H: Blaziken FB, Donphan/GENGAR/Mew Prime, X's, Some T/S/S W: *'s, Bulk

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Lunistrella, Mar 24, 2011.

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  1. Lunistrella

    Lunistrella New Member

    Located in USA


    1. Reference Rule applies (obviously)
    2. Any negative references must send first.
    3. All PokeGym Rules apply
    4. I ONLY trade within the continental USA
    5. Cards will be in NM or Mint condition unless otherwise specified
    6. I go by troll and toad prices.
    7. I ship my cards in toploaders (up to two per toploader). I expect you to do the same.
    8. Please do not force your address upon me. When I feel the trade is fair and good, I will ask you for it.

    Also, I am primarily a collector! I do not play the metagame :)

    Completed Trades:

    Current Trades:


    TO CYL!

    Torchic Star
    Mudkip Star
    Treeko Star
    Gyarados Star
    Celebi Ex (Unseen Forces)

    Ninetales Ex
    Rocket’s Mewtwo Ex
    Milotic Ex
    Politoed Ex
    Star cards not listed above

    Shining Celebi

    Really Low:
    Azelf Lv. X
    Dark Espeon (Neo Destiny)
    Dark Gengar (Neo destiny)
    Umbreon (Neo Discovery)
    Other Neo set holos (No Neo Destiny except those above)



    LEVEL X:

    Absol G X
    2x Electivire FB X
    Arceus X 95/99 - NM condition, a hardly noticeable crease on the left side, otherwise it's perfect
    Arceus X 96/99
    Salamence X
    Drapion X
    Machamp X
    Lucario X (played condition)
    Cresselia X
    Darkrai X
    Palkia X (GE, played condition)
    Mismagius GL X
    2x Blaziken FB X
    Torterra X (Excellent Condition)
    Dialga G X
    Palkia G X
    Giratina X
    Skymin X
    Heatran X
    Raichu X
    Gardevoir X
    Honchcrow X
    Garchomp C X (set)
    Mewtwo X (set)

    Empoleon X Promo
    Dialga X Promo (DP17)
    Darkrai X Promo
    Regigigas X Promo
    Heatran X Promo
    Giratina X Promo
    Charizard G X Promo (1x pending)
    Arceus X Promo (DP 53)
    Arceus X Promo (DP 56)
    Rayquaza C X Promo
    Rhyperior X Promo


    Lapras Ex (played)
    Kabutops Ex (Excellent – NM)
    Kingdra Ex (played)
    Vaporeon Ex
    Electrode Ex
    Deoxys Ex (attack form? 97/107 – excellent, scratches)
    Mr. Mime Ex (Right Hand)
    Altaria Ex (DF)
    Moltres Ex Promo (31)
    Articuno Ex Promo (32)
    Kyogre Ex Promo (37 – creased)


    Gengar Prime (preferably for high wants)
    Ampharos Prime
    Blissey Prime
    3x Meganium Prime (2 tin, 1 pack)
    Ursaring Prime
    Absol Prime
    2x Espeon Prime
    Umbreon Prime
    Absol Prime
    Celebi Prime (small mark on the back)
    3x Donphan Prime
    3x Mew Prime
    Tyranitar Prime

    2x Shiny Raikou (tin)
    2x Shiny Suicune (tin)
    2x Shiny Entei (tin)


    Suicune- Entei Top

    From here, I’m going to list the cards by their sets, starting from newest to oldest, but only to the Platinum sets! If there’s anything from DP to Stormfront, I might have it, so ask anyways!

    H = Holo

    Call of Legends:
    Holo Water Energy
    Espeon H
    Groudon H
    Leafeon H
    Deoxys H
    Gyarados H
    Tangrowth H (Theme Deck)
    2x Zangoose
    3x Mr. Mime (1 RH)
    4x Lucario (2 Normal Holo, 1 Theme Deck Holo, 1 Nonholo)
    Ninetales RH
    Mime Jr.

