Great Encounters Manhattan, New York Sat 2/2

Discussion in 'Prerelease Tournaments' started by dtrain, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    Pokemon Great Encounters TCG Prerelease
    Date: 2/2
    Location: 15 West 37 st
    Phone #:212-633-1288
    Registration: 12:00 PM

    Fee: $30. You will receive 6 packs for deck building, sleeves and promo card (while supplies last). At the end of the event you will receive 2 additional packs.
    ***NG will be including additional prizes (booster packs, play mats, etc.) to undefeated players. In addition, random players from each age group will receive the same types of additional prizes.
  2. pikachual

    pikachual New Member

    did the price go up?......BTW who won the NG championship in December?
  3. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    Yes. Look under my first post. Also Brian G. won the championship
  4. Acril

    Acril New Member

    Well, if the price goes up, then the rewards better be good
  5. pokemonfuentes

    pokemonfuentes New Member

    well im thinking about playing again so il prolly be there
  6. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    The prerelease is today. Woot!

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    Thanks to all who showed up today!
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