Help me improve this Rocket's Zapdos Deck!

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Daddiursa, Feb 4, 2004.

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  1. Daddiursa

    Daddiursa New Member

    Hi! I'm building an Unlimited Deck for my daugther (6 yrs) to use in tournaments over here (Norway). I use a Sneasel-Muk Deck myself, so I thought I'd go with Rocket's Zapdos paired with Slowking for the young lady. This is what I have come up with, but since I've never tried Zapdos myself, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    POKEMON (16):
    3 Rocket's Zapdos
    2 Electabuzz
    3 Slowpoke (Aquapolis, Water)
    3 Slowking
    3 Cleffa
    2 Tyrogue

    TRAINERS (30):
    3 Prof. Elm
    3 Copycat
    3 Computer Search
    3 Gold Berry
    3 Focus Band
    3 Gust Of Wind
    4 Energy Removal
    3 Super Energy Removal
    2 Switch
    2 Apricorn Forest
    1 Town Volunteer

    ENERGY (14):
    13 Lightning
    1 Recycle

    Well, strategy cannot be too complicated due to her age. 1) Stop the opponent's attack with the S/ER's, 2) Get lightning energy in discard pile if possible (for Zapdos) with Comp. Search, SER or retreating. 3) Get a Gold Berry on Zapdos and do 70 turn 2 and/or turn 3. 4) Get any unwanted Stadium card (like Ecogym) out of the way with Apricorn (for full S/ER effect) 5) Awake frustration & despair with the Rugue's and King's.

    Well, what's your though. Will it work? What can we do better on?
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  2. WaRrIoR04

    WaRrIoR04 New Member

    drop the two buzz for a 4th cleffa and another recycle drop the elms for oaks and finally take out the two apricorn forest for two metal energys(only if its wizards rules) if not then add 2 item finders this strategy works best when im playing except i play sneasel in my zappy deck but the decks not half bad only a small tweak
  3. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    hmmmmm.... how about this

    17 Pokes
    3 Slowpoke (you choosem but consider Fossil...)
    3 Slowking
    3 R Zapdos
    3 Mewtwo (Promo or EX)
    3 Cleffa
    2 Tyrouge

    31 Trainers
    3 Oracle
    3 Oak
    3 Bill
    3 Briney/Scoop Up
    3 SER
    3 ER
    3 Item Finder
    1 Town Volunteers
    3 Focus Band
    3 Gold Berry
    3 Gust of Wind

    12 Energy
    5 L
    5 Psy
    2 Recycle

    Briney Scoop up could be fun, allowing you to switch actives and heal. Both hitters pull discarded energy, making them easy to use again and again. Oracle/Oak/Bill combo nicely together, and gives you 6 good cards to combo with Oracle. Should be straight forward enough....
  4. SupremeBlader22

    SupremeBlader22 New Member

    y not use a clefable/R.Zappy line wit baby backup?
  5. skarmory777

    skarmory777 New Member

    Rockets Zapdos my personal favorite and one thing I'm known for.I play RZ/Sneasel personally, but I can work with slowking.Drop the Buzz and a Cleffa add 1 slow poke/king and a RZ.Take out the copy cat add 1 elm and 2 oak.Drop the Focus Band add 1 more gold berry and 2 switch.The whole point of RZ is to get him with 4 electric and a gold berry.Do the 70 take the 40 remove it with gold berry.I like to play 2-3 Trash exchange in a zapdos deck just to get back some od those good trainers and get some lightnings in the discard pile.

    2 cleffa
    2 tyrouge
    4 RZ
    4 Slowpoke
    4 Slowking

    4 elm
    2 oak
    3 comp search
    4 gold berry
    4 switch
    3 NRG removal
    3 Super removal
    2 apricorn forest
    1 town volunteers
    3 GOW

    14 Electric
    1 Recycle

    Try this.It's pretty close to my deck and it works really well.Good luck in the tournament(s).
  6. YoungJohn06

    YoungJohn06 New Member

    Okay have we all forgotten the great unlimited combo, Cleffa/Lass?

    Okay I'll keep it simple for her, but I'm going to try and put a few backups into it.

