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  1. Charlie1322

    Charlie1322 New Member

    Hi, this is my deck :

    21 (11+10)
    4-2-4 Flygon EX (DF)
    3-3 Gyarados (DP2)
    4-1 Chimeco (DP2)

    3 RC
    3 PETM
    3 Mentor
    2 Rowan
    2 Steven
    2 Copycat
    1 Scott
    2 Boundary Lake
    2 Switch
    3 Windstorm
    1 Mr. Stones Project

    1 Hlon WP energy
    4 Water Energy
    10 Psychic Energy

    The strategy is easy....get out Flygon EX fast as possible and if you have some problems Gyarados is too good that he solved them:-D.

    Your starter is Chimling which search you in 1st turn Mentor and than Chimeco(which is serched by Mentor) draw you a lot of cards.....

    Boundary Lake is here if you play vs Infercatty and Mario decks.....

    Please send me som e fixes for this deck.

    THX Charlie
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  2. Scipio

    Scipio New Member

    I can't see the two working together. Gyarados has no profit from Flygon, nor vice-versa.
  3. gallade

    gallade New Member

    i agree with scipio, i mean its nothing like the real flygon with flygon delta and fearow. getting out flygon wont do anything exept sand damage till its powerd up. but by then its already 10 hp from being knoked out:unknown-o:unknown-u:unknown-c:unknown-h:eek:
  4. Bobby

    Bobby New Member

    You need some way to get more energy in play, because attaching manually to power up is just too slow. Flygon d from Holon Phantoms is the obvious choice to power the Flygon ex.
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