i have a deck idea im hoping to worr with but i need help

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by FireFighter095ReBorn, Mar 23, 2004.

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  1. I have an idea for a deck with the following pokemon:

    Team magma Rhydon
    Team magma Claydol-holo with dark hand attack
    Skyridge alakazam

    My issue is i cant find a defensive backup that can help the waek HP pokemon hold up

    Thanks to FlareStarFire i found some good trainer ideas but i need help in constructing this deck for nationals and im hooping here some experts can help make this deck possible

    Rare candy
    Team magma conspiritor

    If anyone can find an idea that might pull this deck together please let me in on it so i can build,tweak and set up this deck for a run at nationals

    So far all i have is the idea i have on paper and im working on getting all the cards. Thats why i come here to ask for help.
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  2. BJJ763

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    Come on, you've been here long enough to know what to post here. Post your deck, then people can make changes.
  3. Im sorry bjj its just being out for so long i needed help composing this deck and all the ideas i see fall through or get weighed down with to many pieces so thats why i went to deperate mesures. if you need to, lock this topic and take my sincerest apoligies or breaking the rules. it wont happen again.
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