    Replace the Professor Elm's with more Celio's Network from Crystal Guardians (to be able to search for basic pokemon as well, not just Evolutions)

    Bill's Maintenance, Island Hermit and Professor Cosmo's may be able to draw cards, but they do not help set up your deck beyond this pure draw power. TV Reporter on the other hand, will leave energies in the discard for you to return with either Infernape LV.X, or Blaziken PK. Thus, TV Reporter should replace these cards.

    It's often easier to get a Stage 2 out, by just playing a Rare Candy to skip the stage 1, thus you should switch your Master Balls for two more Rare Candies (from either HP or Pop5)

    Now, for what to do with the 7 still empty slots...

    Well, here you've got some options. The way that might prove most beneficial is to play 3 Skitty (from any set), 3 Delcatty (from Power Keepers) and then whatever you want for the last card. This gives you an increased amount of energy in the discard, as well as more draw power

    You also can go with just more draw power cards. Cards such as Suzanne's Research (findable in the new Secret Wonders set, or in the Electivire Starter deck from that set) will help you get either energies or basic pokemon quickly. If you want the ability to withstand more damage, then addition of a few Castaway from Crystal Guardians and Buffer Piece from Dragon Frontiers will reduce damage and make Empoleon a less scary opponent. You've also got the option of maxing out how many of each pokemon you run (up to 4 of each card, however keep in mind that Infernape LV.X and Infernape count as having the same name)

    Hopefully, this helps [del]Though I'm not in the mood for summarizing this all at the bottom. Fixes are just kinda randomly embedded in here. Sorry :/[/del]
  7. zthunderz2

    zthunderz2 New Member

    I don't see the primape doing well because you don't have a quick way to put damage on it
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