    Celebi H
    Altaria H
    Aggron H
    Spiritomb H
    Victreebell H
    Solrock H
    2x Primape (1 RH)
    Voltorb RH

    Togekiss H
    Gliscor H
    Umbreon H
    Houndoom RH

    Tyranitar H
    Torterra H
    Mismagius H
    Xatu H
    Metagross H (From Player’s Pack)
    Primeape RH

    HGSS Base:
    Raichu H
    Noctowl H
    Shuckle H
    Gyarados H (From Player’s Pack)
    Ninetales RH
    Koffing RH
    Delibird RH
    Wigglytuff RH
    Blissey RH
    Smoochum RH
    2x Jumpluff
    Feraligatr RH
    metal energy

    2x Charizard H (One is from the evolution blister pack)
    3x Froslass H
    Heatran H
    Slowking H
    Probopass H
    Toxicroak H
    Salamence H
    2x Dark Arceus H
    2x Grass Arceus H
    Fire Arceus H
    Water Arceus H
    Lightning Arceus H
    2x Ground Arceus H
    Metal Arceus H
    2x Omastar (1 RH)
    Gengar (NOT cursegar)
    Porygon-Z G
    Bronzong RH
    Bronzor RH
    Wormadam Trash Cloak RH
    Ponyta RH
    Pichu RH
    2x Raticate RH
    Glalie RH
    Golem RH
    Bronzong RH
    Luxray RH

    Supreme Victors:
    2x Absol G (1 RH)
    Drifblim FB H
    2x Blaziken FB
    Garchomp H
    Yanmega H
    Swampert H
    Milotic C H
    Shiny Milotic
    2x Primeape
    Arcanine RH
    Rhydon RH
    Drifloon RH
    Mime Jr. RH
    Buizel RH
    Rayquaza C RH
    Honchcrow RH
    Exploud RH
    Seaking RH
    Garchomp RH
    Regigigas FB RH

    Rising Rivals:
    Arcanine H
    Floatzel GL H
    1x Flygon H
    Jirachi H
    Lucario GL H
    2x Nidoking (1 RH)
    Bronzong 4
    2x Mr. Mime
    2x Jolteon
    Gliscor 4 RH
    Kakuna RH
    Nidorino RH
    3x Crobat G
    Seedot RH
    Rampardos GL RH
    Vaporeon RH
    Golem RH
    Vespiquen 4 RH
    Roserade GL RH
    Flying Pikachu
    Surfing Pikachu
    Heat Rotom
    Wash Rotom[/color]

    Platinum Base:
    2x Ampharos H
    Dialga G H
    Rampardos H
    Shaymin H
    2x Gyarados G
    2x Empoleon
    Giratina (27)
    Giratina (28)
    Shieldon RH
    Grimer RH
    Cacnea RH
    Combee RH
    Vigoroth RH
    Altaria RH
    Blastoise RH
    Bastiodon RH
    Shaymin Land Form RH
    Beautifly RH
    Toxicroak G RH
    Giratina (10) RH
    Palkia (37) RH
    Weavile G RH
    Manectric RH
    Hitmonchan Reprint

    HGSS / DP Promos:
    Lugia 02
    Raichu 21
    Porygon-Z 35
    Gliscor 36
    Magnezone 44
    Cresselia 51
    Darkrai 52

    Pop Series:
    2x Manaphy H (9)
    Lucario H (8)
    Heatran H (8)
    Mew H (fire type) (5)
    Jolteon H (3)
    Flareon H (3)
    Suicune H (2)
    Entei H (2)
    Sceptile H (1)
    Blaziken H (1)

    Miasma Valley
    Energy Switch
    3x Energy Pickup
    Pokemon Rescue
    Pokegear 3.0
    Professor Elm’s Training Method
    Memory Berry
    4x Buffer Piece
    Lucky Egg
    Professor Oak’s Visit
    2x Ultimate Zone
    3x Dual Ball
    2x Energy Returner
    Power Spray
    3x Ruins of Alph (1 RH)
    2x Fossil Excavator
    2x Champion’s Room
    VS Seeker
    2x Cynthia’s Guidance (1 RH)
    Professor Oak’s Visit
    Volkner’s Philosophy
    Underground Expedition
    3x Galactic HQ
    Energy Link
    Professor Rowan
    Department Store Girl
    Looker’s Investigation
    Bench Shield
    Sunyshore City Gym
    5x Life Herb
    3x Copycat
    Indigo Plateau
    6x Professor Elm’s Training Method
    2x Stark Mountain
    5x Professor Oak’s New Theory
    2x Bebe’s Search
    Dusk Ball
    Marley’s Request
    7x Interviewer's Questions
    5x Pokemon Communication (1 RH)
    Pokemon Circulator
    10x Sage’s Training (1 RH)
    Beginning Door
    Energy Exchanger
    Quick Ball
    3x Seeker
    6x Lost World
    3x Warp Point (1 RH)
    Flower Shop Lady
    2x Cheerleader's Cheer

