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  1. tinox6

    tinox6 New Member

    Hey Poke-friends! I just thought I’d share my experiences with you guys at the North and South Carolina state championships!

    First up is NC! I decide to play Luxchomp first week and VileGar 2nd week. I should have played anything BUT Luxchomp week one. Somewhere between the Georgia marathon and states LuxChomp got VERY boring…I probably would have known that if I had done any serious testing (well, I tested one day…but didn’t play Luxchomp much).

    Round 1: So we’re setting up and the guy is telling me it’s his first tourney ever. He starts lone Unown R and I start lone Crobat G with NO draw power in my hand. He draws and passes. Unown R makes me suspicious, and since I don’t have any pokemon on my bench or any way to get any, I attach expert belt and pass. He then takes like a 10 minute turn to do 130 damage to my Crobat while explaining to my why Alph Lithograph is in his deck…I’m thinking…I know dude…it’s good in Uxie donk…you don’t have to convince me. The weird thing was he played it at a point where he clearly was going to win…and I had no pokemon on my bench…so he wouldn’t be able to use any of the cards he just looked at anyway. Oh well. I thought it was suspicious that he had victory medals in his deck, seeing as this was his first tournament and all. Apparently a friend of mine helped him make the deck. Freak Uxie donk. Freak SPs on that note. I hope he had fun…although I don’t see how he could have with Uxie donk…I mean, I sure didn’t have fun playing SP all day.

    Round 2: Luxchomp mirror.
    So I’m playing against a friend of mine and we do the garchomp thing and it’s really boring. I barely win. There was a turn where I had forgotten what I had done last turn (I was a little sick…that’s my excuse ;P ) and was about to attach a DCE and he let me pull it back to my hand and throw a warp down instead, which was nice.

    Round 3: LuxChomp mirror.
    It was really boring again. He ran 2 Dragonites which was good I guess. I lost. Those dragons got me.

    Round 4: Sablelock
    So I’m up 2 or 3 prizes and he gets Honchkrow out. I really just needed a lightning energy or a cyrus to win…but of course my cyrus was thrown back in the deck earlier and I can draw anything so Honchy rips through all my guys. No big deal.

    Round 5: Oh good. Uxie donk again.
    So I get dialga and deafen. I hate SP. My opponent was awesome tho and we had a good chat!

    Round 6: DialgaChomp
    So yeah…first 6 rounds of the tourney I see 4 decks with Garchomp C in them and 2 Uxie donks…It’s not like I’ve never played against SP with SP before, I mean hadn’t lost many games this year with SP…I played it at 4 cities and won one of them and got 2nd at another…I just didn’t feel challenged today due to the repetition of the SP mirror. So I lost this one somehow. I just remember my opponent looking at me after every card he played beit a pokemon, supporter….I don’t run supporter sprays. . . no need to fear.

    Round 7 TTar.
    At least It wasn’t SP! But I donked him…what a great way to end such a thrilling day. Ugh. I grab my VileGar deck and we play some fun matches, and by fun matches I mean they were actually literally fun.

    I just want to say to the SP players: Please don’t take this the wrong way. If you play SP that’s totally fine! I’m not bashing other people who play it. I just regret playing it myself because I was so bored with it all day. I started to get bored with it in the GA marathon in top 4 but figured it was just because I was tired. So I personally am done with it…but I’m not looking down my nose at anyone who plays it. I mean the deck has great support, great matchups, and takes a lot of skill to play properly.

    Week 2. I decide to play VileGar but can’t decide between a 1-1 Mewtwo, 1-1 Blaziken FB X, or 1-1 Blissey. I go with Mewtwo.

    Round 1: vs. my friend Hobson with LostGar
    So It’s a speed lostgar with palkia g x. He gets 5 in the LZ and I take 6 prizes. Crazy good match.

    Round 2: Donphan
    So he takes 2 early prizes but in doing so puts 20 damage on a Crobat, Uxie, and Azelf…I shadow room those, shadow room something else, and poltergeist twice for the win.

