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    Funkalicious/Rainbow Astronaut/ The Ace

    Masters Report
    US Nationals 2008
    Jorel Ker @Empoleon/Bronzong...not Edgar

    So I have been playing Empoleon Bronzong for a while now. Robby W. (Rew) and I have been playtesting quite a bit with it, and we decided we had the list exactly how we wanted it. Ready for nats!

    So on Tuesday night, I still was at a complete blank about what to play. I knew there was going to be porygon2, Venomoth, and Lunatone Solrock stuff, so I wanted to play something with cess crystal. Here is what I came up with.

    4/4 Gorebyss(50 and confusion off 2 with free retreat)
    2 Chatot

    4 Cess
    3 Beach
    Draw Cards
    Plus powers
    other trainers

    8 water
    6 psyichic

    I don't really remember much, so I will skip to the top cut.

    Top 16. Something [email protected]
    He is weak to water, so it wasn't too much of a game. I win game 1. He donks me game 2. I donk him game 3

    Top 8. vs Hariyama
    The first game is pretty darn close. He has 3 retreat so the confusion is really throwing him off. I win the first game. Ok so the rules for the professor cup are a little different. If you lose the first game, but are winning when time is called in the second game, it counts as a win. So time is called on my turn in the 2nd game. I take a prize to tie it. He can't take a prize. I do whatever my first attack is called to bring up his chatot with 40 damage and put it to 50. H can't ko, so I bring it up again for the win.

    Top 4. vs Breloom/ Donphan
    He doesn't need Donphan against me. Gorebyss is an autoloss to Breloom because of the free retreat. He hit heads 2 for 2 on confusion. I probably would have lost anyways.

    I scoop pretty early in game 2.

    3rd/4th. vs Brent [email protected]
    We kind of played for about 10 minutes. I scooped. We were joking around more than we were playing. I got my ds and ipod touch. I was just too tired to try and win 2 games against an auto loss.

    So I get 4h in the prof cup as the only Gorebyss deck in the tourny. Yay ipod touch!

    :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:

    OK now back to the real tournament.

    For a second, I doubt my deck choice, but I know that it would be such a bad move to give up on the deck now after all the work I have put into it.

    Here is my poke line

    3/2/3/1 Empoleon
    2/2 Bronzong
    2/2 Claydol
    1/0/1 Dusknoir
    1 Absol ex
    1 Phione
    1 Holon's Castform

    Ok so I never expected to go far, so I didn't really keep track of my games. Sorry if my game reports are a little fuzzy

    Round 1: Ajay @ Leafeon/Magmortar
    Most of my games start off the same way. By turn2/3/4 I am hitting with either prinplup or empo. I start to spread, and he has a little trouble getting out a Leafeon. Once he gets it out, I warp point it to the bench, rare candy to Dusknoir and dark palm. Time is called on my turn. I win. We played it out, and I still won. It was really close, though. I think 2 prizes.

    Round 2: Ryan [email protected] Houndoom
    Weak to water. I should win? He got t2 and drew 6 straight prizes :frown:

    Round 3: [email protected] ex...
    Yeah...this was the lowest point in my short poke life. He gets t3/4 Salamence ex doing 150 a turn while I am struggling to get anything. I am yet to draw a prize and he only has 2 left. I switch my strategy to letting him deck out since he only has 3 cards in his deck. He can't attack me for 150, or else he will deck. That soon falls through as he copycats my 3 card hand. I scramble Dusknoir to ko his Salamence. Next turn I drop Absol to ko his Shelgon. Next turn I put 10 damage on Togekiss. Ko next turn. All he has left is 2 phiones. He presents on to the active and time is called. I lose by one prize. This is where it gets bad. About 15 minutes after the game was over, I felt like the biggest idiot. I only drew one prize of the Sally ex. What a noob.

    So now I am 1-2. All of my Texas buddies are doing really well. I know my shot is slim to none. I won't make it at 6-3. I have to win 6 straight games to make it. I am in a really bad mood at this point. I honestly don't think I can do it, and I am definitely on tilt from my horrible mistake.

