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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Tentacruel13, May 21, 2008.

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  1. Tentacruel13

    Tentacruel13 New Member


    POKEMON: 21
    Level-Up: 1
    1 : Garchomp Lv.X, MD-97
    Stage 2: 5
    1 : Nidoqueen (d), DF-7
    1 : Gallade, SW-6
    3 : Garchomp, MT-9
    Stage 1: 5
    2 : Gabite, MT-48
    2 : Delcatty, PK-8
    1 : Breloom, SW-45
    Basic: 10
    2 : Skitty, PK-62
    4 : Gible, MT-85
    1 : Unown G, GE-57
    2 : Lunatone, GE-76
    1 : Nidoran F, MT-91

    TRAINERS: 22
    Trainers: 10
    4 : Rare Candy, GE-102
    1 : Night Maintenance MT-113
    1 : Premier Ball, GE-101
    4 : PlusPower, SW-121
    Supporters: 9
    2 : Roseanne's Research, SW-125
    4 : Bebe's Search, SW-119
    3 : Felicity's Drawing, GE-98
    Pokemon Tools: 1
    1 : Strength Charm, DF-81
    Stadiums: 2
    2 : Crystal Beach, CG-75

    ENERGY: 17
    Basic Energy: 17
    1 : Darkness Energy, DP-129
    4 : Psychic Energy, DP-127
    2 : Fighting Energy, DP-128
    2 : Fire Energy, DP-124
    2 : Water Energy, DP-125
    3 : Lightning Energy, DP-126
    2 : Metal Energy, DP-130
    1 : Grass Energy, DP-123

    Strategy:Start with a Gible and aim for a T2 Garchomp and a T3 Garchomp Lv.X. While doing that setup a Lunatone/Nidoqueen d/Delcatty/All if you can. Discard Garchomp/tech and energies and restore with Garchomp. Then T4 retreat for restored product. and get ready to restore again after the Garchomp/Tech gets KOed. Also in the process attach and Unown G to Garchomp Lv.X to keep it alive.
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  2. Abyss

    Abyss New Member

    u kinda need sentret for furret, and at least on gabite
  3. Tentacruel13

    Tentacruel13 New Member

  4. Flygon999

    Flygon999 New Member

    How do you copy/paste redshark decklists?

    Anyways, too many lunatones and pokemon and try one gallade.
  5. orangematt

    orangematt New Member

    Delcatty, Furret AND Nidoqueen seems like a lot. No?

    I do like the Nidoqueen idea though.

    TODDakaESTEBAN New Member

    i would ditch delcatty, or furret, personally if i had to choose i'd ditch delcatty just because, most decks that run dres and scrambles have battle frontier, not too sure about seniors but i think furret is safer in that regard
  7. Garch

    Garch <a href="

    Er... that's 62 cards...
  8. ChaosKnuckles

    ChaosKnuckles New Member

    Take out 1 Flygon ex(pk)(the other one should be the DF one) and a Furret. Maybe 2x Lunatone 1x Solrock. I would recomend changeing the Delcatty to a Claydol(Lunatone will be enough discarding). -2 Strenght Charm for +1 Crystal Beach +1 TGW. T have tested a deck with the same concept. I recommend trying to get out your starer even if you don't start out with it. Watch out for fast decks.
    Last edited: May 23, 2008
  9. orangematt

    orangematt New Member

    I definitely suggest at least 1 Lunatone. If you're able to keep the Nidoqueen line consistent, that would be a good combo.
  10. Tentacruel13

    Tentacruel13 New Member

    I edited the list and I am proud to say that this list has no errors. So start criticizing and commenting!
  11. ChaosKnuckles

    ChaosKnuckles New Member

    Maybe if cut down on the Energys by 3-4(you don't play Togekiss so that many isn't needed) for another Crystal Beach and some Roseanna's(you need some way to get your Basics). I would play TVR over Felicity's but thats your call, since both have their advantages.
  12. Tentacruel13

    Tentacruel13 New Member

    I found some space for 2 Roseanne's.
  13. Garch

    Garch <a href="

    I use 4 felicity's and a claydol line, and it makes the deck unbelivably fast, so I'd suggest those. For the claydol take out the delcatty.
  14. Tentacruel13

    Tentacruel13 New Member

    I like Delcatty better than Claydol, so no thank you. Maybe next season though. 4 Felcity's isn't really required with Delcatty.
  15. Tentacruel13

    Tentacruel13 New Member

    Edited it to version 1.3! I can edit it more with more criticism!

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    I want to be able to fit in at least 1 Wager, but I don't know what to take out. Any suggestions?
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