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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by tyranitarpownzor, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. tyranitarpownzor

    tyranitarpownzor New Member

    GRASS DECK: :grass:

    60 cards


    1 illumise
    1 volbeat
    4 pachirisu(use 2 ones i have and 2 proxies)
    2 treeko
    1 grovle
    2 sceptile
    3 turtwig
    2 grotle
    3 torterra
    1 torterra lv X


    3 prof oaks visit
    2 castaway
    2 strength charm
    3 bebe search
    4 roseannes research
    2 stevens advice
    2premier ball
    4 rare candies
    2 amulet coins


    12 grass
    2 DRE
    2 scramble

    im know i need celios...or stevens advice and just good trainers.....4 good grass types both that heal and spread energys seems good....dont know.....:confused:
    my idea is 2 use the ability of sceptile to help my grass types..i like having the pachis to grab some basics...use the volbeat and illumise to help get important supporters back to me..and get more grass energys...along w/ torterra healing my bench and self as well...i dont know....can anyone help???:thumb:

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  2. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    You only really need 1 of each Volbeat and Illumise. You don't want to start with them. Celebi is a good start for grass pokemon, but with so many pokemon lines, Pachirisu might be a better idea. Other than that, the pokemon line doesn't look that bad. Good job!

    The energy could be better. You can abuse DRE and Scramble, remember that. I would put in 1-2 DRE and 1-2 Scramble in there. This deck will take a bit longer to setup with multiple stage 2's. I know Sceptile can multiply energy, but you might not be able to get out a Sceptile all the time. So 1-2 Scramble to cover your butt isn't always a bad idea.

    max out the bebe's, and replace them with celio's if you have them. 1 more roseanne's might be a good idea. 4 rare candies is perfect.

    Good luck with the deck, it's definitely looking better!
  3. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    W00t! A Torterra deck! I love these things! OK, you shouldn't be playing Bebe's Search when you don't even have any ex in the deck. Definitely go with Celeio's Network, and make it x4. Team Galactic's Mars is a really weak draw card and it doesn't fit your strategy, so replace them with a Prof. Oak's Visit and use that extra slot for fourth the Celio's Network that I recommended. You might want to replace Professor Rowan with something like two Castaway + 1 Strength Charm. Also consider running a starter like Pachirisu, with a 1-1 support Pokemon line. Good luck!
  4. tyranitarpownzor

    tyranitarpownzor New Member

    thanx guys..ill change it....anyone else got any ideas???
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