    Round 4: Name? Sorry @Leafeon/Blissey
    He has a slow start, and I have a good one. I know that Dusknoir and Absol are vital for the Leafeon matchup and I save both of them for the right time. I get a lot of early spread, but try to stay away from the ko's to keep myself in scramble position. His setup is still really bad so I take a couple of prizes. He starts to manage a comeback, but he plays a 4th poke on his bench. I rare candy into dusknoir. Warp pont his leafeon and dark palm. Then I ko his active. Next turn he plays down eevee. I drop absol to move 3 and dual splash ftko. He pretty much scoops. Sorry I can't remember your name man. Definitely a cool guy.
    2-2...only 5 more to go

    Round 5:[email protected]/Darkrai
    Ok so he only plays once a nats. I am thinking this will be a quickie. Then I draw my seven cards. Castform start. It's ok, I have Roseannes and Claydol. 2 Baltoys prized.....ut oh. He gets Honchkrow on the bench. and starts doing 50 a turn while I am draw passing. I finally manage an empoleon and dual splash a Murkrow and the Honchkrow x. Next turn, topdeck WAGER!!!!!! I win it. Level up, supreme command, snipe the Honchkrow for 80 and ko. The game completely switched. I drew prizes until I finally got a Baltoy. After that it was smooth sailing. Thank you wager for being on the top of my deck. :smile:
    3-2...ut oh winning record

    Round 6: Robby W. @ Funkalicious
    WHY? We have been testing this deck together for weeks now. We get the list exactly how we want it. We are playing the exact same 60 cards, and we get paired against eachother in a knockout game. This was the most somber game of my life. Whoever wins still loses. Why TOM why?!?!?!

    His setup is way better than mine. He gets T2 Dual Splash and hits my Piplups. The best I can do is aqua shower. He ko's me. I scramble dual splash him, but I go for the Claydol. He get a couple of ko's and I'm still struggling, but things are looking pretty good. I know that if I can ko the Claydol, it will shift the game into my favor. I had the scramble every time I needed it this game. I ko the Claydol. I think the winning play was when I dropped absol to put enough damage on his benched Empoleon to snipe it for 80 and the ko. On his next turn he gets a great Absol drop ko as well. He just wen too long without a Claydol, and I was doing Supreme Command quite a bit. I win by time...What a dumb game.
    4-2...:frown: Why Robby?!?!?!?!

    OK so I don't remember any names after this point. Sorry...

    Round 7:mad:Gardylade
    My first gardy game. He starts with chatot. I get t2 aqua shower. T3 Dual Splash. He has an absolutely terrible setup after atleast 4 mimics. He never gets out a stage 2. I 6-0'd him, but it wasn't really a game. I hate games like that. Oh yeah...Absol drop ftw
    5-2...What? Only 2 more?!?!?

    Round 8:mad:mirror
    This guy was cool. He started off 1-2 as well. I get anothe great start. I actually go T2 Bronzong Coating for atleast 5 straight turns. He can't get much going, He finally gets a Claydol, but my active Bronzong puts enough damage for me to Dual Splash it for the ko. He actually manages to draw quite a few prizes for what seemed to be a lopsided game. I won by 3 prizes I think.
    6-2...only one more and I am in! I am freaking out at this point.

    Round 9:mad:BanBliss
    We talked before the game, and I knew what he was playing. Anything with Banette is a pretty good matchup for me. He gets ascension T1, but no other basics, so he does T2 40 to my Phione. By the time he does 40 again for the ko, I am completely set up thanks to Phione. I scramble Empo and hit Banette and Shuppett for 30. I didn't want to give him the 80 with Banette. That's why I chose to go with Dual Splash. His deck kind of falls out on him, and he is struggling to get much going. I set up his blisseys for the 1hko with Empo, but I end up not really needing it, because I just scrambled a Bronzong and let his Blisseys take damage from Bronzong's body. I eventually hit his benched Blissey with all the energy for 80 and the ko, and that was about it. This was another cool guy, and he ended up making the cut at 6-3.

    I can't believe I did it. I found out Jimmy did the same thing...pretty cool. Too bad he had to knock out my boy Billy K.

    So we play the top 64 Saturday night.

