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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by korythatsrightmare, Feb 22, 2004.

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  1. korythatsrightmare

    korythatsrightmare New Member

    I have: typhlosion ex
    magmar ex
    swampert (100 hp)
    ask if you want something else because i probably have it, im just kinda lazy and dont want to list all of my cards, but i do have hard to find trainers if anyone wants them, like seer, rare candy, and wallys training.
    I want:
    juggler *4
    tons of any energies
    promo cards from tournaments
    boost energy *4
    warp point*4
    and warp energy *4
    plus any of the modified berries *4
    post if you want something or are willing to trade for something, and also post if you want to tell me the specific rules for trading, or where to find them. thank you.
  2. registeel

    registeel New Member

    Hey do you want non e-reader energy? If so I could trade some of them I also have some e-reader ones and I have 2 Jugglers and 2 Copycats do you have Rayquaza ex, Blaziken Fire Starter, or holo Salamence if so lmk what it is you want you can also look in my haves for others you might want.
  3. korythatsrightmare

    korythatsrightmare New Member

    I looked at your wants list and if you still want the gardevoir ex i will trade that and the only energy i have is non e-reader energy so you can trade those with me too. I would trade the jugglers and copycats for any energies(besides water) and the Gardevoir ex.
  4. bertrand

    bertrand New Member

    I want Typhlosion ex and Magmar ex

    I have lots of Best of Game promos.. I have

    01 Electabuzz x2
    02 Hitmonchan x2
    03 Elm x1
    04 Rocket's Scizor x1
    05 Rocket's Sneasel x1
    06 Dark Ivysaur x2
    07 Dark Venusaur x2 (both WINNER)
    holo R/S Metal energy x1
    holo R/S Dark energy x2
  5. Victor

    Victor New Member


    I can trade Roselia(dragon)
    Torkoal (dragon)
    Light Arcanine
    Dark Typhlosion
    Typhlosion (neo genesis)Lv. 57
    Zapdos (Base and Legendary)
    Golem ex
    hitmonchan ex
    Machamp holo and reverse holo (expedition)
    Dark Dugtrio (rocket)
    Golem reverse holo (expedition)
    crystal golem
    Dragonite reverse holo (expedition)
    Dark Porygon2
    Porygon2 (Neo revelation)
    lapras ex
    Feraligatr holo (expedition)
    Articuno holo (skyridge)
    Dark Hypno
    Wobbuffet (Neo Discovery)
    Sneasel (neo revelation)(English and japanese)
    Forretress holo (Skyridge)
    Steelix holo (Neogenesis)
    Magnemite holo (Neo discovery)
    Magneton ( Neo re velation) holo

    I really really need these cards
    Shiftry holo (ex sandstorm) x3
    Ampharos ex (EX DRAgON) x3
    Poliwrath (Skyridge) x3
    Salamence holo (EXDRAGON) x3
    Venusaur (expedition)Harvest Bounty) x1
    Kingdra ex( EXDRAGON) x6
    Kingdra (aquapolis) x4
    Swampert holo (EXruby) x3
    Gardevoir (Exruby) x3
    Gardevoir ex x2
    Aggron ex x2
    Rare candy x8
    oracle x 12
    Fisherman x12
    Town volunteers x12
    Desert shaman x6
    Pokemon fan club x6
    Wynaut (ex sandstorm) x4
    Dunsparce (ex sandstorm) x6
    Tv Reporter x6
    Bills maintenance x6
    prof. birch x6
    prof oak research x15
    warp point x 6
    Mr. briney compassion x 8
    pof elm training methodx15
    azurril ex sandstorm x6

    for now thats all

    I also want to build a Gardevoir Ex deck

    (18 Pokemons)

    3 GardevoirEX
    2Venusaur (Expedition)(harvest Bounty)
    3Wynaut (Exsandstorm)
    1 Cleffa (Skyridge)

    (Energies 18)

    9 Psychic
    9 Grass

    (Trainers 24)

    2 Proffesor elm training method
    1 TV Reporter
    4 Rare candies
    3 Proffesor Oak research
    4 Potions
    2 town volunteers
    2 switch
    1 oracle
    1 fisherman
    1 warp point
    1 mr briney compassion
    2 bills maintenance

    for now thats all

  6. Don't quite get the energy thing could you be more spacific?
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