Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by DukeFireBird, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. DukeFireBird

    DukeFireBird Gallery Administrator<br>Forum Moderator

    My variant of an oldschool pull down deck


    Pokemon (14)
    4 Ralts SW
    3 Kirlia SW
    4 Gallade SW
    1 Omanyte PK
    2 Omastar PK

    Trainers (27)
    4 Celio's Network
    2 Copycat
    2 Mysterious Fossil
    4 Professor Oak's Visit
    4 Rare Candy
    3 Roseanne's Research
    4 TV Reporter
    4 Warp Point

    Energy (19)
    4 Fighting
    4 Psychic
    3 Water
    4 Double Rainbow
    4 Scramble

    STRAT: Use Gallade to knock Pokemon down to 50 HP, and then Omastar to pull down for KOs
  2. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    I think you should play at least one Gardevoir SW to help you setup.

    TODDakaESTEBAN New Member

    unless you were playing 4 cessation crystal but you weren't so...

    you have too many energies, you should cut them for a fossil excavator or more fossils

    14-16 enerrgy should be fine

    good strat but i think using gardy lvlx's bring down accomplishes the same thing but fits into the deck better and let's you take 2 prizes from an evolved ex, pulling down just let's you kill the basic
  4. Nevermore

    Nevermore New Member

    I'd recommend the following:

    - Take out one Kirlia for a Gardevoir
    - You don't need *any* :water: energy, unless you want to use Omastar's Hydrocannon. Take it out.
    - Energy should look somewhat like this: 4 DRE, 4 Fighting, 4 Multi, 3 Scramble
    - Drop TVR for 2 Bebe's Search and 2 Night Maintenance (or TSD, if you feel lucky). Also, 2 Roseannes will do.

    This leaves 5 spaces for:
    - 1 additional Fossil
    - 1 additional Omastar
    - 2 Fossil Excavator
    - 1 Scott
  5. t-tar shockwave

    t-tar shockwave New Member

    how about playing cressila lvX? when a pokemon with 50HP left becomes active again, move one damage counter on them then attack for two prizes?
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