    Top 64: Abraham @ Gardylade/Dusknoir
    I knew he played Dusknoir before the game, so I kept my bench small. I knew what I had to do against him. The game actually played out about as well as I could ask. I got an early dual splash. He flips 4 prizes for the ko. I scramble Bronzong and coating to put Gallade at 120. I let him stay there. Why knock it out? I spread spread spread, keeping myself in scramble position. At one point, he is 10 short of the ko on a Bronzong because he forgot about Coating. If I remember correctly, I dropped Absol and Dual Splash for 3 big ko's in 1 turn, and he just can't recover. He scoops soon after.

    By the time game 2 started, we only had about 10 minutes. I knew that if I could avoid the Gallade donk, I win. I start with a lone Bronzor and nothing else. Topdeck call energy . Next turn evolve to Claydol/Prinplup aqua shower. I actually draw a couple of prizes before time runs out.

    On to Top 32 on Sunday

    Top 32: Nancy L. @Gardylade/Mismagius
    Are you kidding me? Out of 31 possible opponents, I get paired against somoene who lives an hour aways from me. Somoene I see at every battle road and cities. Tom hated me this weekend.

    This game goes very similar to the one against Abraham. The difference between the 2 games is that I felt I had the game the entire time against Abraham while Nancy had me shaking in my boots. I again left her Gallade at 120 and started to spread. There was actually a time where I passed 3 times in a row as my body put damage on her powers. We both made a few sloppy misplays this game, but she made one that really cost her. She didn't get the ko on Bronzong because of coating. I was then able to take 3 prizes with pain amplifier. I was down to 1 prize and sniped the bench for 70 with a dre for the ko.

    Just like the round before, there just wasn't enough time for her to make a comeback. There was only about 15 minutes. I won on time.

    Well, that stinks. I had to play against 2 of my close pokebuddies in knock out games.
    9-2...8 game win streak

    Top 16: Eric C. @ Leafeon/Magmortar
    I was really nervous about this game. Anyone who is anyone knows what kind of record Eric has. I think I was more scared than nervous.

    My memory on these games is somewhat fuzzy. I will try to remember what I can.

    I get an awesome start. T2 Bronzong Coating. He could not get out a Leafeon. I knew that I needed to take out his Claydol. Once Bronzong got enough damage on it, I took it out with Empoleon. I kept a pretty consistent supreme command on him. He by no means was going down without a fight. I actually think he was going to pull off the comeback until I got a celios with cosmic power. Candy to Dusknoir. I play the warp. He knows I am going to pick up the Leafeon so he scoops.

    The 2nd game was a lot like the first one, but he was completely without energy. Not only that, he flipped tails on Vaporeon's discard attack like 3 times in a row. I would have been crippled if he hit heads on those. I try to keep the same strategy this game. I know that I am not going to be able to pull off the Dusknoir trick this game. He kept his bench small. I was able to keep my x out almost the whole game. I think I did hydro impact 3 times this game. Twice to Claydol, once to a benched leafeon. It was a misplay since I didn't get the knock out (20 extra hp from Espeon). Looking back at it though, I think it was the right play. I was able to get easy damage on a Leafeon. Because of that I was able to ko it 2 turns later. At one point I drop an absol to dual splash an eevee. I win in 2 games.

    Thanks a lot for the game. If you could have pulled anything in that 2nd game, I know you would have had it.

    Top 8:[email protected]/Cresselia/Breloom
    I wanted to play this just like all of my other Gardy matchups. There was just one little problem. I started with Absol, and I soon realized that two of my Scrambles were prized. I manage a little fight, but that matchup is nearly impossible without scrambles. I couldn't hit on the whole game.
    I don't want to get into it, but long story short Gino got a game loss on game 1.

    In the 2nd game, I prized two of my empoleons. My hand was dead the entire game. He played really well, and beat me very easily. I actually scooped, knowing that if game 3 is a short game, it is more in his favor.