    Pokemon: 19

    4 Cleffa
    3 Rockets Zapdos
    2 Pichu
    4 Slowpoke (any)
    4 Slowking
    2 Tyrogue

    Trainers: 29

    4 Copycat
    3 Computer Search
    3 Gust Of Wind
    3 Lass
    3 Gold Berry
    3 Super Energy Removal
    3 Energy Removal
    2 Switch
    2 Item Finder
    1 Focus Band
    1 Scoop up
    1 Town Volunteers

    Energy: 12

    4 Recycle
    8 Lightning

    I put in the scoop up for Pichu and stuff like that, something that you don't need on the bench but put down for what ever reason. The reason I put in Pichu with Slowking, I know it seems nuts but I played it and it works. The reason is that if you're up against a Muk or something like that, you're going to be in trouble, so play Pichu, bring it out pichu the Muk to the point where it either A). Dies or B). Is able to be gusted out and koed. Use the Gold Berry for Slowking in this situation. I personally think that since the metal energy doesn't work anymore with Rocket's Zapdos, you should change them into Murkrow/Sneasel. If you want to do this, this is my suggestion.

    Pokemon: 20

    4 Cleffa (Neo 1)
    4 Slowpoke (any)
    4 Slowking(Mind Games)
    2 Murkrow (Neo 1)
    2 Sneasel (Neo 1)
    2 Pichu (Neo1)
    2 Dunsparce (SandStorm)

    Trainers: 30

    4 Copycat
    3 Computer Search
    3 Gust Of Wind
    3 Lass
    3 Super Energy Removal
    2 Energy Removal
    2 Gold Berry
    2 Switch
    2 Energy/Power Charge
    2 Item Finder
    2 Focus Band
    1 Scoop up
    1 Town Volunteers

    Energy: 10

    4 Recycle
    2 Rainbow
    4 Dark

    If you want to do this, it might work fairly better, simply because you're not taking any self damage like you would with Rocket's Zapdos. If you go with the later deck, the strategy is simple enough to get out, get Slowking out ASAP with Sneasel pounding away... OR trap them with Murkrow. Either way will work well. The Dunsparce is just to help you set up the bench quickly so Sneasel can get a good beat going on early and so you can get slowpokes first turn to set up for mass turn two Slowking. During turn one, there's two good ways to take it, either Lass/Eeek slowing them down (preferred) or Strike and Run for Slowpokes and what ever else you might need/want to get out fast with Slowkings (back up opening if first is not able to be done for what ever reason). GOOD LUCK WITH IT AND HAVE FUN! :)
  7. Pokeplayer

    Pokeplayer New Member

    You must keep in mind that in unlimited play, Chaos Gym is legal....

    I would add in a couple gym or so incase your opponent places a Chaos gym....You would not have a gym to replace it with....
  8. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Too much flipping for a 6 year old!

    How advanced is her game play?

    I find that straightforward cards are best for the young'uns.

    Potion, Gust, Full Heal...
    Too much strategy and they wind up doing nothing.

    Well, you know your kids ability.
  9. YoungJohn06

    YoungJohn06 New Member

    I dunno, I gave a kid at my old league my Sneasel Slowking deck told him what to do and he went undefeated with it first day... It just depends on the kid. No offense, but Full Heal and Potion suck in this... even for little kids that young, there's better choices. As far as the flips... What is difficult about coin flips? Don't mean that to sound rude or anything lol. :) Just the hardest flip in the deck is the Slowking (simply because you have to remember to do it) and that was in the deck originally anyway... I only added something with a flip on the attack that you hopefully won't forget to flip for lol.
  10. Daddiursa

    Daddiursa New Member

    I'm Amazed!!!

    Wow, never been to a forum with such a living community. Loads of appreciation for the tips and ideas - cards & strategies I've never thought of until now...

    I'll post a remake of the deck once I settle for a second version, and playtest it against my own Sneasel-Muk deck.

    By the way, the challenge in creating a deck for such a young player, I think, lies in making a deck that works quite similar no matter what the opponent is like. Straight-forward damage and a few simple rules to follow (like GB on Zapdos, FB on babies, lightning in discard, Cleffa out early etc). She learns what her own cards do easily, and flipping or rather rolling a dice isn't a problem (tho shufflin' cards is tricky), but the problem is knowing her opponents cards, and calculating the chances for getting knocked out next turn. This is why I use babies and Focus Band, so her opponents can't use this to their advantage. I can't demand she remembers the wording on 2000 cards and can read a foreign language by this age. Nevertheless she took 1st place in the last EON tournament in Oslo w/Cradily-Wailord, so she's not playing just for fun (hehe...) be continued.
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