    Other Notables:
    Gengar SF (pending)
    2x Dark Arbok (with Wizards of the Coast Stamp) (edge wear on the back)
    Charmeleon Secret Rare (Team Rocket Returns)
    Charmoleon Secret Rare (Dragon)
    Charmander Secret Rare (FR / LG)
    3x Special Dark Energy
    1x DCE (Base set 2, played) (Idk if this is legal or whatnot)
    4x Special Metal Energy
    1x Holo Darkness Energy (Expedition) (Idk if this is legal either)
    1x Holo Psychic Energy (Ruby & Sapphire) (kinda played, hard to describe the condition because it’s old. It’s not horrible and has no creases though)
    3x Holo Fire Energy (2 Power Keepers, 1 from Base set or something, idk really, the bottom says (c)1995-2000 nintendo)
    2x Holo Lightning Energy (Power Keepers)
    2x Holo Grass energy (1x Power Keepers, 1x Holon Phantoms)
    2x Warp Energy (1 from Power Keepers)
    2x Call Energy
    Mesprit RH (LA)

    Also, if you’re interested in the really old cards, like from the Neo Sets / Jungle / Gym / Base / etc, I have a lot of those, so just ask :)
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2011
  2. Gamer1oo

    Gamer1oo New Member

    cml for 2 collector thanks :)
  3. rosewater

    rosewater New Member

    I'm interested in gengar prime, and the rh gengar from arceus if it is cursegar...

    I have azelf lv.x, please cml to see if I have anything else you may want...
  4. Gamer1oo

    Gamer1oo New Member

    oh and for all ur rh basic energys thanks :)
  5. Lunistrella

    Lunistrella New Member

    @gamer: don't see anything sorry

    @rosewater: I don't see enough to match the price of the gengar, sorry. But the RH gengar is cursegar, so is there anything else that maybe I could add for the Azelf?
  6. rubxcube3742

    rubxcube3742 New Member

    I need your sneasel EX and mabye your chansey EX
    Please CML
  7. for some reason

    for some reason New Member

    Please CML for 2X Blaziken FB LV.x!!! LMK thanks!!!
  8. drifloon kill

    drifloon kill New Member

    i lik your
    celbi prime
    crobat prime
    lanturn prime lmk
  9. Akimbo

    Akimbo New Member

    cml for:

    gengar prime
  10. Chiapet

    Chiapet New Member

    Hi if you could check my list for 1 Gengar Prime and 1 Tyranitar Prime
  11. Medix

    Medix Active Member

    Ill try to ask you, if you still dont want to trade overseas...Im from Europe.

    I have:
    Shiny Rayquaza SL10
    Azelf Lv X

    Can we work something out?
  12. Lunistrella

    Lunistrella New Member

    Rubx: Don't see anything other than the Salamence X

    For Some Reason: Don't see anything

    Drifloon: Nothing either

    Akimbo: You don't happen to have any star cards do you?

    Chia: Same as what I asked Akimbo.

    Medix: I would prefer to keep my trades within USA and Canada, sorry. And I think I might be getting the Rayquaza elsewhere at the moment.
  13. Akimbo

    Akimbo New Member

    no i don't sorry......
  14. konor

    konor New Member

    please lmk for 1x blaziken fb and 2 blaziken fb lv.X Thanks!
  15. Zubat

    Zubat New Member


    Entei-Raikou Bottom
    Suicune- Entei Bottom
    moltres ex promo

    Azelf Lv.X Mint
    Mesprit X Mint

  16. rubxcube3742

    rubxcube3742 New Member

    ok, using troll and toad prices,

    Salamence Lv. X $9.99

    Sneasel EX played $3.14
    Chansey EX played $3.00
    Tyranitar EX pop1 $2.79 non holo, $3.99 holo

    total: $8.93 or $10.13
    If the T-Tar is holo, i will gladly throw in something small off my list to even it up.
    LMK or counter.
  17. wolfroke

    wolfroke New Member

    cml for torterra UL
  18. Lunistrella

    Lunistrella New Member

    Konor: Don't see anything, sorry

    Zubat: I think that'd work, pmed


    Rubx: I would actually trade all that for a Blaziken Fb X (10.49) if that works for you. If not, you could throw in a random 50 cent holo (by T&T prices). LMK

    Wolfroke: Nothing, sorry
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2011
  19. rubxcube3742

    rubxcube3742 New Member

    have another trade working on the blaziken so i will throw in something good for ya.
    sent you a pm to confirm.
  20. poke-j

    poke-j New Member

    Cml for blaziken fb lv x, charizard(ar)
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