Got lamed today at a lame local tourney...

Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by Jason, Sep 14, 2007.

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  1. Jason

    Jason New Member

    well...the tourney was totally lame because of a number of issues.

    FIrst of all.

    Does the TO allow to let an event go ahead with ONLY 4 players?


    Does Prof. Elm get Empoleon Lv. X? Well this person tried to rule me out but I backed up on Celios saying that Celio is the only pre DP supporter that can get lv.Xs. Am I right that Elm cant get Lv.X. (This person is obviously out of date on rulings and often create wrong ones since Lv.X is considered as a different level right?)


    Is the judge allowed to point and look at the opponent hand the WHOLE time ... that is totally wrong and it shows favourism and sort of giving out advicves etc. So immature. As you know he never look at my hand but was looking at the oppoent hand the whole time.


    Regarding to Professor Rowan
    As I only have one card left in my hand as well as Rowan, am i allow to draw 4 cards?


    how do i prevent or stop someone from being a PTO since that person...well let's say... power hungry and very biased.



    Thx Pokepop.

    1. i am sure the mininum to run is 8. right?

    2. thx.

    3. he was giviing the player hints on trying to beat me....hints not advices.

    4. ah ok. thx,

    5. mhm.
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  2. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    1. A 4 player tournament cannout be sanctioned. It would be played as an unsanctioned tourmament.

    2. No. Level X cards are not Evolution cards. You are correct, it PETM can't get them. A card has to say BOTH "basic and (or) evolution cards" to get Level X. PETM only says one of those.

    3. "point"? You mean give advice? NEVER EVER EVER. Point and ask a question? Yes, as long as it's not guiding the player in what would be good to play.

    4. Yes. You have to have the card to keep, but just like Copycat and Prof Oak's Research and so on, you don't have to have anything more to shuffle in. You do have to shuffle, though.

    5. Report those instances. Of course, if this was not a sanctioned tournament, I'm not sure if PUI would have any effect on it.

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