Interesting E-Mail I recieved.

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by ToysRUsKid, Nov 21, 2003.

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  1. ToysRUsKid

    ToysRUsKid Active Member

    Eeey!, I got an interesting e-mail from this company guy about an interview, heres what it said

    "I'm involved in a Pokemon research project for a company in Palo Alto. We'd love to interview you about all things Pokemon--what you like and don't like about the game, your experiences in competitive or casual play, your connection to the community, collecting, trading--as well related hobbies and interests. These interviews are very relaxed: two of us would visit you at home, and we might ask to take pictures or video (we'll bring a permission form for you to sign). The interview would last no more than an hour and a half and you would be compensated $75 for your time. If you're under the age of 18, we'll also need permission from your parents."

    I'm wondering if anyone else has recieved this e-mail. please LMK, Thanks :)

  2. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    I wish, I wish...

    do u have the email address of the person who sent it? I don't wanna delete it if it does come to me...
  3. Skywolf1

    Skywolf1 New Member

    TRU Kid:

    I just sent you a PM on this subject.

    LMK your thoughts please.


    Marsh Schneidau
    (aka Skywolf1)
  4. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    I think the reason TRUK posted was more a question about the legitimacy of this 'survey' and company rather than about the 'fee'.

    I HAVE participated in marketing surveys before for different products and the fee he quotes is in the ballpark range. My question would be who is doing this, and how did TRUK get contacted; if it's through the Professor email list, that can be considered troublesome, as it was my understanding that that list was ONLY for tourney/league related matters.

  5. Water Pokemon Master

    Water Pokemon Master <a href="

    It sounds like spam. I constantly get Pokemon e-mails that have offers and that want to collect info on your Pokemon experience. If you use e-bay or some other auction service, the people you try to buy stuff from gets your e-mail and sends you offers, and then other people get it who are involved with Pokemon.

    I could be wrong, but it sounds suspicious. You should try to AIM this person and chat about it. But don't give them any info on where you live or whatever, because they could be one of those online kidnappers.

    Then again, I have been known to be over-suspicious about everything. :)
  6. ToysRUsKid

    ToysRUsKid Active Member

    WPM, I'm currently planning not to go with this.

    'mom, he got the e-mail thru the professor list.
  7. RaNd0m

    RaNd0m New Member

    I'd say have him call you. It's possible that it's legitimate, and that'd be cool for you if it is. Talk to your parents about it too. (Have a baseball bat ready at your door lol)

    ~ RaNd0m
  8. Imperial

    Imperial New Member

    or you can call the police and tell them to meet at the local toys r us or what ever and tell the emailers you address is Toys R Us's addres, then hen they get there the cops can arres them! ooor if its not a kidnapper then......... the cop will be mad?
  9. NoPoke

    NoPoke New Member

    I get lots and lots of SPAM and all because my email address was published on the Wotc professor list :( runined a perfectly good email address. I hope that PUI's professor list can't be read by the spam bots.

    It could be genuine... send ProfDave an email and see what he says... [email protected] IIRC
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