    So in the 3rd game, I thought we had a little bit more time than we did. I made about 5 crucial misplays in 2 turns. He has a really bad start, but mine isn't really any better. He is attacking with cresselia x. All of his energies are on it. I rare candy to Dusknoir, warp point...and attack with Empoleon. I forget to pick up the Cresseila. He retreats for free and hits me for 40. Now it is my turn, He has gallade and kirlia on the bench. I am thinking that I don't want him to get Gardy, so I pick up the Kirlia. I attach to my bench and then time is called, Nobody has drawn a prize yet. i hit his bench for 30. If he can't ko, I win on my next turn. He uses cosmic power, gets the DRE, retreats, psychic cut ftw. I will never be able to understand why I didn't pick up the Gallade. I have no excuse. It was a bad play...nothing else.

    Oh well, Gino played better than I did and deserved to continue. Misplays don't make it.

    So 10-3 on the day.

    I get an invite!!!!

    Rainbow Astronaut
    Absol ex drops
    $3 Deck boxes
    ipod touch :smile:
    scholarship money
    worlds invite
    ds lite
    All my friends who have been testing with me for the past few weeks(Robby, Cameron, Alec)

    Misplays...too many
    Having to knock out my close friends
    no sleep
    Torterra not winning. I wanted Colin to win so bad!

    Yeah I am going to be out of town all week, so I won't be responding on my thread.

  2. Deus_Ex_Machina

    Deus_Ex_Machina New Member


    Good job man.
  3. Jason

    Jason New Member

    gj on making this far, Jorel ;)
  4. mila

    mila New Member

    how many mentors/rosseanes
  5. jkwarrior

    jkwarrior New Member

    no no no :smile:

    17 characters...
  6. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    At least he has the nads to admit that he does misplay. There are so many good players who think that they always play perfectly...I lawled.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 3, 2008
  7. secretsof2113

    secretsof2113 Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    Congrats Jorel. You played my boyfriend in round 9 (his name is Stephen BTW). He said you were pretty awesome yourself, and was glad to see that both of you made it to top.
  8. charchar

    charchar New Member

    NICE JOB!! good luck at worlds. yet again another GG.
  9. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    And exactly where did you place at World's??

    Now that we are outside of the Tournament.... I am VERY Proud of the way you handled yourself and also very Proud to be able to call you a friend! Guess those Dice helped huh!:tongue:

    Great job and I ma glad you didn't quit playing like we taled about in Oklahoma a few years ago!

    This guy is a Class Act and also deserves recognition for his talent!

    WTG Brutha!

    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 3, 2008
  10. Rashad

    Rashad New Member

    WTG u did Tejas proud wish i could of made the trip
    You were long overdue for this in my opinion so congrats for your good season this year and the job well done in Nationals.
  11. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    knockout game... =/... why did it have to be a knockout game.... i'd rather play you in round 1. good job though!
  12. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    Woah, your Poke list is almost the exact same as mine. -Phione and the Emp X and add in a Zapdos. EmpoZong is the PWNage!
  13. Diaz

    Diaz New Member

    The deck name should officially be: "The Ace".
  14. Professor Elm

    Professor Elm Active Member

    Nice job Jorel!
    You deserved it!
  15. Deus_Ex_Machina

    Deus_Ex_Machina New Member

    Jorel Me You And Munchkin At Worlds
  16. Naki Feralkin

    Naki Feralkin New Member

    See man? I told you that ya didn't have anything to worry about in Round 9! You did it!

    Good luck at worlds!
  17. spazcrackers

    spazcrackers New Member

    honestly you had the one of the most original and certainly the coolest deck in the professor cup,i was rooting for you in t4 pal.

    anyways nice job getting as far as you did,you performed very well both days nothing to sneer at there. props on everything bud,'til next time.

  18. jkwarrior

    jkwarrior New Member

    Thanks for the responses

    Shout out to all of my tejas buddies. Fish, Rew, Hitmonchan, Cyrus, Drrty Byll and whoever else

    Time to go lay down. I am super sick.

    I think I will be able to make it to worlds, afterall.

    Munchkin ftw at Worlds
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2008
  19. empoleonperson

    empoleonperson Active Member

    you use though sleeves i traded you lol but gj.
  20. jkwarrior

    jkwarrior New Member

    no i used pink dragon shields

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