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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by scizorulz87, Aug 31, 2003.

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  1. scizorulz87

    scizorulz87 New Member

    No one in my league does more than 10 damage per turn, and this is not an En-Cargo variation. Now that you know my situation, I won't get any non-fitting fixes, correct? Good.


    13 Pokemon:
    3 Entei Neo3 holo
    4 Vulpix Neo4
    3 Ninetales LC
    3 Tentacool LC

    26 Trainers:
    3 Bill's Maintenance
    4 Computer Search
    3 Misty's Wrath
    4 Nightly Garbage Run
    3 Sabrina's Gaze
    4 Scoop Up
    2 Seer
    3 Trash Exchange

    21 Energy:
    21 Fire Energy

    Here's how it works, very well, I might add. I only need one basic on the first turn, because of the massive draw power this deck possesses: Vulpix. Second turn, I need at least two Entei, or one Entei and a Scoop Up, along with Ninetales. Computer Search is in case this doesn't happen. Seer is also a safeguard. And the great combo is: Play Nightly Garbage Run, then play Sabrina's Gaze, then Trash Exchange. Oftentimes, while playing, the 5th or 6th turn yields my discard pile in my deck, even though there is obviously an over-abundance of draw power. Oh, BTW, most people wouldn't dream of this sucker not decking itself, so if you have a suggestion about removing Misty's Wrath or Sabrina's Gaze, please, for lack of a better phrase, keep them to yourself. Thank you. ;)
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  2. Tonu

    Tonu New Member

    everyone does only 10 damage per turn?
    in my league....in first turn....allways something 20-80
    damage.....i thin you have much easier matches....
  3. dkates

    dkates New Member

    My only question: Why Tentacool?

    [EDIT] A suggestion. Instead of Misty's Wrath, consider Forest Guardian. The differences between the two are:
    • Forest Guardian is a Supporter, Misty's Wrath isn't.
    • Forest Guardian gives you one card, Misty's Wrath gives you two.
    • Forest Guardian shuffles the remaining cards into your deck, Misty's Wrath discards them.
    The last is the one point going for Forest Guardian. I know you said this deck has little trouble with decking itself, but that last point not only reduces that risk, but keeps you from having to discard what may be 5 good cards, which seems to me like a good thing. Still, it's your call.
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  4. scizorulz87

    scizorulz87 New Member

    @Dkates: As you know no-one does more than 10 damage, yet what you don't know (I forgot to mention) is that they use tons of Pokemon Powers and Status Effects. I figure if I don't get what I need right away I can always stall with Tentacool, return it to my hand when it gets 20 damage, and replace it with another one. And as for Forest Guardian, well, I don't really want to do more than three supporters. (You can't imagine how many times with Bill's Maintenance i've drawn two more Bill's Maintenance and an Energy. :confused: ) I've been testing against this deck and was wondering why I couldn't beat it.

    25 Pokemon:
    4 Clefairy Base2
    3 Clefable Base2
    4 Jigglypuff J
    3 Wigglytuff J
    3 Sneasel Neo1
    4 Scyther J
    2 Lugia Neo3
    2 Natu Sky

    19 Trainers:
    3 Bill
    3 Energy Removal
    4 Gust of Wind
    3 Professor Oak
    3 Sabrina's Gaze
    3 Super Energy Removal

    16 Energy:
    4 Darkness
    4 Double Colorless
    4 Full Heal
    4 Recycle

    If you can see how this deck beats me, you're alot more observant than I am. :lol:
  5. dkates

    dkates New Member

    For starters, change your Bill's Maintenance cards to Elms, Oaks, or Copycats -- you'll get better Draw Power that way. Why is this deck beating you? I think Tentacool's probably one of your weak points. Try Chansey. You have the Scoop Ups, and Chansey's a far better wall than Tentacool. It's also useful as a cleaner, but you'd want Gold Berries. Also, if you're lucky enough that Pichu is not popular in your area (I'm not), add in Unown N. Chansey is a very good, semi-splashable hitter when used correctly. Where to get room for the Gold Berries? Drop one Fire Energy, one Computer Search and one Nightly Garbage Run and you have room for 3 -- that should be enough. You would also want to change 2-4 Fire Energy to Double Colorless to take full advantage of Chansey. Your other weak point is probably speed. Although the deck you've been testing against is not superbly constructed, it does look like it has a lot of speed. Your deck looks like it has a little trouble in that area.
  6. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    If no one uses attacks that do more than 10 damage, sounds like fossil Kabuto is just what you want. Or e-Mr Mime.
  7. scizorulz87

    scizorulz87 New Member

    Thanks, but the Chanseys won't help my speed, (I tried it, so don't get frustrated. :lol: ) and I have no time [during a game] to pay a Mr. Mime's retreat once Ninetales is powered up. BTW, someone has built a Mountain Eater Larvitar/Muk/Energy Removal deck and I have very, very much trouble. Please advise, over and out. *static*
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