HUGE UK Event- to raise £1000 for Asian Tsunami Victims, 13th February 2005

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    Hi everyone,

    Just writing to let you all know about the upcoming High Wycombe events…

    Sunday, February 13th 11 AM

    Charity event for the Asian Tsunami Victims

    This includes a “Sneak Preview” for EX:Deoxys, as well as other events, Modified and/or draft, etc…

    In the “Sneak Preview”, all players receive a number of boosters of the brand new deck, and use the cards they receive, as well as energy cards, to build a 40 card deck. Obviously, as this is a Limited event, the price is slightly higher than a regular tournament. The entry will be £15 for the “Sneak Preview”, with any other Modified tournaments at a regular price. Remember, all proceeds go to charity, and over the course of the event, the aim is to raise over £1000 for charity…

    At the event will be many other CCGs, as well as roleplaying events, etc… and there will be raffles, and lots of fun!

    Please see for more information.

    Sunday, March 13th 11 AM

    City Championship High Wycombe!

    This costs £5, and the winner in each age group (Under 10, 11-14 and 15+) will get a place in the UK Championships later this year, where they can play for an all-inclusive trip to the World Championships in San Diego, this August, for themselves and a guardian (if under 18).

    This is a Modified tournament, so everyone will need their own Modified deck. There is more information at

    The address for both of these events is as follows:

    Longburrow Hall,

    Park Lane,


    High Wycombe

    Venue details are available at the following website:

    I hope some of you will be able to come to one or both of these events, as they’re always fun, and the February event really is for a good cause…

    Thanks everyone, please e-mail me for any more info, or to let me know you’re coming…
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