Firefighter095's Milford State Championship Report

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  1. This is my report from start to finish:

    6:30 10 minutes late Lumaga 1 gets to my home.
    We get on the road and besides one stop for break time we got there around 9:45

    We get into see FlareStarFire battling with the other state players. Its early so the crowd is small but within 10 minutes Johhnyblaze gets in with his crew and the crowds starts to pile in.

    The night before, LuMaga1 helped me with a deck and get it ready with what sources me and him had. Later that night FlareStrafire helped me imporve the deck.

    I go in with this deck:

    4 carvanah
    4 sharpedo with aqua splash
    4 electrike
    4 manectric with poweer shift
    4 dunsparce
    4 archie
    4 professor oaks research
    4 copy cat
    4 team aqua schemier
    2 strengt charms
    2 crytak shards
    6 electric
    6 water
    4 dark energy
    4 double rainbow energy

    When the tournmant started i got up to see my first oppoent:

    Round 1 vs ???
    I really cant remember the lady's name:(
    When i goit to the table we were 1 minute from beginning and my oppoennent got there. She dident know if she was in the right seat she got up and found she was right. We shuffle and she got 3 mulligans and when she got her first pokemon she said you go first
    I went first with a dunsparce vs a mysterious fossil and this is what i said:
    Im sorry but here is the 1 hit ko. I knocked it out with the end and won.
    Round 2 vs Rob Castiello
    This was a bad start for me. i got a bad hand with 3 mulligans and rob got a nasty 4 pokemon start.
    I tried to start up but his groudon ex pounded and pelted me and by the time i get my sharpedo up i get his pokemon out but his zangoose bashes me and all i got was 2 prizes. By the time his 2nd groudon walked up he easily got his last prize. I walked away with a well deserved lesson.
    Round 3 vd BabyYaga-milford city champion
    We get set and i say, i meet ya 2 rounds ago and now we face
    I started with a cheezy carvanah but she mulliganed 4 times and i still ended with it. She went first and used a mystery plate on her root fossil
    I went and started to power the carvanah and got 2 more pokemon set up. As her 2nd turn comes she mystery plates again and gets nothing so it goes back to me and i get my ending. With that i move down my dunsparce and end it with my sharpedo. We shook hands and decided to battle again for fun. The round ended before we did but she won by prizes. I know now i could stand up to her deck but cradilly is a sick card to work with.
    Round 3 vs LuMaga1:
    We say to eachother,now this is for real and we battle with honor.
    We both started out slow with me getting an early sharpedo advantage. I get the combo of powershifting sharpedo energy to 1 sharpedo after another but ray comes storming back with his machamp and i had 1 prize but he took 2 with that machamp. I started the asault again with sharpedo and with kabutops ex coming i knew i needed manetric to come up and he did but ray had the kabutops running strong. I had it after a long stretch and at this point he gets another machamp and his walord ex with that massive 200 hp. I start assaulting it with 2 sharpedo's but as i get him to 150 damage he get that deep sea dive and gets up a dunsparce. I take that out and he brings in the machoke. I try to take it out but he gets his walord back up for defense. i try to fight it again but his defense of that deep sea dive kicks in and i an stuck. With manetcic now in a trap and his turn still going he gets that machoke up to counter and manectric is almost gone. I get sharpedo up and finish it finally. With a sign of relief i shake his hand and agree it was one hell of a battle neither one of us will ever forget.
    I end up 4th place over all and wait for teh top 8 to start:

    Im sorry to say i cant remember most of the top 8 i played exceprt the match i lost. Its hard to belaivee but iu felt like yami with winning the only thing on my mind so i played like a deep locked trainer.

    the round i remember vvs nick cappereli. Please forgive me if i mispelled your last name
    I remeber the start was a bad one. i mulliganed 2 times. My opponent had an ok start
    I got the party up quick but he came up quiker with his kindra ex. I had no defense so i made mistake that cost me a chance at the match. I threw pokemon as shields and as he had me a 2-6 prize advantage i pulled off a manectric power shot and got him 2 prizes down. i slowly weakened his defenses till it was a 1-1 prize showdown and as i was coming on a win i forgot the elm research he used last turn to get his kindra ex. He pulled off that kindra ex as his last pokemon and the slughtering on both homefronts began. He pulled off a shot on shot assault and i did too but at the end it was down to one shot. If he didnet get a water enrgy i have the chance to win. He draws and its over. 1 water. I found out at the end if no water was oresent he had to nurses in his hands so he would of had me cornered anyays and my deck was down to 10 cards so nomatter what i coudlent stall if he didnet get that water.

    I am sorry to the 2 goys i faced. They were increadible matches i just cant remember them well.

    I ended up in 3rd place with rob Castiello winning it all. At the end i shook the hand if my opponent and walked away for a little but to collect myself and get my 9 packs from BJJ that also said what a great match

    I entered the other side tournmant in the lst secoind and went 8th place

    Really no slops this time

    Major props:
    The owner TJ for making another great day at his shop and being so friendlly
    LuMaga1 for all his help and for a great tournamnet match
    FlareStarFire for an amazing deck idea and for giving me so many great aqua cards
    BJJ for great judging and for all his kindness
    Rob Castiello for a great battle even thought i was slaughtered
    Nintendo for making such a great event and a nice trophy

    See ya all at origins :D
  2. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    Joe - Not too shabby on a deck you built the night before. It was great to see you guys again. Congrats on your 3rd place finish and 1st Top 8 ever. :D :p :D :p :)
  3. Thanks blaze. Its funny that charwolf helped me with the idea and this was all dervived off a fun deck he built that was workled with the cards from a deck ray helped me build. Its a mixed up senario but like you said it was the deck that gave me my first top 8 ever!! :D

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