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  1. ToneDawg

    ToneDawg New Member

    Pokemon: 19
    4x Magikarp
    3x Gyarados (DS)
    3x Team Aqua’s Manetric (Holo)
    4x Team Aqua’s Electrike
    2x Team Aqua's Chinchou
    2x Team Aqua's Lanturn
    1x Team Aqua’s Walrein

    Trainers: 18
    4x Oak's Research
    3x Archie
    3x Team Aqua’s Conspirator
    2x Pokemon Nurse
    2x Warp Point
    2x Crystal Shard
    2x Team Aqua’s Hideout

    Energy: 23
    10x Water
    6x Electric
    4x Boost Energy
    3x Double Rainbow Energy

    Yet another untested deck.... :p But the strategy is simple. I dropped down to 2 Lanturn/Chinchou beucase of space issues and only one is really needed. If set-up is down right, it's an easy 2nd turn 80. Start with the Electrike and do the energy thingy, making it two on him. 2nd turn evolve the Electrike and Gyarados and either attach an energy to Magnetric and do 50 or Boost the Gyarados, retreat the Magnetric with the Arena out, and current the energy to Gyarados. I know it isn't as effective as other decks like this, but it's worth a shot. The Gyara can kill a Bex in one hit if necessary and gets very close to getting the Rayex down. Just a thought.
    (2 energy and Boost or 3 energy and double rainbow)
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  2. regice froze you

    regice froze you New Member

    nice concept, but you would need 2 manetric to make this work. Getting all of that in your opening hand is imposible. Also, beware of bench hitters. They would realy hurt the lanturns.
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