[H]: jpn B&W cards, sleeves [W]: victory medals

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by mochi, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. mochi

    mochi New Member

    Just returned from Japan with some stuff for trade. Unfortunately I am going out of town again on 3/16 for several weeks so this round of trades must be confirmed before then.

    1. All pokegym rules
    2. I'm only interested in the wants on this thread for now. I'll put up a larger trade thread when I return.

    Japanese B&W Cards

    **JAPANESE B&W**
    Tepig 3 card set (Blitzle, Pidove) *link
    Oshawott 3 card set (Sandile, Zorua) *link
    Snivy 3 card set (Munna, Klink) *link
    B&W 30 card sets, 6 different ones *link
    - Tepig
    - Oshawott
    - Snivy
    - Emboar
    - Samurott
    - Serperior

    - BW Starters sleeves *link
    - Zekrom & Reshiram sleeves *link

    **English and mint only**
    Victory medals
    RH Seekers
    Gengar Primes
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