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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by iPWN, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. iPWN

    iPWN New Member

    24 Poke

    3-2-2-2 Garchomp
    2-2 Claydol
    1-0-1 Amphoros
    1-0-1 Metagross
    1-0-1 Gardevoir
    2 Lunatone
    1 Gallade
    1 Chatot
    1 Ho-oh


    4 Felicity's Drawing
    4 Rare Candy
    2 Great Ball
    2 Bebe's Search
    2 Roseanne's Research
    2 Warp Point


    4 :fighting:

    Strategy is pretty simple. This is just a rough draft until I figure out what I want to do. The trainers are the big issue for me right now, I'm not sure how want to set it up so any suggestions would be great...
  2. iPWN

    iPWN New Member

    Anyone......??? Is it just that bad or what?
  3. mikeynumber1

    mikeynumber1 New Member

    i would try this list

    4-2-3-1 garchomp
    1-0-1 gallade
    2-2 claydol
    2 lunatone
    1 chatot
    2 phione
    1-0-1 metagross

    4 rare candy
    4 felicity's
    3 roseanne's
    4 bebe's
    2 warp point
    3 plus power
    1 nm

    3 psychic
    3 fire
    3 water
    3 metal (basic)
    2 fighting
    2 electric
  4. boastersupreme270

    boastersupreme270 New Member

    u might want 2 try togekiss in the dek it sets up not only ur garchomps but ho oh more quikly u
    - 1 ralts
    -1 gardevoir
    -1 gallade
    -1 marrep
    -1 ampharos
    + 2 togepi
    + 2 togekiss
    + 1 ho oh
  5. Sandslash7

    Sandslash7 <a href="

    I dont think Ho-Oh is the play with Garchomp...

    Togekiss is good, but depending on your build, unnecessary.

    If you want to play Garchomp as your Main attacker, go with this:

    4-2-3-1 Chomp
    2-2 Claydol
    2-1-2 Togekiss
    1-0-1 Ampharos
    2 Phione

    Generic Trainer line with Rare Candy, Felicity, Bebe, Roseannes, TGW, Warp Point, Night Maintenance etc...

    4 Fire
    4 Psychic
    3 Water
    2 Fighting
    3 Lighting
    2 Dark

    Hope thats a good base.
  6. kd0220437

    kd0220437 Active Member

    Just in my whole opinion the whole reason you run techs is to be revived. I think that you need to look into running just either straight Garchomp, other wise if you run to many techs, 1-0-1 lines your looking at needing more candies than you can run. Just a thought. Good Luck!
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