    Round 3: Fletcher w/ G-Dos
    Fletcher is a friend of mine and a pretty good player. He’s playing G-dos with a dialga tech. The game it SUPER crazy. I put Regice in the lost zone with Cursed Drop and poltergeist for a few prizes. I get up 3 prizes. He Portraits my Twins like two turns in a row because every time I put it in the deck it just came straight back to my hand…I end up winning this one by maybe 1-2 prizes as he runs out of resources. At one point in the game I thought he could have protraited my Twins twice in one turn, but apparently he didn’t have the resources in his deck to get all the things I thought he could have gotten. Amazing game Fletch, I always enjoy playing you!
    Round 4: Gengar Dusknoir.
    This deck was AWESOME! So I had a sloooow slow start and he got a dusknoir and a gengar prime set up. He Damage Evens my gengar for 80, I KO dusknoir I think, then he cursed drops a full gengar line into the Lost Zone with his Gengar prime. Somehow, after playing as many pokemon from my hand that I can, I still have 3 pokemon in my hand at the end of my turn. He Hurls them into the LZ then plays Lost World next turn. Awesome game tho. It really was a lot of fun.

    Round 5: Yanmega Shaymin
    I don’t get to see mutch. She starts Uxie and I start Q! I go first topdeck Spiritomb from Triumphant (which I REALLY like as it makes your opponent shuffle and draw 6 which has won many a game for me). Retreat the Q and send up Tomb. She hits it for 20 and passes. She must have had an aweful hand… I play Collector for Uxie, Azelf and Tomb. I Q the active TM Tomb and I lock up the Uxie with Azelf. She plays down a Bronzor… and hits my Azelf for 40 with Uxie. I play Seeker and Lockup for the win.

    Round 6: Ken Cross with Scizor Electrode.
    Ok, this was the most fun I had ALL day. He starts Sableye and impersonates a collector for Voltorb and 2 Scyther. He gets a t-2 Scizor and Electrode prime. Uses Energymite to give me a prize and attach 2 metal energies. He takes 2 prizes while I set up. I KO Sableye and Uxie on the bench to take 2 prizes while he attacks my Gengar and I flip heads to take my 4th prize. So he sends up another Sableye while setting up 3 Scizor. I Poltergeist it to grab my 5th prize. He has only 3 Scizor on the field, 1-2 trainers in his hand, 3 prizes left and I can’t grab my Gengar Prime to cursed drop, as I have nothing to allow me to do so. So I just let Gengar sit there and take shots and hope Fainting Spell can steal a game. I flip tails. He’s got 2 prizes left to my 1. I send up another Gengar and let it get hit. Tails. I lose. I didn’t have any resources to shuffle my deck or search for anything, so I couldn’t get any Rescue energies. I had already played my TM Spiritomb and with no Seeker in my hand I couldn’t make him draw 6 and poltergeist. Technically I could have waited 1 more turn to see what I could top deck…but I checked and it was a collector. It was such a fun game tho!

    I finished 9th out of top cut of 8. Yay. 2nd year in a row. Haha, oh well. I play MAD dominion with my friends after. Such a great game. I also got married to a bunch of guys. I had a lot of fun this tournament and that was really important to me. I like Gengar because it’s kind of like life…you can plan out everything you want to, and execute your strategy perfectly, but in the end, random chance can be the ultimate deciding factor. . . well, what APPEARS to be random chance… hmmmmmm..

    The meta game looked like this for NC and SC: 1. A lot of G-Dos. 2. SP 3. Magnezone builds. 4. Machamp 5. Gengar stuff. And Blaziken FB is still one of the most popular techs, although it was used much less that it was at cities as Weavile G gave it some competition.

    Getting Married. I’M FEELIN IT!
    Getting cake fed to me by Ryan S.
    Testing the night before
    Kyle and Ryan S.’s mom for letting me and my friend stay the night so we could playtest
    Ryan T.
    Alex W. for playing!!! You WILL freaking win a tournament soon. I feel it.
    Gengar for being fun
    2 Magnezone’s, a Scizor, and a Gengar Dusknoir topcutting.
    Fluxx…which I bought after the NC tournament
    TJ for reppin Lost Gar like a pro

    The poopy sauce that was on some chicken I ordered
    The guy who had 15 orders at subway…not exaggerating
    Being sick week 1

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  2. chrataxe

    chrataxe New Member

    Sorry to hear you didn't pwn, would've loved to see you rock Steelix up and down the East Coast!
  3. supertyranitar

    supertyranitar New Member

    Dang, man, that sucks about NC. I see why you share my table flipping sentiment now. Good showing for SC, resistance can be a dumb thing. :(

    (Day 3 of being hitched, how you holdin' up!? ;p)
  4. tinox6

    tinox6 New Member

    @chrataxe: I have a really bad memory, who is this again? And yeah I thought about Steelix, but there's so much fire it just seemed like a risky play. Maybe I should have played it week one tho!

    @Tyranitar: Thanks! You too! And I'd say day 3 is just as sweet as day 1 ;)

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