Jon's Manchester and Hadley BR's!!! GG's and GT's

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Lordofflareons, Jun 8, 2008.

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    So after frantically failing to get a ride, a miracle happens. I make it to CT with a ride from Steve A. Get well Cara. Anyway, i remember the licking i got being donked t3 by a floatzel, and i add 4 call to my Plox deck. It turned to save me later.

    Round 1 vs. ???? (Ape/kiss)

    Easy match, mighta got donked but i topdeck call nrg t1. Perfect setup and gallade and grady x bringdown destroy anything he sends in.


    Round 2 Vs Jordain(Emp/Phione/Manitine/Latilock/Cessness)

    Good kid. She plays well, but the fact that the first emp she got up went down just as fast hurt her as did working off a lost wager and prized prinplup. She placed her cess well, i was never able to counter it. I always lost a turn but i still came out on top at the end. GJ and GG Jordain.

    Round 3 vs ??????'s Friend( Kiss/Ape/mag/dol)
    Amzing start, like t2 i had furret dol and 2 gardies and gallade ready t3 i struck him down quickly. Not too tough mate.

    Round 4 vs Dylan L (lutionstech)
    He got going well, but i gave him the nasty surprize of dusk wit wager and galade ko to keep hiom outta the game. he only got 2 prizes, but gg anyway.

    Round 5 vs Matt A.(Chomp)


    Top 2 Vs Jordain. (Emp)
    Jonny PWNS in game one, then i got owned ridiculously by t1 emp/cess/stuff 2 games in a row so Jordain wins the BR. :thumb::lol:

    I magage to get my dad to meet steve agian so i have a ride there. This time i decide to try out mag/leafeon x/dol.

    Round 1 Vs Matt. Chomp

    Revenge. t1 grab magmar and sumthin, next turn its 20 wit mag, he benches sumtihn i warp it up and 40 it with mag. next turn, warp again bazooka leaves em both at 60 gg.


    Round 2 vs. Jordain Emp like yesterday
    This time i get awesoem start(third time i was satisfied by my start outta 3 tests, one was the fun game) and i get t3 leaf x, which DESTROYS emp with leafguard/buffer/resistance. She manages to take out 1, i had the next one ready and soon recylcled the other quickly. Good game again Jordain, sorry but resistance is overcoming.


    Round 3 vs. Dylan Emp

    Uh-oh. Emp, so i gotta go leafstyle. Anyways, i get like 4th godstart since the practice game and he gets blah. He fails to get an emp until lategame, where i have 2 leaf x's and a mag x ready. he ALMOST manages to take one prize, coming 10 short of it and the i win 6-0.


    r4 vs Arnold Magkiss
    t1 cff. t2 attach to magmar and smashshort. t3 evolve attach and donk the baltoy start.


    round 5 vs eric Bravoteam.dek

    This was the hardest match and he was the only one to get that close to winning. I basically own and spread at the start, and midgame i miss a nearvital topdeck. His scrambles and dres keep him in, and at the end he ran outta apes and needed too many cards to win. Snipe/overkill ftw.


    Not top cut for seniors, so i win with a beautiful 5-0 record with a fun and fast and strong deck.

    -Steve! You're Numba ONE!Ride,judging,everything. My Pokedad.
    -2 Strong, fun and consistent deck going towards my choice for nats.
    - VM
    -Pizza and Mountain Dew
    -Everyone i played for a fun time this weekend
    - Eric For scaring the crap outta me with his amazing game and close match.
    - Jordain For winning
    -John Rock for assisting in a dual Jon/John winout on sunday.
    - TT winning on sat.
    -Rocks for owning

    -Saucagefest causing issues and preventing a motherly revenge on Alex.... that COULD be a prop instead
    -Cara not feeling well
    - Humidity and hottness....but its hard for me to be so hot on a nice day and not sweat.
    - Justins party on Sat. What a pathetic party. I got kicked out just for being the oldest one there.

    Thanks For reading!


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