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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Dragon100, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. Dragon100

    Dragon100 New Member

    help me upgrade this deck

    2 ralts df
    2 ralts sw
    3 kirlia sw
    3 gallade sw
    3 gardevoir sw
    1 gardevoir lv x sw
    2 sentret sw
    2 furret sw
    2 absol sw

    1 mentor
    2 roseannes
    3 celios
    2 petm
    2 pov
    1 stevens
    2 phoebes
    4 rare candy
    2 windstorm
    2 premeir ball
    1 night maintainance
    1 lake boundary

    10 psychic
    1 scramble
    3 dre
    3 fighting

    pls help me fix for a better deck
  2. kd0220437

    kd0220437 New Member

    Well I really would look into just running one specific starter. I understand both starters you have listed, but if you look at absol he is good for the beginning of the game and really no where else. Furret, granted it takes two turns to get him going, gets you two of any card at any time. In my opinion out of the two listed I would look at running 4-3 Furret line and then get rid of Absol.
    Or you could just go with Pachirisu and get 3 ralts for a very fast start as well. I would also look into a 2-2 line of Claydol to really balance your deck out and allow you to draw and keep your hand small.

    Take out the mentor and bump your Rosannes up to 3, take out the lake boundry for another Celio's bumping that up to 4 you will want to have 4 of these especially in this deck. With the energy I would take out a fighting and a psychic and put in another scramble, and a DRE. With Gallade you will want it, and when you get lv.x out you can play it without hindering Bring Down.

    Hope this helps some Good LUCK!!
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